Seth Moulton: Trump ‘Most Reckless Commander In Chief’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Seth Moulton: Trump ‘Most Reckless Commander In Chief’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. t’rump lost a battle of wits to a piece of toilet paper…
    And his supporters think he knows what he’s doing in the Middle East? 🤔

    1. president dotard chump, Draft Dodger In Cheif (DDIC) is sending Americans to war… what a criminal act and all to distract from his impeachment trial…

  2. How can Trump encourage Ukraine to fight corruption, when he himself created the most corrupt administration in American history.
    Instead of surrounding himself with highly qualified experts, he has surrounded himself with an unqualified staff of C and D list sycophants, roguish grifters, scallywags, and the most unprincipled neophytes ever assembled. And they are all swimming together in a sea of moral turpitude..

  3. It’s not only dangerous to the U.S.A., it is dangerous for our Mother Earth, the entire globe, life as we live it now because it is nuclear bombs Republicans are threatening Iran with.

  4. Trump: “First of all,  critical thinking is for dummies. When you’re a stable genius like me, you don’t have to think. Besides, who’s got time for all that thinking when you’re so busy acting on knee-jerk impulses. There’ll be plenty of time for thinking later when the dust clears.”

    1. husqvarna17 Exactly. Trump is owned by Russia and America is in deep trouble. We need Trump protests, massive protests to get Trump out.

    2. husqvarna17 They do make a great team! I’ll take Putin over any corrupt Dumbocrat Socialist any day of the week! Ken Jamison

    1. Putin has thrown Trump under the bus. He has seen the writing on the wall. Sure Putin is dangerous and untrustworthy but a much bigger threat to America lies in Mitch McConnell.

    2. Grim Reefer Trump doesn’t require defending. Vote Trump and Reps in 2020, and everything gonna be all right! Ken Jamison

  5. Once American bombs rain down on Iran, those who feel safely ensconsed in their isolated little world in the good old USA far from danger might start to wonder about their own safety, due the fact that the tentacles of Iran have an extremely long reach. “Over there” these days has a tendency to quickly become “over here”.
    Noone should be getting excited about anothr Middle East war, especially one against Iran.

    1. Carlos Tuckerson said Sulaimani is not fit die as mytardom .Trump made him Hero of the Middleast after Alexander the Great.

  6. George W has hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT Iraqis blood on his hands too and was a bad dude ,, should he be executed by a drone too

  7. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something wrong with your constitution when an imbecile criminal can become your commander-in-chief.

  8. Mr Steve Schmidt called it when he said “trump is inept selfish boorish and incompetent and American’s blood will be spilled because of”. That blood will be on trumps hands.

    1. spud2go yes war is good! .. has gotten us through several depressions, and made money for lots of people. Ken Jamison

  9. Moulton and MSNCB mouthpiece, you’ve convinced me that you have all the answers for the Mideast crisis. Why don’t you two geniuses hurry and fly over there and take care of this mess.. Petreus, where he now, probably still humping his writer girl friend. Ken Jamison

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