1. This child speaks his truth
    An the adults mock him
    Absolutely disgusting
    Adults are now in the state of just being judgmental pigs
    To the Detriment of Children
    We are not teaching our children well

    1. @JKD Studio You can listen but not comprehend as we noticed. He is trying to finish school and dealing with grief also. They laughing now until they get it.

    2. @fishy dubs fishing Yeah, just like all those nurses and doctors wearing them for decades because they don’t work. Why do you think they wore them, fashion statement or just being trendy? Good God, educate yourself. You sound so ignorant.

    3. @maria schultz Can you not see your position? You are calling an obviously intelligent teenager a “dumb kid” because he believes in science. The irony and level of ignorance is just astounding. I just wish it would kill idiots in the child bearing range so we could weed out this stupidity from our society. Unfortunately, most of the knuckleheads die after they fill their children’s heads with anti-science/ anti-intellectualism nonsense.

  2. Who’s the child and who’s the adults. I give this young man credit for standing up for himself and his classmates. The adults in this video are going to be given a strict reality check.

    1. @Devan H Wow you defending the anti maskers who just Laugh at This Poor Teen who lost his grandma died from covid 19 you are ungrateful Devan.

    2. ​@Zaquarvious Gaffney It was sarcasm. At this point if you haven’t heard of Covid-19 you’re living under a rock. Or pretending for politically motivated reasons.

    3. @Risky Opinions I’m a Democrat who’s definitely not weak, nor am I afraid of you or any other anti-public health Cult45 member. Whatever happened to “know your enemy?” Guess you’ve failed in that department like you’ve failed in the intelligence department.

  3. If parents want their children’s smile to be seen, why not use the mask with the clear plastic front, like the deaf people and their families are using ???

  4. How much do you want to bet that those adults jeering at this teenager are evangelical christians? Really shows them for what they are.

    1. @a Dog Because less people are infected who can spread it. Do you not know how viruses work? Correlation is not causation. Just because the spread has slowed (don’t believe you) doesn’t mean it had anything to do with mask. Why are their schools with no mask that have no outbreak while there are schools masked with outbreaks? Perhaps it’s because of population density and people moving in and out of towns transmitting the virus causing surges. The mask debate is stupid, they don’t stop the spread and there’s no evidence wearing them in schools stop the spread.

    2. @charles I guess I shouldn’t expect logic from someone who doesn’t believe in science. Cases are going up in my state while the spread has slowed in my mom’s school. Great talking with you, Charles. Have fun not being able to get a job with the new vaccine mandates Biden announced today!

    3. yeah, sigh wish there were more like those 2 young men but there are way too many stupid people – it’s like they’re multiplying exponentially

    1. A social worker? With no empathy for a child talking of losing a grandparent.

      Here folks is proof MAGA equals sociopathy.
      She is entitled to her opinion, but must live with the consequences of expressing them, as we all do.

  5. That moment when a child has more respect , decency and compassion than the adults in the room. Keep pushing Grady and Will. Kids like them give me hope for the future.

    1. Those homeless liberal racists throwing eggs at Larry Elder yesterday behaved like children. But then, liberals usually act like children.


    3. @Stan Wilson or simply refuse to treat them period. Just tell em’ it’s just the sniffles and to go home and wait it out so the hospitals have beds for cancer, MVA, and other real emergencies.

  6. What the hell is wrong he has every right to voice his concerns and issues he has went through with his loss and with COVID-19. He is just a kid that wants to take care by wearing a mask I give him much praise for standing up for his rights.

  7. I’m proud of this young man..he has more sense than all the so called adults combined together. Pure ignorance is alive and well…pathetic. they will be the first to run for help and find out there are no beds available or heaven forbid worse.

  8. Shameful and disgusting! She was chomping on her gum and let out a big sigh right before he spoke about his grandmother. Those “adults” owe him an apology.

    1. @Casey Lynch Don’t encourage him (@John Doe ). Next thing you know he’ll be running around naked and spouting even more non-sense.

    2. @John Doe regardless of anyone’s stand point on masks, those “adults” where acting horribly. How dare anyone mock someone else’s grief. I would bet my bottom dollar that that young man’s parents raised him infinitely better (obviously)than those supposed adults who were mocking him and telling him to shut-up. Disagree, fine, but do so with respect. This country seems to be filled with empty-headed, loud-mouthed, ignorant, entitled, and disrespectful folks who don’t even have the common courtesy to allow a CHILD to express himself.

      BTW hiding behind your John Doe..my how brave you are.

