Singh gives ultimatum to Trudeau | “Stop the obstruction”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh gave an ultimatum to the Liberal government, saying his MPs would vote with the Conservatives if obstruction wasn't stopped.

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  1. Finally, the right words. Now we’ll see if he follows through, even if it is declared a confidence issue.

    1. He actually skirted the question and gave some politcalese. He’s hedging his bets if Trudeau falls.

  2. I don’t trust Jagmeet at all when he says anything.

    The only thing I trust is action. We will see if he actually has the stones to followup.

    1. @glenn hankins
      Aghhhh, damned be that..!
      The used car salesman that is..

      But still no Singh for me either…

  3. Wow! Finally Jagmeet stands up for what is right. Let’s see if he actually stands his ground against Trudeau.

    1. Jughead comes out now, because they have finished coaching Katie with the Answers to Trudys chosen questions

  4. He’s (Singh) just playing politics. He’s doing this to get a concession for what he wants politically and will not hold Tredeau accountable with this threat. In other words, Canadians once again , are being duped by this hack of a Canadian.

  5. Well holy hell. It appears Jagmeet is utilizing his brain. His morals. Let’s hope this isn’t just a waking dream…

  6. Don’t be fooled he knew ahead of time before the announcement thatTrudeau was gonna allow her to testify he’s trying to make himself look important

    1. Yup, my sentiments exactly, it’s all for show, has nothing to lose so now he talks tough. He’s a disgraceful fraud.

  7. “Saying” and “doing” are very different, folks. Especially from a politician. Let’s hold off on the praise for this little speech and see what he does.

  8. Justin: “Fine, I’m going to make this a confidence vote now”
    Jagmeet: “Oh ok, well in that case forget I said anything”

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