Shocking New Video Of Moment Officer Sicknick Was Attacked At Capitol Riot | All In | MSNBC

Reporters from the New York Times used video from the insurrection to isolate the attack on Officer Sicknick, who died the day after the Capitol riot. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Shocking New Video Of Moment Officer Sicknick Was Attacked At Capitol Riot | All In | MSNBC


  1. I can’t imagine what Their children will think of them when they’re old enough to understand what they did. “Daddy what’s a Traitor”?

    1. I mean, they still don’t understand that the south in the civil war where literally traitors to the US.

    2. @Hoof Hearted77 Absolutely true! But from what I can see they kinda still do it some places (or at least hint at the lies), but it is very much just the parents telling BS story’s and kids believing it and continue the lies when ever they can. Even small things like status or military base names are rooted in those lies. Misunderstanding history means we can’t learn from it and that is bad for the future!

    1. They claim to love the Lord and prayed to their god whoever it is….it is NOT the God of the Bible! 1 Corinthians 13, Galations 5…dozens more show the God of the Bible would never condone this nonsense and evil. Isaiah shows God as broken-hearted over His people’s cold hearted, mean-spirited ways. He also,say there will be those trying to enter heaven who were fakes and they will be not only turned away but cast out into outer darkness…

    2. @Jeff Everhart Guess someone by the supposed name of Jeff Everhart doesn’t know what the subject is which says *plenty* about his decline…cognitively speaking just to be clear.

    1. @Rezyn Rogue You got that right :-). I think in the back of my mind I was thinking that an exchange of the killers and victim would make more sense. I wish the wind had blown it back in their faces.

    2. @I. M. Not all Trump supporters are animals. Some are misguided. I have a nephew that I love with all my heart and we are tight. He was and is a Trump supporter.

    3. ​@J Skoog — I am entirely sympathetic, and know myself Trump supporters who personally reflect values that are admirable. ‘But’, as is historically all too prevalent, history’s worst ideological regimes and ideological excesses are comprised of myriad ‘normal’ peoples who sanction, contribute to, and advance unspeakable horrors and ideas in toto that they personally would never do individually. What I’m saying is that large-scale depravity is historically comprised of normal personalities who ‘have’ respectable values ‘but’ values which are readily deprioritized in favor of the cathartic intoxication of collective and theatrical depravity. Thus we see otherwise decent men and women with their children at hand, laughing and giggling at the public mocking of a rally attendee’s disability by their adored ‘leader’ (amongst innumerable other outrages). So as to address reality and history, large-scale depravity must therefore be defined in the real terms that it causes ‘normal’ people to sublimate their decencies to their pandering master. My condolences for your nephew. Let us hope that the fact that his youth is finite will allow some semblance of his decency to be preserved.

  2. Two groups that are full of conspiracy hired by trump goons, and all the information is from their own social media remarks. Why aren’t they arrested?

    1. My guess is that they are carefully building their cases. If a case has not been thoroughly investigated, charges may be brought too soon. If a case is dismissed “with prejudice,” it cannot be refiled after more evidence is obtained. Therefore, bringing a case to trial prematurely can be risky.

    2. @Nancy Ross – Yes, you have a very valid point. After giving it some thought they do have to have to have iron clad case. I think we are all feeling frustrated & incensed about the entire horrific day. I remember just following along on livestream when everything started happening & just being shocked.
      Take care ok!

    3. I understand that, but authorities must act faster. When crazed people don’t see others getting the book at them, they start shooting up places. They stab kids in the neck.

    4. We knew that trump goons Rodger Stone and Axle where holding meetings and giving money for trumps cause.

    1. No constitutional right is absolute, its interpretation is reserved to the courts. *The right claiming non-existent rights that exist is analogous to rights claimed by child molesters and male supremacist.*

    2. @Shell m not exactly. That law appears to limit ‘giving food’. People can still bring their own. Another tactic may be to leave food or abandon it in such a way as to allow others to ‘use it’.
      For instance it’s not illegal to bring a table and if people bring food and leave it there how will they enforce it?
      Lastly, poll workers… are they not allowed to eat during their work?
      Probably won’t stand up in court, but time will tell.

  3. I would say they are finished. The courts will make an example out of them. Trump will probably again get away.

  4. Roger Roger is up to his neck in this , this time he gets thrown under the buss by Trump, they must have been in touch about this insurrection , a pardon admits guilt so hems off to prison this time no Trump to help this time he,s done big time they all are prison fresh meat , see how tough they are in prison.

  5. Looks like those two are going to have to part with their firearms for life. The law is coming for them. Soon they will be felons. I hope they drag down their buddies and snitch too.

    1. Not just that, the guy who sprayed the officer which led to the officer’s death is guilty of killing the officer. He dared to shamelessly spray that spray onto an officer like that, that’s not just treason, that’s even worse. While I normally do not condone the death penalty, for such an act of borderline high treason, murdering a servant of the state like that, I hope that guy who sprayed the officer gets what traitors deserved in medieval times, punished by execution.

  6. When are they going to pick up Mitch, Lindsay, Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Trump & the rest?
    Charge them all …or charge no-one.

    1. While I normally am against the death penalty and would not condone its use, in this case, when dealing with traitors like those insurrectionists, and especially the guy who was filmed to spray the officer with the spray which eventually resulted in the officer’s death, traitors like him, they don’t deserve any mercy. In medieval times treachery was punished with execution, that guy’s actions of spraying the officer, he doesn’t deserve to escape justice. The rest of the insurrectionists can get life imprisonment or banishment from the USA and forbidden to return, but for that guy who sprayed the officer, nothing short of execution can alleviate his grave crime that borders on high treason, killing a servant of the state like that in bold daylight.

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