Smerconish: If we disengage we’ll fall into a trap

CNN's Michael Smerconish says America is having trouble speaking when we most need to have a national conversation. How do we establish new boundaries that don't shut down dialogue?

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    1. Well over 50% of the Nation disagrees with you. Without some sacred symbols that we share in common , what is the point of even having a nation? We are headed for a civil war and we’ll see what you value when death reaches your doorstep.

    2. As a skin color seems to rep a skin, the flag reps ALL which majority defended for the freedom to have an opinion/tweet/post/speech

    3. The flag is a symbol of FREEDOM to the rest of the world. And talking about “human dignity’, just wondering how much human dignity Floyd gave to a pregnant black woman when he stuck a loaded gun in her stomach, and then pistol whipped her while he and four friends robbed her. I wonder how much “human dignity” DAVID DORN received when he was murdered by a piece of garbage who was looting to “honor” Floyd. I wonder how much “human dignity” was given to the TWELVE AMERICANS MURDERED IN THE NAME OF FLOYD, MOST OF THEM BLACK in all the rioting. How much “human dignity” is being given to those that throw bricks, bottles of ice, bleach,  and stab and  shoot cops WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH FLOYD’S DEATH? I wonder about the hypocrisy of those that talk about “human dignity” WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT!!!!

    4. The flag used to be a flag of “freedom & human rights” that’s why people die in the civil war and for our independents.

  1. When people tell you who they are and then retract the statement…they’re no longer telling you who they are, they’re telling the political correctness side of them…which is all fake.

    1. The culture of outrage has arrived.
      Speech is violence, silence is treason, doubting is attacking.

      Enjoy your new land of the free.

    2. @Lola Bear

      If you truly think the silent majority is being honest about all this outrage culture, you haven’t been paying attention.

      People will become more and more fake with each other, more and more scared of saying the wrong thing or having the “wrong” opinions.

      Just observe.

    3. Sometimes, when they retract something, they’re telling you that they aren’t or don’t want to be that person anymore

    4. People are learning as they go. And I believe Ellen wanted to listen to criticism which is inherently a good thing I would argue.

    5. I have not seen as much ‘face saving’ and ‘back-pedaling’ in my entire life. But then again – election year . . . . :-/

  2. Bunker King is the type of person to go hide in the bathroom when it’s time to pay the bar tab.

    1. @#j G The slave trade began before there was a U.S., let alone the Democratic party. Idiot.

  3. *_”In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”   G. Orwell_*

    1. @G Dog Yes, you are 100% correct. If we as a country value free speech we give BLM and the KKK equal footing in peaceful assembly. Whether we agree with an ideology or not, all people deserve a voice. A voice that should NEVER be enforced by Big Brother.

    2. @rolback …the only terrorist groups in the US are the KKK, White Supremacists, White Militia groups in almost every State and all the members of the trump administration.

    3. NPC Non Binary Demigender Pansexual Two Spirit they don’t. But I think you mean Fox News 🦊

    4. @Elle C

      You mean for who’s the most offended?

      Because that’s what you mean.
      Offence is the new currency of virtue.

      Regardless of actual discourse.

    5. @AnnMei Li lol umm and you compare that to cities that are burning and people looting? They lived in a state where they were allowed to carry.

  4. Historically throughout the world, taking a knee was, and still is, an act of respect and homage. Only in America can some distort the symbolic meaning of taking a knee and flip it in order to laud it over others.

    1. Individual 1 Because of people like you!
      The precious AMERICAN flag that young people suffered tremendously and died for does not mean tyranny in the streets of America! Burning black businesses people worked so hard for! Under the Obama administration 38 blacks died in custody! Trumps administration in 2019 was down to 9… 1 is too many but things are sincerely improving! There were more jobs for people of all races across the board, than in the history of this country! The mainstream media is the Democratic Party instilling fear and tyranny in this country! Wake up AMERICANS!

    2. Rabble Wolf President Trump broke all records in the history of this country! With employment for all races across the board! CNN and mainstream media is controlled by the CIA! They are lying and race baiting causing tyranny in the streets of America! They want to take over this country and take away all freedoms! Wake up! This is not a racial issue, it is about HUMANITY!

    3. We take a knee to WORSHIP GOD and to DIRECTLY HONOR THOSE HAVE SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES FOR OUR FREEDOM. We do NOT take a knee to protest a PHONY MESSAGE of hate and bigotry or to DISHONOR the flag, anthem and nation that so many have sacrificed their very lives for!!!!!!!

    4. Edison Moore I marched in peaceful protests! There are respectful protesters out there! There are also rioters that workforce George SOROS that are burning black businesses down! Beating black peoples trying to protect what they worked so hard for! This is an agenda using blacks to get votes and cause unrest between the races! They want to take our country down and make laws with no freedoms and be like China! Please research the truth and wake up before its too late!

  5. Hmm, free speech under fire? Oh, really? You dont say?
    You should have caught wind of that about 12 years ago….

  6. Who are the we? Where do you draw the line for us, when the liars say they’re helping you.

    1. @David Ellis Nope. That distinction falls on the “tolerant” left. Big Tech and social media help you guys squash dissenting voices, I know, I am one of those voices and I am censored and shadow banned most always.

