Shot down flying objects could be an effort of engaging in psychological warfare: expert

National Security expert Anthony Seaboyer says these objects have been a wake up call for Canada investing in better air defense systems.

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    1. Not racist, just stupid. Obviously you have no clue at all concerning our detection capabilities & you get all of your information from Marvel comics.

    1. Balloons, of course. The most devilish and cunning military invention ever.

      Except for blimps. And zeppelins.

  1. And sometimes a balloon, is just a balloon.

    We never knew plastic contaminated the ocean, until we did.

    If we never look. How do we know if we are wasting jet fuel blowing up crap, just blowing along the jet stream.

    1. Or you could point out the stupidity, laugh, and mock it mercilessly. If there’s one thing the powers-that-be cannot stand, it’s being mocked.

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