Singh: Fiscal update 'doesn't respond to the seriousness' of issues facing Canadians 1

Singh: Fiscal update ‘doesn’t respond to the seriousness’ of issues facing Canadians


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh reacts to the government's economic and fiscal update, which earmarked $40B for First Nations child welfare.

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  1. I’m in Ontario, working full-time. I have no “sick days”; and, if my workplace is shut down due to Covid, I have no benefits other than EI, when that kicks in.

    Neither Trudeau nor Ford are providing protection to many of the “essential workers” with “sick days”! Why isn’t the NDP more vocal about this???

  2. well, just for the record, I’m seeing record-level homelessness here in Toronto, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

    1. not in a fiat system, the cookie jar is always open… Ridiculous eh? M1 and M2 money supplies, read about them

  3. It is so so hard to get a place to live. Rent is sky high for a dump. There also needs to be help for single parent households in securing a home because these landlords are excessive with not only their rent but with their requirements. I’m a single mom in ontario, work full time hours plus as a PSW and cannot get a two bedroom apartment because I “need to have two incomes” to be accepted. I don’t know how I am supposed to work two full-time jobs and be around for my children whom are both very young.

  4. Where has the NDP party been since the election?

    A party that championships representation for the most vulnerable. Only to abandon them weeks later…

    Jack Layton had a backbone. And as Opposition Leader could actually leverage a Liberal government to fulfill a quarter of their promises.

  5. Instead of debating, keep on going? Whn needy canadian will see, funds in their accounts, since 23rd October, thy are on wait

  6. Job shortage is there before pandemic , he is right. Self employed lost most of their income is very true . Since the flights are closed , taxi business went down like crazy , small store were already suffering,

  7. What do we have to export eccept water., Gas plants are closed in Alberta since many , what should I say months or years.

  8. This is a result of wages being decoupled from productivity in the70’s. Switzerland & New zealand recoupled no retiree or worker making less than 45k. Every province need Dementia villages, LTC beds, addiction, mental health. All for public not profit.

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