1. @valveman12 I said 1619 in all my responses pertaining to CRT. Again you’re not paying attention….. intentionally?

    2. @Tise Ignite
      Another strawman… I’m not a democrat!
      If a single person bears the most responsibility for the surge in conservative interest in critical race theory, it is probably Christopher Rufo. Rufo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Rufo presented his ideas to right-wing newsgroups and MAGGOTS caught onto it as they did with BLM and trashed them as well.

      Critical race theory (CRT) was developed by legal scholars in the 1970s and 1980s. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund describes CRT as follows:

      Critical race theory, or CRT, is an academic and legal framework that denotes that systemic racism is part of American society — from education and housing to employment and healthcare. Critical race theory recognizes that racism is more than the result of individual bias and prejudice. It is embedded in laws, policies and institutions that uphold and reproduce racial inequalities. According to CRT, societal issues like Black Americans’ higher mortality rate, outsized exposure to police violence, the school-to-prison pipeline, denial of affordable housing, and the rates of the death of Black women in childbirth are not unrelated anomalies.

      So again you’re incorrect about when CRT was introduced,. So what is your problem with CRT that tells the truth about how people of color are discriminated against? What exactly is your issue with CRT?

    3. @valveman12 “You claimed she said she will allow children to have gender-changing surgery without the parent’s consent”

      I never said that. I said Dems are pushing for child sex changing surgery without consent of the parents.
      I also gave you a like that shows Elizabeth’s tweet where she promised to make a bill that would criminalize parents who would not consent to their child having a sex change. Don’t put words in my mouth 😑👍🏿.

    4. @valveman12 “CRT is not a conspiracy”

      I never said it was. What I did say is it’s a lie.

      “The conspiracy is how”

      I DON’T CARE 😂. I don’t care about the conspiracy. 1619 is a lie. 1619 is at the center of CRT and because of that I don’t feel it should be taught in schools or colleges.

      “CRT was developed”

      Quit with the bs. You know it’s been changed revised and edited to include the 1619 project. It is not the same thing.

  1. People have always been like this. It’s just now they feel comfortable to show their true selves because there are politicians who make them feel like it’s ok to be that way because they are. It’s very sad. Poor examples of humanity.

    1. Paul and Nancy Pelosi have a personal fortune of about $114 million. They can’t afford a couple of security guards for protection. It is a laughing joke

    2. @Elizabeth Stanley she’s maga and trumps cult loves her she will do his bidding and nothing for Arizona Marky words

    3. @Elizabeth Stanley I don’t think we need almost a million people to die from covid again because of his stupidity he ran the country into.the ground by not dealing with the virus and spent his time playing golf more than the running of the country

  2. She should a have owned the intentional or unintentional joke that she made, so simple is that ’cause there’s a freedom of speech but, but as coward as she is she clings to lie. Poor, poor liar.

    1. U know they edited that clip just for people like u right? Can’t imagine the tv watching winner u are. Great job.

    1. @Tom Stamford Russia Hoax, Lab Leak Denial, Cuomo interviewing Cuomo, Demanding people who did not take the vaccine to separated from society so many times have CNN and its viewers done wrong. You have no right to criticize others.

    1. Go watch the whole clip! Cooper is doing what him and CNN does best…>TRYING TO MANIPULATE THE OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION!

    2. @Michael Ross it’s not what she said. It’s the squirming and lying afterward. How hard is it to just say “yep, that’s what I said, deal with it”? By behaving the way she does, she’s only encouraging the woke mob to become even more offended, even more easily.

  3. It’s like layers of lies, one on top of another. Lie, and then lie about the lie. Its as tho their planned strategy is to lie so much that their followers, in utter confusion, believe they are hearing the truth. I always think of PT Barnum’s famous quote: “a sucker is born every minute”. And, as everyone should know by now, PT was one of our history’s most famously successful con artists.

    1. @Truck Taxi Pretty… in what sense? Lake is abhorrent. In all regards. I remember people like you saying in 2012 that about Sarah Palin. Who has serious mental issues.

  4. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone who might vote for her actually cared about this kind of thing? They don’t.

  5. I think he is embarrassed. Like he can’t believe she said that. His body language says it all. But of course he approves in the long run.

  6. I’m really tired of these people who act so tough but as soon as someone calls them on their crap, they are victims. If you can’t own what you do and say, sit down and shut up!

    1. I forgot what the disease is called when psychiatrists go psychotic as a direct result of being around so many psychotic people essentially this is what has happened to Carrie Lake she’s been around so many politicians and have seen them get away with so much in so many different ways that she’s decided to embrace the foolishness and try to use it to forward her agenda.

    2. I agree. Katie Hobbs is a coward and shouldn’t hide when people call her on her crap. Wait, you are talking about Katie Hobbs right?

  7. “When did we become like this”? What a ridiculous question. When in history has the human race been anything but this?

  8. Actual legit news. Presented by mature adults. At this point in time, it’s better than the first sip of coffee in the morning.

    1. Used car salesmen are a notch above. While insincere actors they are rarely filled with lying acrimony and bitter hatred.

    2. But believe her when she says she wants to provide better security for all of those props…. er… children standing behind her.

    3. That’s funny. She’s not talking fast, you just can’t keep up. I think of her as a new car sales woman. I understand that her policies go against the very fiber of what you believe, but any American citizen with common sense, can simply look around and see that the socialist democratic party has run this country into the ground in just under two years. Wake up from being “woke”!

    1. Well spoken, sir. Character is often the first casualty of ambition, and Kari Lake is the poster child of ambition. I have taught my students for decades of incidents in US history where our politics has been driven by “show business” and slogans instead of real issues. Trump and his sycophants murder the truth almost every time they speak, and the world is a darker place for it.

    2. She’s a narcissist who will say whatever she needs to, to cover up just like her mentor trump. She has no scruples, empathy, conscience or shame. She is utterly shameless. In other words a perfect magat candidate. Trump Barbie.

  9. There’s no wriggling out of this for Lake. She’s on camera making the inappropriate comments and on camera blatantly denying having said them. Caught red-handed twice in a row! 🎣

    1. I clearly understood that she was making a joke about the lack of security at the Pelosi residence. I didn’t hear one word, or even an inference, about an attack on an 80-year-old man. Play it again and listen carefully and be honest with yourself.

  10. DISGUSTING, an 82 year old man being beaten brutally with a hammer. People laugh and she doesn’t call them out??!!

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