Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill | USA TODAY 1

Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill | USA TODAY


Senate passes Biden's $1.9 coronavirus relief bill following bipartisan conflict
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The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill had been the subject of bitter bipartisan arguments.

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    1. Bill break down.
      1,400 checks: 240 billion
      State and local Gov. aid: 350 billion
      Unemployment Insurnc: 246 billion
      Tax credit & child care: 219 billion
      School reopenings: 178 billion
      Vaccinations : 176 billion
      Small business: 109 billion
      Renters assistance: 40 billion

  1. When push comes to shovel, you have to remind people that 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance

    1. @Acreage Funeral The sad thing is there are people that are using the system and there are people who really need the help. Unfortunately we can’t determine who needs it and who doesn’t.

    2. @You Tube $600 a month for every individual American citizen making less than 60k a year $1200 for married couples. More investments for businesses to stay afloat and keep people from going unemployed while focusing on the reopening of the country safely.

    3. @Nathan Locke ikr crazy how investments in businesses to stay afloat and keeping people from going unemployed while safely reopening the country can lead to people actually doing this thing called work and getting paid.

    1. @Richard Head Come on man. We both know the difference in taxable and non taxable, or tax brackets for that matter, is nothing more than voodoo wizardry for most people

    1. @Kmart 4life You don’t know to how many people you spread unintentionally. Just because you stayed home doesn’t get close to meaning no one else catch it from you. If you had more than 1 neuron you would figure that out by now.

    2. @Shadow 133 Well what would you suggest??? The only way to stop covid from spreading completely is for everyone to just drop dead, but I’m sure that wouldn’t satisfy you much because people like you never are.

    3. @Papi Brandan Not really. Like I said I have been working and didn’t catch it. Get out of youtube for a while, learn how to read and use your own brain. The formula is simple: social distancing, good quality masks, wash your hands and don’t mingle. Even a children can understand it.

  2. I am glad that impeaching a guy who wasn’t there was more important than passing this bill, which still has to go back to the House of Representatives.

    1. Anything to waste time, making it appear that they are busy. Ever seen a person busy at doing nothing, and getting paid? Well here we have a massive group of them.

    2. @JS_Adan that’s right, Operation Kill Someone was implemented before helping anyone in this country.

  3. This pandemic shows how much “THEY” care about us. WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A NUMBER TO “THEM” I THINK YOU KNOW WHO “THEY” ARE…..

    1. Yeah, If You Have Young Children, They’re Great, Funny & Kids Love Them!! So, What’s The Big Harm, Makes Zero Sense???

    2. @TopExoticCars :
      “he wants to stop fracking which will shut down over 15 million jobs”
      No he doesn’t; he wants it stopped in national parks.

    3. @TopExoticCars :
      “Joe biden wants to stop the Dr.Suess books”
      And how is he going to do that?

    4. @TopExoticCars :
      “Trump only did 6 executive orders which is NOT a dictator”
      What alternate world do you live in?

  4. Next will be another Trillion to pay for Biden’s border crisis. Need a good crisis to continue to pass thousand page bills full of pork and payback.

    1. Idiot. We Mexicans help this country grow. We have the most businesses outside of Caucasian Americans. Yea i just said Caucasians, because we have white people too. We don’t rob or loot anything!

    2. And there’s millions of us already here. 80 percent of Latinos in the US are American Citizens. The wall is a wall but it still has doors and thousands of Mexicans (And Americans) cross back and forth LEGALLY everyday. Stop dreaming of a day without Mexicans. If we do that, businesses would shut down and companies would close forever unable to find skilled replacement workers

    1. I can’t support a bill that has loan forgiveness for white farmers but not for African Americans and Hispanics. Completely disgusting and unconstitutional.
      *if you liked this post then you haven’t read the bill.

    2. I don’t get it. Even trump wanted a $2000 payment. Do you think that his proposal would not contain earmarks? All politicians, Republicans as well as Democrats, will propose relief bills with stacked with pork/earmarks.

  5. Millionaire aristocrats fought tooth and nail to give taxpayers the smallest share of taxpayer wealth. They fought to maintain poverty wages and protect businesses, not people.
    Your legislators hate you, Americans.

  6. Just payoffs and kickbacks to their equally corrupt cronies and special interests. We pay but get slayed

    1. Not true. Bill break down.
      1,400 checks: 240 billion
      State and local Gov. aid: 350 billion
      Unemployment Insurnc: 246 billion
      Tax credit & child care: 219 billion
      School reopenings: 178 billion
      Vaccinations : 176 billion
      Small business: 109 billion
      Renters assistance: 40 billion

  7. Put the $1,400 in the back. It will be needed when gas prices hit $5 or more, which looks like it is not going take very long.

    1. @Sharon Formation He didn’t state that presidents set gas prices.

      But government action DOES have negative affects to the US economy. So, the government indirectly drives the cost of gasoline up.

      It’s called Market Interventionism. Which is a term libertarians use to describe government action meddling with the economy.

      The economy isn’t a product of the government, nor can government control it. They can only damage it through intervention or allow it to prosper untouched (also known as a free market).

    2. @Sharon Formation America was making enough oil/gas to meet our demand, but Biden is changing that and making the USA dependent on OPEC again, so you are half right.

  8. My favorite part is paying taxes on money that doesn’t go to the American people. I feel like Oprah. “You get all our money, and you get all our money, and you get all our money!”

    1. @MadDuckling out of the 5,593 pages that’s all ya found huh? J&J vax is only 72% effective and Pfizer is 95% so I can’t say I’d choose the J&J. Hell, J&J can’t even get baby powder right.

    2. @The Barnyard About 22% of the total bill comes from the $422 billion set aside for $1,400-per-person stimulus checks. Another 13% ($246 billion) is for extending additional unemployment funding of $400 a week.

      A combined 12% is going to: 

      Subsidized COBRA for laid-off workers.

      Affordable Care Act subsidies for the next two years.

      Expanded nutrition assistance to replace school lunch programs during the pandemic.

      Funding for testing and contact tracing.

      Disaster Relief Fund increases and covering COVID-19-related funeral expenses.

      Grants to airlines and contractors to freeze layoffs through September.

      Defense Production Act funding for medical supplies.

      Grants for restaurants and bars that have lost revenue in the pandemic.

      Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance grants of up to $10,000 per business.

      Another $519 billion – 27% of the total – is going to state and local governments and schools, much of which will make up losses related to the pandemic and help schools reopen….

  9. Ahh yes, the bill that was sent to the senate was guaranteed to fail so they made 2 separate bills to waste time.

  10. Nobody can believe how they can say “tax “ payers will pay! They all need to be replaced with 5 year olds!!

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