Senate report details Trump campaign contacts with Russia 1

Senate report details Trump campaign contacts with Russia


The Senate Intelligence Committee released Tuesday the most comprehensive and meticulous examination to date explaining how Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign welcomed the foreign adversary's help, revealing new information about contacts between Russian officials and associates of President Donald Trump during and after the campaign.
In several key ways, the committee's counterintelligence investigation goes beyond the findings of former special counsel Robert Mueller released last year, as the Republican-led Senate panel was not limited by questions of criminality that drove the special counsel probe.
The report is all the more remarkable because it was led by then-Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, and Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia. The report provides an exhaustive, bipartisan confirmation of the contacts between Russians and Trump associates in 2016 — and it was the only congressional committee that managed to avoid the partisan infighting that plagued the other congressional investigations into Russian election meddling.
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The nearly 1,000-page report caps off a three-year investigation into 2016 election interference that included more than 200 interviews, including with top Trump family members and Trump campaign officials such as Donald Trump Jr., Kushner and Steve Bannon.
Unlike Mueller's report, which focused on questions of criminal conduct, the committee's report detailing the findings of its counterintelligence is hundreds of pages of facts the panel obtained, drawing conclusions in places where Mueller often stopped short of doing so.

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    1. He’s brilliant. All he needs to do now is appear half awake and he’ll surpass the expectations of passive viewers of the debates you dimwit. Thanks for setting up that BS narrative to lower expectations.@Marco polo blessed

    2. intelligence agents just came out with a deepstate video that’s been scrubbed ofof youtube where it shows that highup’s like brennan,gen jim jones and others are the ones that hacked dnc and rnc servers and meddled in the election!! if it’s not true why would youtube remove all the uploads of it!!

  1. Turns out Trump is the one who is doing the fraud and the rigging; with a lot of help from his friends.
    We all know by now that whatever Trump accuses others of, he’s doing or has done.

    1. @Marco polo blessed But among the worst places are Talibama, Georgia and Texas. All red states about to turn blue, magat. Go cry somewhere else and take your riot starting nazi trash with you..

    2. @Marco polo blessed I didn’t see any leftists starting any riots. Did they have signs on them?
      But we all know the ones who got busted were trash like you.

    3. @Bill Devitt That’s right, Bill. As a wise man once said:
      “You can’t argue with an idiot” ~ George Carlin
      He’d be having a field day with this drump fiasco if he was still around.
      I just cuss the maga trash trolls out and report them for spam …or hate speech when they’re really being ugly. I will not go back and forth with them, all they have is a handful of debunked lies that they can’t let go of. Once they’ve identified their magat asses, I don’t even bother reading any of the filth they post.

    4. Yes, it’s called PROJECTION. THAT’S HOW SATAN (the selfish human EGO) WORKS. But the fault lays at the feet of the Republican voters who support this evil satanic dictator. THAT is who the spineless Republican politicians are following, lest they lose their corrupt jobs. The Republican refusal to hold him accountable is comparable to Nazi Germany giving Hitler above-the-law status in 1933 with the “Enabling Act.” The Republican refusal to impeach was the United States Enabling Act, creating yet another anti-Christ dictator. This country is in its final days. If you want to know exactly WHY, give me a “click”…..

    1. @Kyle Rittenberg Top 10 “shithole” states year after year… Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico( Not considered a state but Washington D.C. is a hellish “shithole” place to live)BEST STATES … Washington State, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Colorado.

    2. @Lee Everett ivanka and oh don’t forget Jared doing prison time where they’ll need to defend themselves without guns. Just plain old fist fighting. They won’t last in the joint b. They’ll ask for PC ( protective custody). All that lip service they do

    3. @GreenGhostMan c’mon man it’s just been revealed that the Trump campaign lied too. Will durham investigate them too.

    4. @Lee Everett it’s been revealed that white supremacists groups infiltrate peaceful protesters and create chaos others are blamed for. Protests and protesters have time constraints but if you notice all of the rioting and looting occurs under the cover of darkness. And there’s also been reports that antifa and black lives matters hsve been turning in the rioters and looters in to police.

    1. The uneducated are prone to believe anything. It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled.

  2. Friendly reminder: They still haven’t shared the unredacted Mueller report with the Intel committees. The coverup continues.

    1. @af dadE Alright kid, you’ve proven my point quite clearly. You are gaslighting and using the sleaziest straw man tactics, while intentionally ignoring simple facts. And the way you describe it proves that you obviously have not read the report. There is nothing vague about it. It’s highly detailed and written with such simple language that a 7th grader could understand it. Maybe that’s why you can’t read it.

    2. @R D I’m sorry you’re conspiracy theorist left wing democrat. Thats not my fault thats yours. Lol you conned a 30 million dollar partisan witchhunt and got nothing. That’s impressively pathetic.

    3. @af dadE Yeah go ahead, just keep repeating your meaningless accusations instead of attempting to counter the facts that professional US intelligence officials and the bipartisan United States Senate Counter-Intelligence Committee, headed by Republican Senators laid out in plain English in the report I linked. Keep at it buddy, you’re doing great.

