Six dead, at least five injured in Virginia Walmart mass shooting | USA TODAY

Six dead, at least five injured in Virginia Walmart mass shooting | USA TODAY 1


  1. Man I had to check the calendar to see if this was the previous shooting being covered again but no sadly it’s another one today.

  2. Among the developed countries of the world, a singularly American phenomenon…2022 – 662 mass shootings in the US to date.

  3. Reduce guns and crime over time, not overnight:

    – Reform the bail policy; lock up repeat offenders
    – Shame, recall judges & DAs who reduce their sentences
    – Ban AR-15s, similar weapons (reduce w/ time)
    – Increase sentence for illegal guns
    – Pay cops more to improve quality
    – Build more prisons to demonstrate oversupply
    – Amend the 2nd Amendment (“militia” “arms”)
    – Make it harder (age, background etc) to buy
    – Embarrass suspect(s) publicly to reduce copycats

    1. how is an AR any more dangerous than any other semi auto weapon? and we also have age restrictions as well as background checks. maybe educate yourself before you parrot all the left talking points.

    1. duh duh he didnt say that in the video right before shooting duh duh…
      the murders name is Andre Bing, he was a manager there….

  4. Let’s count how many politicians give their “thoughts and prayers” but don’t do a damn thing about.

    1. Try looking at the mental health of people that dont believe in “thoughts and prayers.” That’s your answer. Guns dont kill..people do.

  5. Rip some was in hospital emergency didn’t survive from the pain unless 10 people told from hospital & 😢sad 🙏!gun violence every single days 😱

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  7. Walmart employeed repeatedly receive Active Shooter training several times a year. The perpetrator of this crime knew what he was doing.

    1. well he was a employee there.. you literally failed at even obtaining the most basic detail of what you just watched.. maybe try checkers.

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