Ship adrift off the coast of Norway at risk of sinking 1

Ship adrift off the coast of Norway at risk of sinking


Teams are trying to prevent a Dutch cargo ship from sinking off the coast of Norway, after all crew were rescued in stormy weather.

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  1. I see a yacht on deck, couldn’t they have pushed it off and got on it somehow? Glad all the crew were saved

  2. Just a random thought from someone who isn’t an expert but… wouldn’t it make sense to bring it to shore and ground it? Then they could pump out all the oil and do enough repairs to re-float it. But I guess that simple solution has a flaw in it somewhere. For those who will say grounding it might cause a leak understand that letting it sink will mean that it will eventually leak for certain, not for maybe, plus they could have tug boats that place it as gently as possible into a sandy area – if there is one. I find it hard to imagine the entire coast of Norway is all jagged rock.

  3. Those helicopter rescue crews are the best of the best. To jump out of a helicopter into those seas and into the heart of danger the bravest of the brave. And the pilots too. It must be like angels turning up if you are in that situation.

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