Sha’carri Richardson | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 5 2021

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    1. Not arrogance….. she’s really feeling herself, and we can’t look down on that. She’s only 21, she’ll be ready for Paris ’24

    2. It’s a part of the hype and marketing that make the rivalry interesting. I wanted her compete with Elaine and Shelly. I know one of our girls would beat her.

  1. Jamaicans don’t hate her. You got that wrong. All we said is rules are rules. We were laughing at the angry americans.

  2. Jamaican don’t hate her, that’s a strong word. Jamaicans just have a problem with her shading and throwing subs at Shelly. And all of us wanted to see her run at the Olympics, we affi back our own cause the Americans nah back Shelly.

    1. Which American nah back Shelly do it speak for Americans your not one I am and I have always backed the little bullet,

  3. Let’s hope the reason why she is doing so well in the Dennis Mitchell camp does not become obviously “clear “

  4. With those colour riot suits that you wear I can see your lack of humility, as well. You sports analyses will like her because she gives you all something to talk about. And, yes, her so-called confidence is borderline arrogance.

    1. I beg to disagree….her confidence cross the border into the realm of straight arrogance.

  5. *Personally; I don’t hate her or anything for that matter, when you over talk or run up yuh mouth too much, you’ll be treated differently in negative way. Being Humble speak volumes, but not in the case here with Sha’carri Sha’carri aka di Ferrari, it can promote her to High levels in the sports; as well as it can Destroy her Career.*

    1. You know I heard people talk that she talking too much, but I don’t hear a thing of what she had said .

    2. @Sharon Watson after SFP did the 2nd fastest time in the world in history, she tweeted that “since she started to sprint fast times, it made every one got better all of a sudden,,but she tweeted it with a feisty attitude,

  6. Right, by her being braggadocio brings excitement to the Sport similar to Floyd Mayweather it’s part of marketing

  7. Birds of a feather ….The maverick himself has a brash personality so he knocks Jcans love for humility…”What is so great about being humble”….wow, cant believe you said that maverick….or rather ….I can beleive you said that..SMH

  8. & Jamaicans don’t hate her, you should withdraw that statement & don’t let the Americans believe we do, we don’t

  9. I have been saying this from day one. She energizes the sport. The ‘hate’ is uncalled for. If she nuh want to be humble, is her business. Stop put people in boxes and just enjoy the sport.

  10. I was really looking forward to SFP destroying her at the Olympics, but if she considers weed to be more important who am I to disagree?

    1. It does not matter who wins … we wanted the showdown .. even if SFP was the winner , we wanted SFP fighting for her win and not just an easy boring win

    2. @Ben Den I could not agree more .. it is very disappointing and it is her fault … .. I don’t know if SFP will be competing in Paris 2024 .. it is like asking a lot from SFP

  11. From what I’ve seen across social media elsewhere, Jamaicans overwhelmingly wanted to see her in the race, where they felt she had no chance of beating SFP or Elaine TH. Bear in mind that she has not ran faster than either SFP or ETH and has the third fastest time behind the big 2. I like her style which the sport badly needs

  12. Yow fi me it is not a “Like or Dislike ting” l was looking forward to the competition between the ladies, but mi done know shelly was gon dust her out.

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