Shooting in Porus Manchester | TVJ News – Dec 10 2022

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  1. The calamites that are going on around the world is going to lead to a Sunday law which will be the MARK of The BEAST, Those that keep God’s seventh day sabbath will be persecuted and prohibited from buying and selling, Jesus is coming soon.

  2. The police only catch them because Chinese involved if not probably the police wouldn’t have done anything. But good job by the police anyways

    1. They were caught 10 minutes after the shooting….do you think the police arrived there and had time to say, Chinese, let’s treat this different or is it more likely they came on scene, got a description of the getaway vehicle and then sent out a radio message to other cops? There’s only two roads from where the robbery took place and the direction in which the robbers left.
      ..the bypass or the old melrose road. 10 minutes! Just appreciate the people who responded and took 4 criminals into custody.

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