    2. @Shawn Corbin How about some examples? You should be free to use the n word or express racism openly? What does “politically correct” mean to you? When you were a child, how did your parents correct your behavior and speech?
      Society as a whole, sometimes needs correction as well, Don’t you think? Of course, in such a case there will be resistance, because, in a way, that rubs the 1st amendment a little wrong. However, you do not get thrown in jail for using the n word, do you? You might, however, get arrested for yelling fire in a crowded theater, right?

    3. David Ellis the same way you didn’t give any sources and just passed off your information as fact lol

    4. @perp1exed Looks to me like Robert’s eyes are open and he is an informed individual who has actually done some homework

    1. @greg j Are you an idiot? If Antifa raids the White House tonight, they will be annihilated, 100%. The Patriots are ready for these goons.

    2. @James D. Moncrief Obama never weaponized the IRS against Conservatives then and disallowed 501C3 tax designations for them? Your point was as misguided as it was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

    3. @sweet vee You are kidding, right? The mainstream news is the source of that problem yet you’re too brainwashed to see it.

  7. This war isn’t about race or L vs R; it’s about taking this great nation back from the corrupt 1%!

    1. As long as the “little people” (Leona Helmsley) fight among themselves, the 1% wins. They laugh all the way to the bank… Divide and conquer!

    2. @keef davis
      How about black people stop killing black people by the dozens every weekend?

    3. @Whitey McPrivileged asking them to change their ways would be racist. You need to check your law abiding privilege.

    4. I fear this will be like the protests against guns and nothing will change. Because the political system is geared toward the donors, the rich and powerful, not towards representing the people. The USA has an incredibly weak democracy when you consider what the basic principals of democracy are. The country runs like a giant organised crime operation, backroom deals and a lot of self interest served.

  8. Humanity is based on justice, love, compassion, empathy, empowerment, respect, and humanness.

    1. @BlueBot Livingston I’m interested in what you mean there. Can you please explain more fully?

    2. @olrik parlez he’s not going any where for the next four and a half years , the rioters have ensured his re-election unfortunately , the silent majority will no doubt back him now.

  9. “The Ultimate Measure Of A Man Is Not Where He Stands In Moments Of Comfort And Convenience, But Where He Stands At Times Of Challenge And Controversy”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. I think there are a few bad criminals that are spoiling the riot and the looting for the rest.

    2. @Robert Clawson rioting is being instigated by rightwing extremists bent on fomenting a race war.

    3. @C Seay Whatever you say buddy. West coast is AntiFA and BLM so still looking for your right wingers to show up.

    4. If your referencing Ellen I’d say she’s an adamant supporter of BLM.. that’s something deep rooted but she’s being chastised for not being perfectly “pc” WE HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COMMUNICATE OR WERE FUCKED!!

  10. I can recognize it clear as a bell. There is no reconciling between progressive, educated States and Goober Nation States. Just like the old Soviet Union, a split is inevitable ….. then they can build the wall.

    1. The stupid states have millions of toothless people, thousands of WalMarts and people who love to fight and they have all the hog farms.

    2. The only problem that needs to be solved is between your own ears. Start with you. The Soviet Union was made up of nations with distinct ethicities and languages. The US states are not based on race, ethnicity or language.

  11. Awww…. You know Ellen was coming from a good place… Gets to the point you can’t try to be supportive for fear you will say something wrong!

    1. Ive seen lefties question abolishing the police and having to retract their tweets because the mob came and they are butter soft bitches.

  12. 1:30. Your grandfathers fought for our right to Free Speech and expression. NOT to control a free citizens rights.

    1. Listen to your idiotic statement! He was expressing his free speech and YOU were trying to control his citizens rights!

    2. @WTF ZIGGY ~ Not sure if that was sarcasm, but I agree with the draining the swamp and supporting POTUS!

    1. @Mindy White lol no, you just believe what you’ve been told by your masters on the extreme right.

    2. @Mike D’Angelo You need the definition of media? By media I mean media. They are all kings of crap. Still waiting for the right wingers to show up at the riots on the West Coast. All there are are AntiFA and BLM with them scolding each other for being the problem. AntiFA want to burn sh!t and BLM want to steal sh!t while none of it is in George Floyd’s name. 23 Democratic cities having problems. No excuses.

    3. @Mike D’Angelo CNN is not real journalism, it’s opinion pieces mostly with false narratives, lies, hatred and division.

    4. @Hawkzblade umm if you go to their website you can comment on every single article. If you go to CNN or Msnbc websites you cannot comment on any articles

  13. Nine months ago I met this Hispanic dude at McDonald’s for an intake interview. He works for the VA assisting veterans who want to return to the competitive workplace. About a half-hour into the conversation, he drops his pencil on the pad where he was taking notes and says, “Man, you are an anomaly. You have all these barriers to employment, but you are articulate and super smart for a black man.”
    That made me chuckle and I responded with, ‘’Wow.”
    He replied, ‘What?”
    I said, “I just learned that y’all don’t know us either.”

