'Shock and disbelief': The world reacts to riot at US capitol 1

‘Shock and disbelief’: The world reacts to riot at US capitol


World leaders and top diplomats have issued strong condemnations of rioters who stormed the US Capitol building in Washington, some pressing President Donald Trump to call off the violence. CNN's Clarissa Ward has the latest.

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    1. @Jack Nguyen The rioters not only broke a lot of laws, they e.g. also broke windows. The police used tear gas. Does that indicate a peaceful protest?

    2. @Nebula Orion trump is my president. Obviously these people can t seem to pull their heads out of their buts and see the people of America dont want Biden or cumallover Harris I. The white house

    3. That was trump and he has proven that in every way today was all about him cuz hes not a good loser and he did lise

    4. @Truth Seeker look closely at the photos, no Trumper would have a hammer and sickle tattoo on their hands. Anyone can wear a red hat and act a fool. But believe what you want, truly.

    1. @Machine Beard That is a lie! No one ever said that it was peaceful when people are getting shot and killed. We have always called the guilty ones out. BLM is not a rogue organization so we don’t paint them with a broad brush stroke. There are INDIVIDUALS who cloak themselves as being with BLM and those are the ones committing crimes and those are the ones we should condemn, NOT the entire movement.
      THIS is totally different. BLM didn’t try to storm the White House or the Capitol! They didn’t try to bring explosive devices in! They didn’t storm the halls, looking for people to attack or harm. No matter how you try to sugar coat this they ALL were wrong. They intentionally planned and plotted this riot. There was nothing spur of the moment borne of emotions about this. It was seditious and a sign of disrespect to our constitution and to our country.

    2. @prash patel Will all the news ancors and politicians telling people to take to the streets all last year be held accountable for literally millions in damage and hundreds of lost lives ? Plus if he said that it would be blasted everywhere we all know how they love to demonize anyone without a hive mind .

    3. @Rubepublican I say you are brainwashed because, you think anyone who doesn’t interpret a situation like you, must be the enemy. When the news is reporting on peaceful BLM/ANTIFA protests with buildings on fire right behind them, and also calling what is happening at the capitol terrorism I’m smart enough to smell bullshit.

    1. @James Ricesome are, sure. But a Democrat generalizing Trump supporters as all being gullible fools is a bit hypocritical. You Democrats just elected a man who passed the 94 crime bill that effects nearly all of us, who’s mentor was James Eastland, who he called a great and wonderful man, and who was called a die hard racist by his VP. All year the CNN leftist news network refused to cover the protest/riots Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis, and when they did, referred to them as peaceful. Not to mention Joe’s treasonous affairs abroad. It’s hard to fathom people not liking a president so much that they’d vote for a decrepit man who is touted in racism

    2. @Callentay That is what makes this place in time ironic. We are supposedly the World’s friend as we spread our idea of Democracy yet within the walls of our own country we have people who actually hate each other simply due to race and political parties.

  1. “These would be signs in another country that democracy is failing”
    Me: Ahh the denial begins…

    1. @MarloSoBalJr That is what I don’t understand, if most US citizens cared about quality of life why didn’t they vote for Sanders?

    2. @DTD110865 Look, if “freedom” means going bankrupt because I need to go to a specialist, or letting people starve because they didn’t “pull themselves up by their bootstraps”; I’ll take my “ehvul socialist” country any day.

    1. yes, Mayor immediately called the National guard on the peaceful white protesters, yet she let BLM burn and loot for months. That’s a shame.

    2. Well racebaiter, when you storm the Capital and they hold a MACHINE GUN TO YOUR HEAD, you lay down and shut up.

      Before you post…

      1. Research
      2. Think
      3. Think some more
      4. Turn off your phone and open a Bible.

    1. Hasin Ashraf, we were so busy trying to promote democracy around the world, but we neglected our own. Winston Churchill said it best, America reaches the right conclusion after it exhausts all other options. We’ll eventually get it right, but it’s going to take a long time. Trump attempted a coup de tat, and has failed, like he does at everything he tries.

    1. Its in the toilet now cuz he didnt do anything for the virus so maybe hes not so great like he thinks he is

    2. @Justice Warrior what is your point. Any true American, both democrst and republican don’t condone this behavior foem either the far left and right. Stop trying to justify what happened today. It was wrong and you know it

    3. @Sharon Azevedo the virus is a hoax. Suddenly no one has died from the flu or their original disease? Dramatically fewer deaths from diabetes, heart disease, or cancer but all covid deaths. Some people just are that easy to fool

    4. @Renmarkable Rebeling against corruption in the name of freedom is how this country was founded. It is the opposite of treason.

    5. @Peggy Duvall actually I seen lots of blacks among the Trump supporters today. Not that I care about skin color like you do.

  2. Relax America, after watching four years of Trump’s presidency, we in the rest of the first world are not surprised by this attempt to overthrow the incoming government.

    1. No guy, 15 July 2016 Turkey was an example of an attempted* overthrow. You can sit back down kid, let the adults talk now.

    2. Sadly, many of us aren’t surprised. We’ve hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but we’ve been undeniably spiraling.

    1. It would be very very wrong if we healed the country by putting the 74 million idiots who enabled the orange fascist up against the wall. I hope that does NOT happen .

    1. @cosmos5532 Brother of mine WHITE PEOPLE are not the only ones who just want to go to work and go home. Your comment is futile and irrelevant.
      White people are treated better and are privileged. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc are not…..that should tell you something.

    1. I’d be honored if some fellow concerned citizens would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performance of DANCING IN THE DARK by Bruce Springsteen on my YT channel in tribute to the United States of America and our next President, Joseph R. Biden. Peace and everybody stay safe in ‘021.

    2. More like hold my meth.

      Or hold my heroin .
      Or hold my needle .
      Or hold my beer or something because they don’t use masks remember ?

    1. It was never a country to begin with it’s illegitimate always has been from the start. USA is a marketplace this experiment called democracy is about to go bad.

  3. I can’t wait to hear what Trumps press secretary will say.

    Kayleigh Mcenany: “it’s fake news”

    1. Where was Beijing Biden and the corrupt dems when blm/commies and anqueefa /terrorists destroying US cities??

    2. Kayleigh really, she lies just like the president for the president! She seems like the person that would take a bullet for protection of her president! She really must be making a lot of money!

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