Singing flight attendant celebrates end mask mandate for travelers | USA TODAY

After the TSA announced it would stop enforcing mask-wearing for travelers, a flight attendant sang for passengers to dump their masks.
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  1. After 2 years of fighting with passengers over the policy, this was a big relief for flight attendants everywhere

  2. That moment “the little guy” get’s a small win and feels like celebrating it. The employees were the ones enforcing the policies on behalf of the government and corporate America, pissing off people by proxy, and now… they don’t have to do it anymore.

    1. Don’t worry the mask mandate won’t last long… Something worse is coming our way… For now, those who want to can still enjoy their neighbor’s foul-smelling farts and breath 😉

  3. That was great. I wish all flights had such fun attendants. Everyone’s day would be better !! Thank you singing Sir for the happy grin on my face !!!!
    A Colorado Mountain Grandma, USA

  4. But what are the mask Karens going to complain to the manager about now,…..think of the Karens….

  5. I can imagine the big relief of that flight attendant! So many flight attendants were getting assaulted by knuckleheads because of that mask mandate!

    1. Len1996 funny part is the flight attendants went out of their way to enforce it they deserved every bit of it

  6. Probably the same dude that would try to ruin your life if you didn’t comply 3 months ago…
    Gtfoh with this trash propaganda bs

    1. It wasnt his fault either way. Is this propaganda? Probably. But i believe that this flight attendant was genuinely joyful that these draconian measures are being lifted.

  7. There’s gotta be a lot of Covidiots and Branch Covidians that are hella mad over this! Lol.

  8. 1 hour later another Pandemic breaks out and the pilot announces over the intercom“Umm about those masks!” Lol! Just kidding folks! 😂😂🤣

  9. I’ve never seen people more excited about having freedoms returned THAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN TAKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  10. He’s happy he no longer has to bear the brunt of the abuse from combative passengers for enforcing the government’s mask mandates.

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