    4. @R D oh sweetie. Your conspiracy theories need a little more tinfoil hats for yourself.

      There’s nothing to refute. Literally I’ve read both the mueller joke and this senate report which lists out vague nothings repeating what mueller said. But as always the cute little conspiracy theorists aka the democrat cultists aka you like to “interpret” whats said in anything which means lying about it so it matches your tinfoil fever dream

    1. @Alec B incorrect, the U.S is a Democratic Republic. Or if you like, an indirect democracy. You right-wing Americans need to educate yourselves.

    2. Republic or did you not learn anything in school? Meanwhile Democrats take a way rights for people to defend themselves on their own property allow looting and rioting, then the mayor of LA just shut utilities off to a citizen. Which party is taking the citizens rights?

    3. Cumala got to where she is the old fashion way by performing feletio on her boss Mayor Willie Brown when she was DA and he was married. Creepy Joe is absolutely convinced he can win against Ronald Reagan in November.

    1. @Logic B4Religion funny enough
      Depending the source that uploaded the controversial video dude is talking about
      It may be more crediable than the intel agencys.

      Hey remember the last time all the intel agencys agreed with each other?

      Saddam had wmds

      Remind me ,how did that work out again?

    2. @Schievelbein Schievelbein Did you not read what I typed? The ENTIRE western world’s intelligence agencies, not just the United States, consensus was that Russia has and continues to try to help the orange turd. And the orange turd allows it to occur because he can’t win any other way.

    3. Let us not forget that this divide and violence and recession in America is on Trump’s watch. Never forget and VOTE!!

    4. @Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am 175,000 dead Americans on Trump’s watch, during Trump’s presidency, under Trump’s command. Violence in the streets with a Government Paid Police State Combat Warriors attacking “we the people” with rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper bombs and flash grenades. Trump has no policies in place to help combat the deadly virus and while the Republican Death Party Death Toll is now headed for 180,000 dead Americans, Trump is more interested in finding ways to rig the upcoming election. Come November, I see more violence in the streets of America. The right wing terrorists will be burning buildings to the ground and blaming it on their alter ego, “AntiFA”.

  3. We need to rise up and make a literal example out of him for all presidents who come after him, so that this never happens again.

    1. Exactly. This is a bad precedent. Literally anybody can take their crimes now to the supreme Court and win lol

    2. Fix it for any person running for US political office needs to be vetted and not allowed to even run for office so weather American people dies not go through this again.
      And if they start doing questionable actions to be removed quickly

  4. “Person, woman, man, tv, camera…
    I have a fantastic memory.” Those words are coming back to haunt him when he claims he doesn’t remember certain incidents

  5. Add the 28th Amendment: (The Integrity Act )IImmediately remove, fine and even jail government officials(President included) forlying and deceiving their citizens. Like the idea? Pass it on

  6. It may not be “collusion” but it is as close to a treasonous act as can be. Trump will do anything to win, anything!

    1. @Hatori Hanso
      Why? John Hagee, believes the people in Israel, are the Chosen of God. The Bible says, Jesus, would return, and then “”His Chosen People,”‘
      will return to Israel. Who’s Right? John Hagee, or the Bible.
      Hatori, please read Revelation 2:9, then 3:9, that’s your answer. You’re
      not gonna believe me, so let me tell you this, regarding “”TRUTH.””
      Do your research, it’s in the bible, so now your “”Mission”” is to study the Word, to make your self, approved unto God, rightly dividing the Word of
      “”TRUTH.”” You have the Baton, the “”Bible” Please share this with every one you know. Souls, are at stake, and millions of people just like you, believe him. I thought by now, with biblical prophecies, he’d change but,
      time is running out, and we might go to war, please, please, please, please,
      please, please, please, please. If you feel as if I’m some kook, ask some of your family members, to research for you. Do it as a “”Family”” Blessings*

    2. @Hatori,
      Those in Israel, “Moved” into “”Palestine”” thanks to America, and Britain,
      on May 14, 1948, was given a portion of “”Palestine”” and within months, they began their take over, and they’re still building settlements “”TODAY.””
      You see how much land the Palestinians was given by these thieves, God
      is not pleased. I’m Done!

    1. @Hiroki Mori well, he *did* say that there were some really tough questions in that dementia screening he took…

    1. @edgardo martinez That is a lie. The Republican-led Senate voted not to hear from witnesses because they already made up their minds they were going to acquit during the House testimonies.

    2. Of course. Mitch McConnell also has a deal of billions of dollars to have the largest aluminum plant built in Kentucky if Trump can get the Russian sanctions removed for Putin. That’s just another reason why Mitch wouldn’t impeach trump, also that’s why the Senate wont approve of the 3 trillion dollar stimulus package to be released to benefit you and me!!

    3. @o-ptimus prime that makes s lot of sense . Calling a bunch of numbnuts that acquitted him rhinos. You can only suppress the truth for do long.

  7. If they don’t prosecute trump after he’s outta office then the justice system is broken in every way and America is America in name only.

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