1. Maybe, America, pay your workers more than they get from unemployment insurance. Like, you know, other civilized countries do.

    1. @Travess Wolford that doesn’t represent how most jobs in America work and you know that… shut up

    2. @RADGAMER BRO 😂 😂 let me guess, you are a republican christian? Nothing like gods love eh? Lol

    3. @Censorship Is real no one in this chat has said that lol maybe your just reflecting your issues onto others or?

    4. @Censorship Is real and the Idiot that owns the company thinks they can continue paying their employees a low, unlivable wage will continue having a difficult time filling vacant positions.
      I find it hypocritical that Republicans are telling the American people to stop being so lazy and go back to work when they have refused time after time after time to increase minimum wage, but voted to approve a salary increase for themselves. Republicans vote to give tax cuts to wealthy people & at the same time tell the American people to stop being lazy and go back to work.
      This problem was created by Republicans refusing to work on the behalf of American workers.
      Employees now have the upper hand and are demanding their employers to pay better salaries. Once companies begin offering employees what they want then they will build their workforce once more. Until then, companies will continue losing money due to a lack of production.

  2. If a one time govt. check is enough to keep someone from working, it’s not because the check is too big.
    It’s because the wages are too small.

  3. I love when multi-millionaire senators complain about people not willing to work for less than a livable wage..

    1. @Tommy Thompson
      Naaaa…. I’m gonna stay home & continue getting my unemployment benefits

    2. @Satiric Games Mc Donald’s is paying 15 an hour in California , most places are to start. Tesla pays 22 an hour.

    3. @Tommy Thompson For those who would have to pay child care for children who should be in school, they may not be able to go to work, pay for day care and still buy food. Choices, choices, I would choose vaycay, but you go ahead and get back to work.

  4. Restaurants need to pay more…people have changed their profession for stability and benefits! Most people who were in restaurants have other skills and many have degrees! They are using both!

    1. @Red Rock I don’t care to support a small business by working for poverty wages. If the owner cant pay a living wage they should become a sole proprietor, restructure to be able to pay appropriately, or go out of business.

      I’ve worked in food service a lot, restaurants fail even before covid, it’s a risky market. When one closes another will take its place.

    2. @Red Rock as FDR stated when he introduced the minimum wage: “No business which depends for its existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. By living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level — I mean the wages of decent living.” So basically, by stopping the minimum wage from keeping up with productivity (or at the very least with inflation) entire industries have been allowed to exist beyond their fair economic life through corporate welfare. Do you really believe that programs like SNAP for people with actual jobs are anything more than a means of subsidised labor for the worst paying employers?

    3. @James Andrews good for you! I’m always happy to see people making smart decisions! and w33d it’s definitely a smart decision. in addition to all the other things you mentioned of course. 😁

  5. American business owner: “Why don’t people want to work for my shitty wages? I don’t understand!”

  6. Seems like workers have the upper hand right now. Time to use that power to demand decent pay and benefits.

    1. Exactly they want us back so badly increase wages, benefit don’t reduce them and be active at attacking the virus and protecting workers.

      Coronavirus is another reason why people don’t want to go back to work.

    2. @John Patrick i don’t think anyone voted for Biden because they thought he would open the southern border..
      but that’s a prefect example of work that Americans wouldn’t/wont do for the pay offered.
      looks like the trump border shutdown has backfired.. now we can’t even get our cheap migrant workers to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

    1. @Paul Wilson If you can’t afford to pay workers a living wage you shouldn’t be in business… I’m tired of my tax dollars subsidizing workers with food stamps and such because companies don’t pay a living wage. If you work 40 hours a week you should earn enough to live on, workers aren’t asking for yachts

    2. @RektScrub Yep, the same corporations that can’t afford to pay folks makes huge profits and can afford to pay someone to help you get food stamps and partial welfare.

  7. Thank God companies are finding that those of us who work in the service industries are worth more than minimum wage. This is a good thing.

    1. Small businesses are the worst offenders at expecting the most and paying the least. Guess the owners have to start flipping some burgers too, instead of just counting earnings.

    2. @Pip Huntington Imagine making $7.25 and hour at McDonalds where they make hand over fist profit, while you are sweating your arse off, getting 2nd degree burns all over your body, pumping out meals like a machine and they have the gall to insult you and make fun of the fact that you can’t afford rent. or even a vehicle to get to work, and incentivize you to eat their food. Image not being treated like a human. Imagine.

    3. @Reverend Suchkind They make it sound like it’s hard to pay that much. The Wendy’s I worked at before made almost nothing in profit. The owner needed to have 5 stores just so he can make a middle income wage with no guarantee for retirement (a franchise is a risky investment).

      There’s fast food places in some locations that could easily pay $15 an hour. That’s even the minimum wage in NYC. But there’s many franchises that are just barely scraping by without a pandemic.

  8. It’s almost as if a basic income is giving workers more power over being exploited in the workplace 🤣

    1. are you saying people’s worth are only valued by what skills are in demand? tell that to the non-profits, volunteers and caregivers whose hard work goes unrewarded, min. wage is meant to be at least a subsistent income

    2. @akil ahmad I work 50-60 hours a week and I’m in graduate school and I fight for minimum wage because it’s not keeping up with inflation, which if you were smart enough to read the bills that originally introduced the concept of minimum wage when it was instated at the federal level, was the reason for having a minimum wage. You’re a total loser. Lmfao!!!

