Singh: Trudeau and O'Toole would 'both be bad' for Canadians 1

Singh: Trudeau and O’Toole would ‘both be bad’ for Canadians


Annie Bergeron-Oliver reports from the NDP campaign, where Leader Jagmeet Singh said Trudeau and O'Toole would 'both be bad' for Canadians.

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    1. voter insanity is electing liberal and conservatives governments and expecting a different result. end the voter insanity and vote for anyone who isn’t conservative or liberal

    2. @linda weller Lazy? I am a working professional who wants to live in a society where we all take care of each other. If my taxes go up, so be it.

  1. Both are “bad”? In last 40 years election, we have been choosing between bad apples and bad oranges. Anything new?

    1. @Justin Minello Take your radicalized racism and shove it sideways…9 times out of ten the ones crying “racism ” are the most ignorant and racist ones of all…!!!

  2. Over the last 2 years I got the impression that Singh and Trudeau were Siamese twins joined at the hip. What happened? A fraternal dispute?

    1. @TheRealPVC Copy and paste is an example of a verifiable fact’s, verifiable fact published verifiable facts! I think it goes much further than just your opinion!

    2. @Frank Zapplin Venezuela doesn’t have a democratic government, so BIG difference. If the NDP mismanages the country, vote them out in 4 years.

    1. no he is not he made trudeau double the cerb and fought for paid sick leave and and got help for students and actually supports pharmacare which the conservatives and liberals blocked. stop the voter insanity of electing conservative and liberal governments and expecting a different result. Vote For anyone Not conservative or Liberal

    1. @Wayne Polk the only thing the new generation is not worried about is debt ! they are too busy with all those PC shits that they don’t have time to financially educate themselves !

    1. Stop voter insanity stop voting for liberal and conservative governments. Vote for anyone Not conservative or liberal. and what do you expect no one wanted an electing during the pandemic and sing doubles the cerb got help for students got the paid sick leave he is at least trying to help canadians

  3. On a side note, love the hypocrisy of Trudeau/Singh lecturing Canadians on the urgency of the climate crisis, then board their full size commercial airliners and fly all over the country to deliver that message.

    1. Too bad Vancouver’s Harbor air electric airplane can’t fly across the country just yet! I would double him on my ebike but I don’t think the extension card would go that far.

  4. Lol politician says his opponents would be “bad”. Jesus some ground breaking reporting here.
    What else? Water is wet?

    1. Ridiculous isn’t it, this is just rubbish. There’s no journalistic integrity in this country. It’s gone. It’s almost like saying the government can be trusted.

  5. Sadly, NONE of the three stooges have a clue. Singh is so naive that he thinks he can get billions in taxes out of the riches. Yes, there is a Tooth Fairy. O’Toole didn’t want to meet the climate change target. So he is proposing to lower the bar. And then there is Trudeau who thinks the budget would balance itself. Sigh.

    1. @Dual Hearts Personally I don’t care how he travels, it’s his hypocrisy that bothers me. The other two aren’t any different there either so moot point all around I guess

  6. Jagmeet : “Trudeau and O’Toole are bad for Canada”
    Trudeau : “Jagmeet and O’Toole are bad for Canada”
    O’Toole : “Jagmeet and Trudeau are bad for Canada”

    Canadian politics as usual.

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