    3. @Lunar Wuffy I suspect that ‘John Doe’ running around naked would be as another commenter described his name: *irrelevant.*

  9. I’m convinced these “adults” have lost their touch with reality and I hope their rude awakening happens soon

  10. “Hey guys, we’re here to act professional”. They need to learn how to act like adults first. What kind of adults make fun of kids? Selfish, childish, Republicans apparently.

    1. @Chad Gorski how bout you get some brain cells and pay attention to the facts. You are being controlled by the media and you need to do some actual research of your own and not just listening to cnn, CNBC, and cbs.

    2. @Roy English some republicans I don’t agree with. I do admit that some are racists. But not all, and everybody assumes that republicans are racist, and that’s simply untrue. There are Democrats that are racist too (ahem, joe Biden)

    3. @Kyle Douglas End of conversation because you’re not a responsible adult. Gaslighting these past years prove it.

      Last comment(s)…When someone claims it (covid) is a lie and then goes onto refusing wearing a mask, getting a life saving vaccine and endangering everyone around them because of some twisted view of “rights”…?

      I am out of empathy for all these fake patriots and deniers.! Yall don’t even make sense anymore. I was in the GOP and it was nowhere the chit-show it is now.

      Stay safe

  11. The misguided, possibly simple-minded, people who laughed made the student’s commen sense spread wide throughout the news. Yea.

    1. Over 70% of African Americans aren’t vaccinated. Even more conservatives that are vaccinated. And its y’all vaccinated people that are getting sick in the hospital.

  12. Those low class woman who were laughing and chewing gum behind that kid deserved to be in a hospital with a covid and pass away without pardon.

    1. Grandma should have been wearing a mask and she would still be alive right? How is it someone else’s fault for not wearing a mask if she wasn’t wearing one either?

    1. @Mario Luigi “The only point of masks is to catch droplets”, you do know that the virus is spread encapsulated within those droplets? So stopping the dropplets stops the virius and thus stops the spread.

    2. @Tad001 so how long have to had your obsessive fear then? Is it a new phenomenon that started with covid or have you had it for years before that?

    3. @Mario Luigi No fear only the ability to follow the facts and data. But is is refreshing to know your only response is a personal attack and the spreading of conspiracy theories and misinformation.

    1. @Rocky Balboa …And in other “shocking” news: Water is wet, fire is hot, and trickle down economics benefit wealthy and do nothing to improve the lives of the middle class. Tell me something I *_don’t_* know.

    2. @Ryan Hendricks well that’s Reddit, a website full of edgy teenagers. I guarantee if it was a crowd of normal folks being told of a conservative’s death in person, not many fully grown adults, much less parents, would be blatantly snickering at them. I don’t know any liberals who are filled with glee when elderly Americans die of a virus that they could’ve avoided if more people around them were even the least bit considerate.

    3. @Rocky Balboa “the party needs to be eradicated.”
      No need to go that far. They’re doing it to themselves by killing off their constituents with continuous anti-vaccination rhetoric. States like Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, etc. are basically Covid-19 Petri dishes at this point. It’s only a matter of time before the virus mutates again and they suffer for it. The tragic thing is that a lot of innocent and responsible people are *also* going to keep dying because of Republican stupidity and sociopathy.

      This is what keeps their deaths from being amusing. Yes, it’s funny when someone gets what they deserve, but they were only the symptom of a much larger problem, and they influenced countless others before they died. How many friends and family members did they tell not to get vaccinated before they died? How many did they convince to combat democracy because they believe a pillow maker had the “smoking gun” “evidence” that the election was fake? How many young girls were convinced to raise a child they weren’t remotely prepared for because it was “the right thing to do” over abortion?

      One less lunatic is nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that no amount of science and medicine can keep their repugnant and insane beliefs from spreading like a disease to others. Especially when it comes to their *children,* who are, for all intents and purposes, a captive audience for their insanity.

    4. @Rocky Balboa 90% of the GOP are in it for the money/self interests and nothing else. There are a few that want to get back to a reasonable party with core values but the rest are lost. All politician’s need donations for their campaign but the continuous grifting is over the top.

    5. @TheTaintedWisdom it’s just further evidence of pathological narcissism. They think they actually know more than the medical professionals and science.

  13. I see their signs as “let your child smile”. What child is going to smile if they get sick and possibly die?

    1. you can smile with a mask on and it’s visible thanks to your eyes if the smile is sincere. Unless you have too much botox. OMG maybe they’re angry because the masks conceal the surgically enhanced parts of their faces or something like that! Karens, ladies and gents

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