Shortcomings Of U.S. Public Health Infrastructure Seen In Mishandling Of Covid, Vaccine

Shortcomings Of U.S. Public Health Infrastructure Seen In Mishandling Of Covid, Vaccine 1


Dr. Peter Hortez, co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children's Hospital, talks about how complicated logistics, lack of a plan, and still-unfamiliar technology is hindering vaccine distribution and other aspects of the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic. Aired on 12/29/2020.
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Shortcomings Of U.S. Public Health Infrastructure Seen In Mishandling Of Covid, Vaccine

36 Comments on "Shortcomings Of U.S. Public Health Infrastructure Seen In Mishandling Of Covid, Vaccine"

  1. Luke Skywalker in disguise.

  2. WHAT A MESS!! Some has to be placed in charge before the population becomes extinct!!! Vaccines are not going to reach the public in time at the snails pace and humans are getting weiry over all the problems in front of them.

    • ” I kinda like it when a lot of people die” George Carlin.

    • The vaccine will arrive in late summer. Right about the time that all new viruses lose a large majority of their deadliness, 1.5 to 2 years… they will deploy the vaccine and act as if it was the reason for the flattened curve, when in reality its just how all things pan out historically regarding new viruses

  3. Its going to take years just be straight with us we our not a small nation and we our spread out every where i mean really months i dont see months i see years

  4. The American Dream? Nightmare more likely. Sorry for the nice people over there.

  5. No hospital has the capacity to keep the vaccine cold enough…how are doctor’s offices and pharmacies going to keep it cold enough?

    • @Jeffrey Haines It doesn’t matter to me I’m not taking it.

    • Jeffrey Haines | December 29, 2020 at 8:19 PM | Reply

      @DAVID just explaining why it has to be cold.. didn’t ask if you were taking it

    • @Jeffrey Haines I believe there’s a very different reason but it still won’t matter because the creators aren’t telling the truth about it.

    • Jeffrey Haines | December 29, 2020 at 8:41 PM | Reply

      @DAVID where’s your evidence they are being dishonest?

    • blackman listening | December 29, 2020 at 11:54 PM | Reply

      The vaccine merchants are after blacks to take the vaccine, and the whistle blowing medical personal. Before people start to catch on. Medical personal started talking about them using the ventilators on blacks and killing us. Who trust companies that push bad drugs even when they know they will get sued for MILLIONS (and lose). Who trust them to make a vaccine that they have exemption from being sued for?
      (VIDEO 18) BILL GATES SAYS REDUCE POPULATION 4 TIMES!! Not with WAR but while talking about VACCINES(Undeniable)

      Do hospitals get paid extra $ for a person dying from Covid? Like this: please read Short CBS
      link to find out (or click on the CBS broadcast video, inside the next link)
      $13,000 for admitted with covid
      $39,000 for getting placed on a ventilator,….
      37,000 if they are listed as WITH COVID when they die no mater what the actually died from
      and plus a extra 20% on TOP of their regular rates


      “Did the US Government Just Open the Door to the Mark of the Beast”
      new development from Minister that thought it was NOT the mark of the beast.
      until the Government made a change to policy.
      This is a big Government document so to find the vaccine section question just search for the

      question numbers
      if you dont know how to do this just click in a open area of the page THEN press CTRL-F (press CTRL

      CORONA mean CROWN CORONA =666
      there are 6 letters and the individual letters add up to 66 so hench 6 and 66
      A is 1st letter of the alphabet, and C is the 3rd letter of the alpha bet


      CEO of APIJECT HAY WALKER admits CHip in vaccine. Like a barcode and each person will get a

      This video is positioned to where he admits there is a CHIP in it and your will get a SERIAL number

      Your right THIS is what the First inventor of the chip said they Chose the Right hand and Forehead

      because those two are the hottest AND have the greatest temperator CHANGE for charging the

      Wow!!!:Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gate Microchip Speaks The Truth, & White Doctor Compliment

      This was Decades ago it is probably even
      smaller now.

      youtube keeps cesoring it so I will link it to one of the competitors sites


      They Angles of God(ALMIGHTY) are marking the 144,000, this is different from a human keeping

      yourself FROM taking the mark of the beast. This mark of the beast will be deceptive, IT WILL

      DECEIVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. A Good point from that is IF your the crowd that is going down the broad

      and spacious road (many are taking that one), We should take the NARROW AND CRAMPED Road (few are

      taking that one). Also The scriptures tells us that IT WILL BE A LYING SIGN! And It tells us that

      the world will be deceived by means of SORCERY WHICH means PHARMAKIA when you look it up in STRONGS

      BIBLE DICTIONAY. The modern word for PHARMAKIA is PHARMACY. Also major note People in SORCERY

      ALWAYS get initiated with FACE MASKS. And people that are subjected to a SPELL are easier targets

      if they where A FACE MASK. Andway I have to get going see the rest of my message.

      several LINKS BELOW
      Who said Bill Gates is not trying to vaccinate the Entire worlds population? Bill Gates says it