    3. @Fireflash Skilled labor is undermanned right now. Those jobs pay 50 to 80 dollars a hour, but because people either think they are above them jobs or not willing to put in the effort believe they deserve more money. Your heart is in the right place, but keep the federal minimum wage low, and get the highest paying job you can. That’s the only way you can win. Also how come y’all were not worried about inflation when it came to paying for college and health care?

  9. The service industry for years under paid employees for the jobs, if this business wants this employees back they need to pay more.

  10. My hard-working adult son, down on his luck, finally found a job in an auto parts store. $10 per hour, irregular schedule, and they don’t even give him a full 40 hours. No health benefits. P.S. He’s dependable, knows auto parts, and customers love him.

    1. @Puddles Puddles you also bought and paid for things when they were actually affordable. You know, like 40 years ago 🤣 I mentioned the political affiliation of the owners because this is rural Colorado and they are Texas/Oklahomans that bought the clinic prior to the pandemic and bought almost $400k worth of new laboratory and radiology equipment while the previous owner is carrying the loan for the clinic purchase. THEY overspent prior to the lockdown and got even further into money trouble. Then, couldn’t afford to pay staff when they couldn’t get a small business loan during a Republican administration. It was not for lack of wanting to work or “fear” of working, it was that heavy leaning republicans weren’t able to get help from their own people.
      Telling anyone to be satisfied earning half of their salary at a menial job is beyond asinine. Maybe in a city with literally hundreds of shops and businesses you could make a lateral move, but you can’t get blood from a turnip. There are no options in a little town like this. Which is why we have lawyers, restauranteurs, and small business owners working at Walmart. Gfy twice as hard this time for being a moron who is out of touch.

    2. @kyote1369

      Ill continue to say. I worked 60 HRS a week at low to MENIAL pay as u put it.

      At 59 yrs old I continue to do MENIAL work with at risk kids for less than 15 an hour.

      Its your choice how u live. Once u realize that u will do better in life

      Sorry. But excuses will not pay u well

    3. @kyote1369

      I believe in hard work and no excuses.
      It worked for me. I am of Mexican descent. LEGAL MEXICAN DESCENT.


    1. That is what happens when the government refuses to raise wages. Small biz owners were hurt by the shutdown and are paying a lot less as a result. When $15 hourly with no benefits beats what you offer, you’re not offering enough.

    2. If an employer is not getting the labor they need…then guess what….that means you are not paying enough..and instead of whining about how unemployment benefits cutting the workforce down….own up to the truth, that is the american worked has been getting screwed for decades by always have zero leverege….but not this time.

  11. Corporations have been doing less and less to take care of their workers throughout my lifetime. I can’t imagine why they thought their employees were going to stay loyal to them when they have never been loyal to their employees.

    1. @john lerner So you are trying to say if I dial 30330 I will be talking to Joe Biden as he only has a 5 digit number? I do hope you realize it 2021…

  12. So it proves that it’s better for people to be protected….rather than be exploited by the corporations and businesses. Pay them well if you want them to work for you. Hard Work has value….value it!!

    1. @The mad lad Because that’s all they do… They don’t clean the restaurant, give you clean food, cook the food at a hot enough temperature so you don’t escherichia coli or salmonella… loser. Lmfao!!!

    2. @The mad lad you must have never worked the grill at McDonald’s based on this comment. You probably need to, it’s one of the hardest jobs in this country lol stop being so stuck up

  13. If these whiny companies would pay a decent wage , they would get applicants . Loyalty should beget loyalty and sadly most companies show no loyalty .

    1. @matt scheib Lolol coming from
      A comment warrior I doubt you have much more work ethic than about anyone I worked with at McDonald’s 😂

    2. @Ben Brattonwell my wages differ. But I charge 25 a haircut. Most people tip me pretty good. My average ticket is 30 dollars or more. And I do 2 cuts an hour. Go learn a skill and you’ll never complain about what you make again.

  14. Terrible pay, no benefits, irregular hours, low tips, and bosses who don’t think they should fix any of these things—gee, I wonder why people don’t want these jobs.

    1. @Fireflash what we have to understand is that to empower people to do what you did, we have to get them into the position where they can take some risks. Millions of people are trapped in a crappy job they hate, but they don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time looking for anything better. They’re working a second job, they’re raising kids, they’re taking care of an aging relative, they’re dealing with their own medical, physical, or mental issues, and they’re buried under bills that have to be paid yesterday. Making enough money at one job to make ends meet has be the baseline, then we can talk about taking risks to better yourself.

    2. @Paul Wilson What do you think the purpose of minimum wage is genius? Full time minimum wage should = a living wage as it has in the past and doesn’t now. This needs to be fixed

  15. Companies can give their CEO’s 5 million dollar golden parachutes for running their companies into the ground but they can’t give their workers an extra 2 or 3 dollars per hour lol

  16. “a lot of the huge complaints that we’re seeing really are about businesses being frustrated that they can’t find workers at extremely low wages.”

  17. We are still in a pandemic, just because business want you to die for them, get ill for them, take it home to their family, No, let them work them selves, we saw what happened in 2020.

    1. Well then enjoy not being able to buy literally nothing to keep you alive or otherwise, because that’s what you would get with that scenario.

  18. It is high time corporations see the worth of their workers , I can’t imagine why they thought their employees were going to stay loyal to them when they have never been loyal to their employees.

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