1. Give a statement on Marwan Tabbora on charges of assault,break & enter . This guy is chair of subcommittee on international human rights . Has Trudeau condemned this or has he approved it .

  2. kinda funny, almost like an OIC that was issued on May 1 that effected and criminalized 2.2 million Canadians……………no comment on that from you sir, WOW. got to love no spine politics.

    1. because he is only attacking on what fits his narrative. just like any politician that wants to be the top dog would do. They don’t actually care, they just point out the actions in hopes that the ratings go down. total bs

  3. This is a prime example of what’s called the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    What he said can be boiled down to:
    “POC couldn’t possibly be on the same playing field as everyone else unless I lift them out of their wretched circumstances”

  4. So Trudeau wants to criminally charge Canadians for fraud, and theft?
    Trudeau kneels for police to be held more accountable.
    ???????What about SNC Lavalin?????????

    1. Kneels and then proceeds to do nothing of actual substance.

      HE has the power to change police brutality.

      So he was kneeling… against himself?

  5. Why the emphasis on those who needed the help of CERB? No one is oppposed to that. Clearly the issue is those who fraudulently applied for and received CERB when in reality they didn’t have a need for it…I mean…talk about politicizing something that clearly has nothing to do with the other issues going on at present.

    1. You can need the money from CERB while also not qualifying for it… They aren’t exclusive concepts lol

    2. @devilselbow It’s very simple. If you do not qualify for a funding program, you don’t get the funds. It’s a pretty simple thing to grasp.

  6. Punish Canadians for fraud but he sees no punishment for his fraudulent actions concerning ABC Lavalin and Jodie reybold

  7. What if someone made more than the cutoff last year but had no money when this hit? Throw them in jail?

  8. Just have they pay it back . It was the governments fault for not doing any checks what so ever to the point that they were told not to check. It will cost more tax dollars to take them to court and then place them in jail where they can not pay it back.

  9. Well, if it ain’t ace’s buddy calling out ace for his initiatives. Why don’t ace and this creepy SOB jump off a bridge together?

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