1. Right, I’d have to tell my son that’s something he’s going to have to wait for when he’s 18. Because if I almost lost him that way, I don’t think I’d ever feel okay while he’s out at sea. 3 teens had to watch their mom be devoured by sharks while snorkeling. All that was left was her arm that floated to surface after the blood cleared out alil.

    1. @miri san
      Driving kids is not the same argument.
      This activity is not necessary, plus these people also drove their kid to the boat.

    2. @Acer Maximinus Driving cars is not necessary you have public transportation which is safer or bicycles there’s many options

    3. @miri san
      Not the same argument, not necessary.
      If you want to use your kids for shark bait, you’re free to do it.
      If that shark was just 3 feet longer they wouldn’t even be able to show the attack on tv.

  1. With the accent I’m going to assume there are much much bigger sharks in that area! I’d be in the boat!!

  2. As a person from the hinterland i really don’t understand this wird mind setup. You are literally a snack. With a bear or a wolf you still have a chance.

  3. Good thing the shark wasn’t a little bit bigger. I sure as heck wouldn’t let my eight year old spear fish in shark infested waters. Lucky.

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