‘Show up!’: Erin Brockovich calls out Biden’s EPA for response in Ohio train spills

The EPA has tried to reassure the public in East Palestine, Ohio, that any immediate danger has passed after a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed on February 3rd, but residents are still questioning the air and water quality. Consumer advocate and environmental activist Erin Brockovich joins CNN's Jake Tapper to discuss. #CNN #News


    1. @paulmiriani4457  rail roads have safety regulations issues that have been brought up for decades. This is corruption and company greed and its being actively covered up by the biden administration.

    2. @ironic3980  oh so its the rail roads regulations? Or the clear safety hazards? You are extremely delusional. Massive companys do what they want just look up duponts mishap?

    3. @Paul Miriani biden ignored those safety protocols too, we brought it up a few months ago and Biden sided with railroad companies and so did Pete buttigieg, he was warned this will happen and he said nope. He still said nope after this happen to reinstate Obama’s brake rules. Big fucking L

    4. @I DON’T WANNA FIGHT WITH U yup, the railroad company is at fault and bidens dot Pete buttigieg is also at fault with biden, this was brought up months ago by railroad workers in the strike and Biden sided with railroad company profits over the workers and our safety….. This is on Biden for sure, trump is also at fault but this isn’t new information, Biden admin knew safety was fucked and people addressed Biden of it. He cares only for company profits, fascism at it’s finest.

    5. This is not Biden’s fault. The state has a governor and senators and representatives who should provide information to their constituent. If it were up to the Republicans, the EPA would be abolished. I want to hear you guys talk about holding the company responsible for this.

  1. This is a disaster… from what I’ve been reading from residents that live there posting on social media the situation they’re experience in real life is way worse than what’s being reported.

    1. Live an hour away from there and air quality isn’t so good, dark clouds all over that isn’t rain clouds, animals found dead on the ground, mostly birds but some others like raccoons an such, and now my son is throwing up today.

    2. @S. E. C-R I’m just hoping I’m paranoid but I’ma make sure he gets plenty of bottled fluids and see a doc. This is insane that this even happened. Ty, this has me outraged just like thousands of residents all over east Ohio and west Pennsylvania

  2. This government officials should be forced to live in that town for 2 years if they believe it’s safe…

    1. @King Ding a Ling who’s running the place a repub when Democrats try and say what’s going on y’all say all they want to do is spend money. Now take care of your own . I feel for all those people that’s going through that but you get what you vote for

    2. @Clarissa Ambrose you do realize our department of transportation can do things and are actively not doing anything

  3. When they did the controlled burn off of the tankers the atmospheric conditions didn’t allow for it to rise very far ,there was an inversion which kept it low to the ground and it moved horizontally across the valley .The governor couldn’t tell people in nearby communities they would be safe because they don’t know .Meanwhile a huge cloud of toxic smoke covered the area for over 20 miles and we are to believe everything will be ok .A reporter was arrested for asking questions and when asked about the situation the governor said he had no reason to be arrested and never should have been arrested for being in a public place exercising his first ammendment right .The nation should be paying attention because the water that was polluted is heading for the Ohio River and eventually the Mississippi River ,so there is a huge mass of pollutings heading for drinking water elsewhere .

  4. What is strange is when the Railroad company was rushing to get everything “back to normal” and their rails back up so trains can move again as quickly as possible, they randomly had a reporter arrested with out reason at that press conference to draw questions away from what shady things the railroad was doing and onto what police was doing to the reporter. By the next day trains were already moving through the town going over contaminated soil that they rushed to actually “cover up” instead of remove.

    1. This was a terrorist attack. Russian Israeli Ukrainian triple citizen billionaire KGB Oligarchs and PLA venture capitalists funded this operation.

    2. Rail companies have been lobbying politicians with large amounts of money but no it’s just deemed as some conspiracy theory. Also notice how after the Ohio derailment (which was an explosion the train was on fire 20 miles before East Palestine) the news and president just focuses on “ufos” nobody saw or recovered. Seems like a distraction of the masses to me. Also transportation sec Pete came out and didn’t even mention the derailments 😂 this administration is criminal

    3. This is why we dont curse people who have crazy ideas and call them conspiracy theorists. Because once in a while they are right. And as insane as things have gotten lately, they seem to be right more often than not.

    4. Yeah they didn’t remove the soil under the tracks and it will continue to seep into the waterways when it rains .Anyone living along the Ohio River and parts of the Mississippi should be aware of this with all the pollutants in the water.

  5. Thank you for finally covering this!!! Keep digging–the government response has been ridiculous and dangerous. Please also bring to light that this was a direct result of strike breaking and ignoring worker safety to increase corporate profits.

    1. Dead animals found ten miles away from wreck, they need to get this out because the goverment dropped the ball again.

    2. #Agenda2030. I also think the “Chinese Spy Balloons” were dropping invisible agents out down to the ground! They trying to turn us into zombies, baby! 🧟‍♂️

    3. There could very well be a racial component because the EPA official involved in this disaster is black and universally. The residence that are being affected are Caucasian. We need to look at this racial component. If this was a minority black community that was being poisoned there would be an outcry.

    4. Finally is not a good sign. It means they gave no choice..
      But they jump so fast with cop shoots black man n wanting riots

    1. She worked with Erika Jaynes husband, atty who stole from his clients & that mustve hurt her terribly besides his victims watching EJ spend $30,000 for her glam squad once a mth while victims ate Top Ramen. Wish she couldve faught for them.

    2. She’s speaking what we’re all thinking that live within miles of this incident. We’re pissed af and we don’t feel safe at all, we can’t breathe or drink our water for fucking profits. All for profits, Biden ignored all safety protocols people have rising over a month ago

  6. Thank you to her for working on this. So many ghastly things in the news sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them all if you aren’t close to it. I agree, needs some solid attention. Good grief – what were the winds doing when this happened? Which direction? How far? She’s right – they should start testing, monitoring and help the people there. Sounds like they need to move out, should have help with that. I wouldn’t hang around a wreck like that. Good luck –

  7. Erin has always been the voice for communities who become victims of corporate environmental mishaps, disasters, and coverups. Meanwhile, Ohio (R) leaders are focused on culture wars than solutions to this mess. Yah, drink bottled water and move back in. Easy for their governor to say. I’d like to see him shower or cook with the water contaminant. EPA also needed to show up like yesterday!

    1. @Spicy Irwin The gov Dewine looks like a real dodger, certainly wouldn’t believe anything that came out of his mouth.

  8. If they say they HAVE to leave they’d have to cut them a check. If they wait til they get cancer they kick the can down the road. It’s a psychotic cold calculated decision.

    1. what about their housing values- got to go down way down.. I wouldn’t move to that place unless somebody paid me $100K and even then I would take precautions like wearing a gas mask when mowing the lawn etc

  9. The Governor should be recalled.
    Telling constituents to go back to their homes that he doesn’t know is safe or not is criminal!

  10. I have loved Erin since the movie. She is exactly the person I want her to be. I want her in Congress. She’s gorgeous and fierce. She’s such a boss. Everyone causing environmental damage should tremble at her approach. Just hearing Erin Brockovich is on the way here should create panic and despair in the hearts of evil doers. I love her so much.

    1. ‘gorgeous’?? Not sure I’d concur with THAT assertion…..’fierce’? Yeah, she’s flamboyant to the extreme and knows where the Big Bucks can be procured…..She’s a high class ambulance chaser!!

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