Shelly-ann Fraser-Pryce | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 11 2021

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    1. @Track Boss I think he’s working with her in Kingston most of the time…. If you may recall, a few years ago, Shelly announced that she was going to STETHS to train with Walcott but was forced the remain at MVP. I suspect it was contractual agreement with Nike/MVP that caused her not to leave at that time.

    2. Oh really, how many athletes has he trained that has won a championship medal for this country. And let me remind you that this man was an understudy to Mr Francis at the MVP club.

    1. @Jaylen Leo thats the point. Track and field at 40 years you may not even make the semi final at your local meet.

  1. What if she had that same +1.6 wind during her 10.70 (+0.6) run in 2012 or 10.71 (-0.3) in Moscow 2013 or 10.71(+0.1) in Doha. She was always knocking on the door of 10.6, maybe the wind gave her that tiny aid this time around?

    1. That’s what exactly what happened. I also noticed a subtle change in her form. Her trail leg is a little shorter and knees are a bit higher.

    1. You have it incorrectly; it’s Shelly, Elaine, Natashsa and/or Brianna. These four sub-11 runners will break the 4×100 world record in Tokyo.

    2. Natasha Morrison could be in the mix too
      Kemba will make the relay pool but the rest will be in the top 3.

  2. His program clearly works but damn he’s a disrespectful man and the entire staff is toxic no wonder she wanted to get away from him

    1. Don’t be ungrateful Mr Francis made Shelly-Ann what she is and not the other way around. Furthermore when Mr Francis started the track he got very liitle support it was only when Asafa Powell broke the 100m world record that the doubters started to believe in him.

  3. Right on spot Oral, I was thinking along that line… I remember in a sport interview Mr. Francis said that ET is faster than SFP in training and he said she (ET) can beat SFP on the track. Right then and there I said something was going on between the two, I could smell it… SFP ran 10.63 now, and I’m interested see what the others coming with now, can’t wait.

    1. So what just like ShaCarri fast time I didn’t have her to win the 100m at the Olympics. We will see how things turn out at the trials.

    2. He was right at the time but we all knew the result at World champs and i still believe ET will beat her at the trials,but come Olympics?.

  4. Big, brave, bold and rrrriiiight move!!! ETH and SAFP in the same camp meant a possible conflict. Respect Oral!!1

  5. Other than the toe issue, I wouldn’t say Franno was holding back Shelly. In a way she still is with Franno through her coach Raynaldo.

  6. You all need to stop hating on Mr Francis including that attention seeker Oral Tracy and appreciate Mr Francis and Mr Bruce James for what they have done for this country since the Bejing Olympics. The critics of Mr Francis including Oral Tracey seems to forget that it’s Mr Francis who made Shelly-Ann and not the other way around.

  7. This clown 🤡 here, smh. Mr. Francis is a legend and should not be disrespected at all. Shelly 10.6 was in Gods plan for her life, she was born for this and therefore wherever he leads her, which coach or camp, it would’ve come to fruition either ways. She’s been praying and working for it 11yrs prior, so leave don’t count out Stephen Francis out of success, he helped to make the superstar she is today.

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