Shooting that killed OPP officer, injured two others was “ambush” says commissioner #shorts

OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique says he considers the attack that killed one officer and injured two others to be an ambush.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers for the brave police officers who keep our communities safe every day.

  2. Based on what most Canadians know that police are not as trustworthy as they were 50 years ago because of lack of training and poor psychological background checks and based on the fact that the investigation is in its infancy, these statements by this officer are moot and should be disregarded. .

    1. @A H then it’s just a matter of time until you learn that the police are not your friend.

  3. Definitely seems planned and horrifying..when will this government turn to the real threats that are destroying our Canada and govern for Canadians, not against them. I am so sorry to hear about more of our law enforcement, those brave ones who care enough to do this work once again being murdered while trying to do their jobs.
    My sincere condolences and prayers for them and their families.

  4. Honestly makes me want to get into the police force. Sorry this happened. Criminals are getting larger and more aggressive.

    1. What are you going to do? You arrest them and the weak judicial system will just give them a slap on the wrist.

    1. @Forgiveness or Love what zaney conspiracy theory is this referring to? Y’all always have something new to keep you guys busy

  5. WHY is the NAME of the HIT & RUN DRIVER that KILLED 8 YR OLD GIRL in Burlington Ont. last week being WITHHELD ?

  6. Its a long gun be curious to know how he acquired it? If legal can we make sure that this is something the OPP could have been prepared for understanding he was a registered firearm owner. And if its an illegal firearm? Can we find out why that wasnt dealt with sooner?

    1. As per the Canadian Police Information Centre, police know every single address where a firearm is registered and every single person with a firearms license has a criminal record check done on them just after 9am every single morning. If the police were called to that specific address, they would’ve been notified of firearms in the home. If they were in the area looking around for shell casings and signs of gunfire when they encountered the suspect, they would have no way of knowing. If it was an illegal firearm, they’d have no way of knowing about the firearm or its whereabouts.

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