‘Shut your mouth’: Labor union president, GOP senator clash in hearing | USA TODAY

Teamsters President Sean O'Brien gave testimony to senators on how corporations break the law by shutting down union organizing.

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  1. We don’t make 35k!! We make almost 3 times that. Yeah over a 100k a year. Union proud Union strong 💪

    1. Jan 13, 2023 According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for delivery truck drivers, which includes UPS feeder drivers, is $45,260. However, wages can range widely, from less than $30,730 per year for the lowest 10% of earners to more than $74,590 per year for the highest 10% of earners.

    2. How much of that salary do they then have to pay the Union? Those that choose not to join the Union will be penalized and harassed constantly.

  2. Finally, someone stands up to these jerks. Not saying the union guy is any better than the representative, just stop badgering and ask the question and get the answer and then ask another question.

  3. I’m from Chicago that’s the way the union operates they should take him outside and give em a tuneup.

  4. rhetorical question. all these hearings are jokes. the point of testimony is to get answers to questions or concerns you may have. not to grandstand and interrupt people.

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