1. You’re not asking, you’re telling. Drop this whole “hmmm? should we?” crap when it’s already been decided and done and she’s already back home in China. This is what low grade propaganda looks like. It works on the weak minded, but those with a thirst of truth are immune.

  2. Cave to authoritarian CCP pressure?!?! WHY is this being floated so nonchalantly?! Why are we suddenly so keen to sacrifice our values.

  3. China has a campaign of intimidating commonwealth countries. This has got nothing to do with the United States and everything to do with England and their stance against China over Hong Kong. China is using the exact same tactics with Australia right now. China was humiliated By the British and was made to sign a 99-year treaty that made Hong Kong a British territory. Now it’s payback.

    1. yes well Hk seems to have fared better under that, then the CCP….so….maybe the CCP should rethink their strategy

    2. @Andra Book Maybe CPC should plan to try to stave off multilateral invasion and being made to sign some more forms…

    1. It’s lucrative for a bunch of elites. They can by-pass all our standards, open up shop in the third world and import into our markets. Politicians don’t care about the Canadian worker. Not even the NDP.

    2. You really had to ask that question, ok 75 Billion coming in and 25 Billion going out. Cut that off them and see how many jobs are left over. Same goes with the States.

    3. @Donovan L. Forsythe Our largest trading partner by far is the USA. Our economic system is not compatible with China. We share similar wage standards, environmental, health and safety standards as the USA and Europe do. We should not be allowing this kind of importing into our markets from nations like china who don’t share those standards.

  4. No way. If you do it this time your going to get it happening every time they want something. That is such a stupid question.

    1. definitely not. if that were me, i would not support anyone trying to use me that way. I know its a tough decision, but i’d rather live in a free society. and you know what. a lot of ppl have been detained under a lot worse conditions and have been prisoners of wars and tyrants…and all of them felt the same. we can’t start imploding democracy now, hard ”no” there

  5. Chinese 🇨🇳Huawei has been implicated in a lot of hackings and disturbances around the globe.
    – Investigators always found the Chinese government behind these hackings.

    1. Please provide a link to show an example for your statement. Any official report from a country other than the Bunker Boy.

  6. CCP and Meng never care about Canada because we are not tough enough. Put her in jail, show CCP our strength.

  7. How can you kidnap a foreign national and do not expect retaliation???!!!! Abduction of business woman who has not committed any crime just to please Trump is so unethical.

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