    For the next two hours, we sat in that indoor playground talking and getting to know each other.

    Did my response to his offensive remark surprise you? Why didn’t I react?
    1. The statement wasn’t offensive. It was unenlightened.
    2. I instantly realized that I was unenlightened about his people and culture.

    That is the way.

    LJ Swype

    1. @Katt Hudson ~ Racism, prejudice and bigotry are all rooted in fear and ignorance. Education, communication and socialization are the tools that can overcome them.
      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
      Hate cannot drive out hate, only _love_ can do that. ”
      “Hatred has caused many problems throughout the ages, but it has yet to solve just one.”

    2. @Wendy’s Garden – Wendy. Go to bed tonight knowing you made a difference in a poor black mans heart. You are so kind and loving. I wonder if you feel that way for the untold thousands of white people victimized every single day by blacks.

    3. So a Hispanic man and a black man were unenlightened about their people and culture. Meanwhile WE met a black man and his family while traveling just a couple of days ago. We didn’t talk about how “unenlightened” the other was. We didn’t talk about how ANYONE’S life “matters” over anyone else’s. We didn’t talk about “racist cops” that aren’t racist. We talked like HUMAN BEINGS AND AMERICANS TRYING TO STAY SAFE IN A NATION GONE MAD WITH HATE, BIGOTRY, AND LIES!!!

  14. When the elected person uses power against the people who granted him this power,, it’s shame.

    1. Black lives matter. Black businesses, not so much.
      Four Minneapolis cops were summarily fired, with one of the four arrested and charged with the murder of a black suspect named George Floyd, who died in police custody.
      In cellphone video apparently taken by one of the many witnesses, a cop later identified as Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes as Floyd laid face-down and handcuffed on a city street. The cops ignored Floyd’s repeated plea, “I can’t breathe.” By the time paramedics arrived, Floyd was unresponsive and apparently lifeless. After about an hour of attempted resuscitation by EMTs and emergency room staff, he was pronounced dead.
      As of this writing, there have been eight consecutive days of protests in the streets of Minneapolis, with many businesses attacked, looted and set on fire. The local district attorney is continuing the investigation and may file additional charges against the officers. But this has not stopped the protests, many violent, that broke out in other cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.
      Ostensibly, the protests are about the alleged “epidemic” of “widespread” and “race-based” police brutality against blacks and the lack of confidence, in the case of Floyd, that justice will be done. The problem with these assertions is that they are false, not supported by the data.
      There is no “epidemic” of racist cops killing black suspects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, police killings of blacks declined almost 80% from the late ’60s through the 2010s, while police killings of whites have flatlined. Meanwhile, in 2017, according to the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports, non-Hispanic blacks were eight times more likely to be a victim of a homicide (homicide death rate: 23.2 per 100,000) than non-Hispanic whites (homicide death rate: 2.9 per 100,000).
      The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young white men is accidents, like car accidents and drownings. The No. 1 reason for death, preventable or otherwise for young black men, is homicide, almost always at the hands of another young black man. In 2018, there were approximately 7,400 black homicide victims, more than half of the nation’s total number of homicides, out of a black population of 13%. Of that number, the police killed a little over 200 blacks, and nearly all of them had a weapon or violently resisted arrest.
      In recent years, the police have averaged killing about 1,000 Americans per year. Of that number, half are white and one-quarter are black, with the race of remaining suspects of another race or unknown. Of the approximately 1,000 killed by cops, less than 4% involve a white officer and an unarmed black man.
      Recent studies not only find no “systemic” abuse of black suspects by the cops, but if anything, cops are more hesitant, more reluctant, to use deadly force against a black suspect than against a white suspect. The Manhattan Institute’s Heather MacDonald writes: “Regarding threats to blacks from the police: A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.” Last year, according to the Washington Post, the police killed nine unarmed blacks. They killed 19 unarmed whites. In recent years, about 50 cops have been shot and killed annually in the line of duty. So, more cops are killed each year than are unarmed black suspects.
      Minneapolis in 2020 is not Birmingham, Alabama, in the ’50s. The top cop is not a racist segregationist like Birmingham’s infamous Bull Connor, who sicced dogs and turned water hoses on civil rights protesters. The police chief of Minneapolis is Mexican-American and black. The mayor is a young Democratic liberal. The district’s U.S. House representative is black. The vice president of the city council is black, as is the state attorney general.
      In Baltimore, where in 2015, a black man named Freddie Gray died in police custody, how could one, with a straight face, argue that resident blacks suffer from “institutional” racism? The mayor was a black female; the top two officials in the police department were black; the city council was majority black; the state attorney who brought the charges against six officers was black; three of the six charged officers were black; the judge before whom two officers tried their cases was black; the U.S. attorney general was black, as was the president of the United States. Institutional racism?
      Finally, why didn’t President Barack Obama’s administration deal with this alleged “systemic” or “structural” or “institutional” police brutality against blacks in his eight years in office? Meanwhile, over Memorial Day weekend in Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, 10 people were killed, and 49 were shot. In a city where roughly one-third of the population is black, 70% of the city’s homicide victims, according to the Chicago Police Department, are black.
      When and where do the protests begin?

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