"She really was an ambassador": Remembering Aline Chretien 1

“She really was an ambassador”: Remembering Aline Chretien


Jean Chretien's brother Michel Chretien and former governor general David Johnston's wife Sharon Johnston speak on Aline Chretien's legacy.

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  1. It was interesting hearing these two different story backgrounds about the First Lady of Canada, Madam Chretien. Thank you.

  2. “Quietly influential?” Really? How so? Wife of a corrupt politician who was mired in scandal. Living in luxury on the taxpayers dime. Wave to the peasants darlin’.Shake hands with dictators and smile.

  3. Chretiens govt was rated in the top five most corrupt up there with Libya and Iraq but liberals have no memory or brains just mafia scams.

  4. Chretien’s Libranos preceded Justin Castreau’s Libranos. Liberals have been working on destroying Canada since the 1960s, starting with Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau. I’m not impressed.

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