Shock Expressed at Lifting of Mandate | Robbery Attempt Foiled | TVJ Midday News – April 14 2022

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  1. Ppl just don’t understand that this was a set up by mankind, why do you think it’s lifted? Mighty God your a spirit only those that know God will see these things in the spirit. Mankind set up a trap but those who believe in the Lord shall see. God will get the glory in all of this.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“–

  2. Long overdue every aspect of drma was flawed ….2yrs running from shadows with blind fear …we have much greater clearly visible issues to deal with ….

  3. Don’t know what to believe. Don’t know who to listen to but the masks 😷🎭 mandate have to go at some time.

  4. That same vehicle was spotted in Mandeville parked at the Mandeville Hotel entrance on the right hand side and the occupants arose the suspicion of several persons including myself. I pointed that said vehicle to a CIB officer who did the necessary notation. If you see something, say something.

  5. I will still be wearing my mask. I dont like it but I will for a while. Ofcouse until I see it can be abandoned.

  6. There are no privacy in these JA banks when doing transactions..the sometimes staff are on telephone calls whilst customers are standing at the counter..(they have no manners) … no bank staff should be allowed to have their personal cellphones on their persons when working at the service counters.

    1. There should be a no phone policy on the job,because they’re the one calling them theifing friend to let them know who withdraw nuff money

  7. The government gives the ppl of Jamaica the opportunity to take the vaccine suh have you not heard

  8. teachers, if they have been certified as such in Jamaica, should be registered an legally kept as teachers without having to pay for a license UNLESS the government is going to ensure that all teachers are paid at highest level of pay in both the years they teach and in their retirement. But so far it seems that we value the housekeepers for a higher wage than our retired teachers receive

  9. Good job Mandeville police .these people think that they can come to Mandeville and try their tricks but the citizens are vigilant.mandeville was quiet a nice town but since lately some out law has been creating mayhem.

  10. SMH, Jamaica no problem, all when problem inna wi face. Are we still in a pandemic, correction plandemic?

  11. These people do not want to end restrictions because they want to make lots of money through testing.
    Jamaica do not have as much cases as other countries. People need to get back to the normal way of living.
    Jamaica has become so corrupted it is unspeakable. Can anyone break the law more than Ruel Reid?
    Withhold salary?

  12. It’s times to stop this cov let us be free UK don’t need cov passport so the PM doing the right thing

  13. I’m only shocked it took so long to lift the mask and test mandates.
    Remember 2 weeks to flatten the curve?
    Turned into 2 years to flatline the economy.

  14. I wished the Jamaican prime minister had a mind of his own. You well know that if you remove the restrictions from Covid testing when coming into Jamaica the whole population will be exposed to all viruses and variants which is being released in the environment and from people coming in from abroad. Please keep restrictions in place to protect our people.

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