      DIRECTLY on VIDEO link below.
      First I want to say this:
      If a watchman see danger approach a city and wars them but some dont listen there blood is NOT on
      his hand.However if he does not warn them then God will demand there blood from HIM.
      What if another watchman was siting right next to the watchman that is warning the city is saying
      We are not too live in fear so stop shouting! And tells everyone we are christain please relax,
      lets be calm and reasonable even though he may have good intentions because he assumes this army

      has good intentions coming to the city).
      you have to admit with Common sense that “Conspiracy theory” is used to denote negative connotation
      for DECADES it is is primary use. The first thing you will hear people say is they are not
      censoring you that is a conspiracy theory!
      This is how EVEN the layman use the word. And exclusively how TV/Government uses the word. It has
      been since people first said they saw space ships near area 51.
      Does not the scriptures say do not put your trust in doctors? Does not the Bible say that SATAN
      will mislead the ENTIRE inhabited earth(and yes that IS a literal conspiracy), when he is thrown
      out of heaven at the time of the end!?
      Does not the scriptures say we will have a GREAT DECEPTION, and the signs will be a LYING sign?
      Are you saying these scriptures are lying and we should be believing the World which is controlled

      by Satan just as Jesus himself says it is? Are you saying the GREAT TRIBULATION excludes us

      fighting against the lies of Satan?
      Are you saying that most people will see the signs if they was real? Which is the opposite of what
      God says in the scriptures.
      Your saying Bill Gates does not want to chip the entire world, but out of his own mouth he says 7
      billion people will HAVE to take this chip. You seem to put down a man that you admit says he
      does not hate them? But it seems you want to say he does because he puts down their Gov or some
      leaders?! I put down Democrat leaders and Republican leaders but I love the people under them.

      Same with China! I love Chinese but I put down the Government because they are doing wickedness to
      those people.
      The US congress pass A Bill call HR 6666 ALL bills that start in the House of Representatives
      starts with HR. This Bill has the chip, then the number of the bill is 6666! In the bill it names
      what your denying!
      It is called CONTACT Tracing, that is what the CHIP does. The link is below the summary only
      takes a half minute to read. It says contract tracing. Bill Gates also has a INTERNATIONAL
      Patent with the WORLD PATENT office CALLED WIPO (World Intellectual Patent Office) The patent
      numbers start with this WO (for World Office) then 2020 (for the year of the patent) Then Bill

      gates actual world patent number is 060606. In the scriptures it tells you to add it up. In the
      process of adding it up 0 is nothing so you remove them and 060606 is actually 666. Just like the
      process of how you figure out the number of the best 666 mentioned in the scriptures. see
      revelations 13:17-18 below Yes it also has the Cryptocurrency in it this international patent so
      that you can BUY AND SELL IN THE MARKET, again see (Revelations 13:1-18) Just like they have to in
      China RIGHT THIS SECOND(link below).

      Revelations 13:17-18
      17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or
      the number of its name.
      18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it
      is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666.

      China uses cryptocurrency to buy and sell in the market already its not a conspiracy!

      The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO )

      Video and titles in case Bitchute goes down Misterioously again.


      what is the mark of the beast is it just one thing?
      Fake Syringe for a fake shot (hides needle and hides fluid)


      Proof Corona is a bioweapon patented by Bill Gates

      Three days later… nurse after vaccine

      Call for investigation against Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for Medical Malpractice crimes
      against humanity.

  6. Our medical system, as well as MANY other elements of our government, are the consequences of an operation post WW ll. Operation “Paperclip”
    Nazi scientists brought us to where we are today, the most evil system you can think of.
    I’ve navigated it for nearly 40 years searching for a diagnosis or relief. Never found either. It doesn’t exist.
    Monsanto is the health destroyer of the country, but untouchable. This is why everyone’s sick, not the COLD-19 smokescreen.
    They got ya sick, keep ya sick, drain your wallet, and blame your lifestyle for your illness and death.
    Most haven’t the slightest clue what’s even happening to them anymore. I do.
    Money as usual, is the driving force.
    Our medical system is terrible, if you’re sick.

  7. We might as well be up in trees flinging poo at each other. We can’t get it together no matter what.

  8. It is time for another dancing nurse video.

  9. Heather Robinson | December 29, 2020 at 7:07 AM | Reply

    Our military no longer protects Americans on purpose.Our military is a corrupt war profiteering entity.The Generals are getting Rich while in service and just like our corrupt politicians after service they end up on the boards of defense contractors company’s our pentagon has to be audited we have billions of dollars that go missing as well as military hardware that disappears never to be seen again who are they selling this stolen hardware too ?

  10. JUVEY Da SeaBeast | December 29, 2020 at 8:09 AM | Reply

    Wouldn’t want them to mishandle the Covid, Vaccine . Weirdos

  11. Robert J. Williamson | December 29, 2020 at 8:43 AM | Reply

    The USA is listed No. 97 in its citizens’ access to quality health care according to this chart.

    Americans are constantly told they are No 1 and most simply believe it as they never travel anywhere else and see how much better things are for the average citizen in other developed nations.
    If you have enough money in the USA, you can get some of the best medical treatment in the world, but when you need to help every citizen in a pandemic, the USA has the worst system as it is the only developed nation without universal healthcare.

  12. Just give it the banks , there isn’t 1 household that can go a month without a bank run.
    I don’t want it though , give my dose to someone who does want it.

  13. I am a nurse and refuse to take the vaccine because I know how unsafe it is. Am in the process of changing professions because I know the vaccine will be required soon.

  14. Yeah, except, this was news maybe thirty years ago.

    Allopaths🤣 what’da’ya gonna do…

  15. Vaccine manufacturers have
    In case of injury or death caused by vaccines

  16. It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your bloodstream in exchange for the ability to live a normal life.

  17. He’s an “expert” ! An “expert “. An “expert” I tell you!!!! You better do as he says because an expert an EXPERT!!!!😂🤣😂

  18. When you give away your health care to the money people, this is what you get. I strongly recommend democratic socialism with free health care for all and centralized control and guidelines.

  19. I don’t need a vaccine anyway.

  20. Vicki Frederick | December 29, 2020 at 11:50 PM | Reply

    Almost everything is privatized. There is pretty much not health departments anymore

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