Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 100m 10.63 record | OLYMPIC DESTINY SERIES 2021 1

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 100m 10.63 record | OLYMPIC DESTINY SERIES 2021


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    1. @UCxuF9kC5inAzS0OiQhD3vjg but the clock showed 10.68 also….so i really dont understand.

    2. @Gloria Hanson
      The JAMAICAN Nationals have been plagued with controversy since the 90s, its also some sort of confusion with RESULTS POSTED from its Athletes and from the GOVERNING BODY ELECTED OFFICIALS selecting Members to Respresent Jamaica in INTERNATIONAL SPORTS. SAFP will have to prove herself again outside of Jamaica on the INTERNATIONAL SCENE. untill then yes we still give her props on that bogus time that was suggested by the Officials ..

    1. Keep an eye on our iron horse – Elaine – she has a lot of speed in her body too. It will be quite interesting.

    2. @Naphtali Aikens opinions vary on who’s the QUEEN OF THE SPRINTS,, THERE’S BEEN SO MANY GREATS…
      EVENLY ASHFORD is still at the top of the List along side With SAFP, Valerie Brisco Hooks, GAIL DIVERS, VCB and WILMA RUDOLF some say its ALLYSON FELIX…


      2021/22′ ….

  1. Waiting to hear what Ato B. has to say about Ms. Fraser Pryce time? This one ova. Now go after the 4×1 world record !!

    1. I do not put much on him and Levy at Sportsmax. They have been making wrong assumptions I would not call them predictions forever

  2. This is the first time Flojo’s record is in real danger. She has the capability to do it, Fingers Crossed. The 100m finals at the Olympics will be spellbinding.

    1. @aDDmoreJuice TV More than likely Flo-jo was juiced up. Marion Jones ran a 10.65 but we now know her performances are tainted. Hence why I said that record is probably better left alone as there would be questions raised by people after.

    2. Flo Jo’s record ain’t gonna be touched. Not by Shelly at least. Maybe in 20 years or so.

    3. @aDDmoreJuice TV
      You are absolutely correct. Almost all the US female sprinters such as Gwen Torrence, Gail Devers, Marion Jones, Flo-Jo we’re at sometime found with or had questionable and suspicious drug history. Marlene Ottey beat Gail Devers in the 100 final at the ‘96 Atlanta Olympics AND WAS ROBBED, because of the hometown influence. They were both times at 10.94. Gwen Torrence was 3rd.
      At the 2000 Australian Games, Marion Jone won 3 golds, and two bronze AND WAS STRIPPED OF THEM ALL and her name completely wiped off the record books – for using “performance enhancing substance”
      The practice was rampant during the 96 Games and they thought they could continue and get away with in Australia.
      American athletes have a sordid history of using performance enhancing drugs from Carl Lewis, who had the gall to question Bolt’s performances, to Justin Gatlin, to Tyson Gay, both of whom played 2nd fiddle to Lightening Bolt.

      Great comment @aDDmoreJuice TV

    1. My thoughts exactly….am with you “cut and clear all crosses” in Jesus name amen….journey on Shelly!!!!

  3. Shelly Ann you are destined to achieve greatness, hard work, patience and God at the center of things anything is possible. ..Congratulations

  4. I am so proud of her. She that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadows of the almighty. Shelley-Ann Fraser-Price never leave out the creator out of her plan, inseason and out of season.

  5. These commentators need to do some research before making incorrect statements. At 3:55 we hear the commentator saying only Flo Jo and Carmelita Jeter have run faster than S-Ann-Frasers. That’s incorrect – Shelly Ann Fraser is now 2nd to FloJo and Carmelita Jeter is now sitting at 3rd position.

    1. True thing, we must do better there was a myriad of mistakes. For starters there were three times mentioned. First it was 10.68, then it was 10.64, then 10.63. We need to be more efficient , we are on the world stage.

  6. She is the magnificent! ,a truly great character and display a lot of enthusiasm in her event!! I love her, she is truly amazing! God bless her

  7. Did one of these guys say Jamaicans think the OLYMPICS is just track & Field? Why some quasi educated people like to take all Jamaicans for idiots? Jamaicans may PREFER Track & Field, but I bet even the least educated Jamaican knows the Olympics is a showcase of various sports. Kmdt. Damn poppyshow.

  8. Congrats Shelly, I am always praying for you and asafa Powell and I will continue , everytime you enter the track you close the mouth of your distractor and i love it , you are a wise woman, just continue to do your thing, a lot of prayer is up for you, Congrats again

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