1. A deep heart condolences on the behalf of 135 millions Indians 🇮🇳, Rest in peace Sir🌸🙏🏻.

  2. Rip ,, crazy that this happened in Japan nvr really heard anything like this happening in Japan

  3. This is really sad
    Such a nice Person like Shinzo Abe got assassinated 😔😔
    Rest in peace 🙏💐
    Respect him with our whole heart ❤️💐
    Love Japan from India 🇮🇳❤️

  4. This is so heartbreaking. Can’t believe this incident is happened in such a peaceful country.

  5. Two things here: despite having what are probably the most extensive gun control measures in place in the world in Japan, a former head of state was killed with a homemade shotgun. This tells me that no amount of gun control or even an all-out ban of all guns in the United States would prevent gun violence.

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