Smerconish: Is 1 shot for all better than none for some? 1

Smerconish: Is 1 shot for all better than none for some?


Some members of the GOP Doctors Caucus say the US Covid-19 vaccine strategy should emulate the UK, where the priority is to get administer as many first shots as possible before giving out the second dose. CNN's Michael Smerconish examines the debate.
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  1. This argument is actually quite a ways behind the ball. At least in the states the vaccine production and distribution is ramping up so rapidly that this whole debate is likely to be moot. Right now we are vaccinating more people every day than are getting infected, and we just need to keep that up or increase the pace and we’ll get out of this soon.

    1. No this isn’t Fucker Carlson logic. The science says this is the only rational approach after the very highest risk groups get 2 vaccines.

    2. @Paul Freedom “the science says” here we go with another kid on YouTube blindly listening to what his television says

  2. These GOP docs were quiet when Trump endorsed hydrochloroquin…and zapping people with ultra violet rays!

    1. @Ardyn Bay it’s weird because I didnt get deducted 1400 on my tax return and I still got my 1400 plus over 1400 in my tax return

  3. He shouldn’t be having on a “Doctor Senator.” It’s just another way of confusing and dividing people and creating barriers to a solution. Bring on a nonpartisan top notch epidemiologist so that people aren’t forming an opinion based on whether someone has a D or R next to their name. Getting really tired of this.

    1. @KentBalzer OMG you’re hilarious keep going 1/20 passed 3/4 passed when’s you’re next inauguration date? LOL you Qanon Russian trolls are such good entertainment

    2. @KentBalzer Also, Kent, it is believed that approximately 60 million Americans are already naturally immune to covid.

    3. @Carthy Grickwirt Naturally immune to covid due to healthy eating and supplementation. People who have a sufficient amount of zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C have a strong immune system. No need for a vaccine when zinc destroys the virus on contact.

  4. Dear God, they really are willing to sacrifice even their own just to manipulate the narrative. I’m more than a little done with the willing incompetence of GOP docs. Where the hell was this genius for the last year if he has such a phenomenal plan and revelatory knowledge? Oh, that’s right, nowhere near any of this ish. Turns out the Trump brands sole product is enhanced cognitive dissonance.

    1. The number of vaccines keeps increasing but they need to use politically this public health care crisis when the real elephant in the room is more than 500k dead and at least a third of them could have been prevented if they weren’t undermining the risks last year with super spreader gatherings and had a coordinated national plan to at least raise awareness. Not saying this doctor was contributing but where was he when it mattered to counter the national misinformation campaign from Fuks News and co!

    2. @Proboscis This is one of those moments where in a normal world, someone with a brain would stomp on his foot and hiss “Stop. Helping.” But no, it’s trump world where the only approved action is to lean into the outlandish and “Yes, and” your way way to the top. Where you’ll just be squished like a cockroach once you outlived your usefulness anyway. I can’t wrap my mind around the appeal

    3. Unfortunately, this one-dose strategy is also touted by Dr. Michael Osterholm, the leftist propagandist aka “Dr. Doom and Gloom.” There’s plenty of evidence _against_ it, yet Dr. Osterholm keeps on endorsing it. Oh, well. You can’t help _all_ Democrats.

  5. We are going to follow Joe Biden’s plan now. You had your chance , and you blew it on Trump and his lies.

    1. Look Trump functioned at an IQ of 85. Biden with an IQ of 105 seems like a downright genius in comparison. However we don’t have any elected officials bright enough to see that the science strongly supports this proposal.This isn’t rocket science.

    1. @Boxing Fan Is there a link to that study? I can’t find it. Are there any long term studies?

    2. The evidence is that all the votes got counted over the correct number of days and the results got verified by both parties representatives. In certain states these got recounted as per process and occasionally challenged in court. After all that the current president is deemed as being YOUR president. Did I miss anything or are you just refusing to accept the result because it’s not what you wanted?

    3. @Reasonably Abnormal I didn’t state a specific study but if you analyse the UK data is clear that Covid19 deaths have been dramatically reduced in the more elderly and vulnerable. And of course the long term data isn’t available because it doesn’t work exist. It’s reasonable to have concerns about that, but in general Vaccines are beneficial to the majority of people. History suggests these vaccines wont be any different.

    4. @Boxing Fan For me, I prefer to know everything about something being injected into me. I prefer to look at all aspects of something like that: the benefits, the possible detriments, the effects it has on others who have ingested it, the difference between taking something orally & having it injected, the studies conducted & their accuracy, etc. All of these things are pertinent to me. With something like that I prefer to take my time. I consider the entity that is convincing me it is safe. The FDA has continually said things we ingest are safe when they aren’t. I’m told to listen to the experts & follow the science when there are no experts on it & not nearly enough science has been done yet. I’ve found that there are a tremendous amount of lies in regards to who actually is dying from CovID. How they determine someone is a CovID death is not science. The test being used to determine if someone has the virus is not accurate, at all. It wasn’t even invented to be used for that. The expert who helped to create the test, himself, said this. I’m no dummy. If anyone took the time to look into these things themselves they would see it, too. I don’t mean bias fact checking sites. I’ve seen with my own eyes & heard with my own ears so much on these matters. I’m not naive or easily influenced by ANYONE. Ultimately, I’ll decide for me. You can decide for you.
      I implore everyone to really look at these things & determine for themselves what is true & what is bullshit.

  6. “I think americans are smart enough to figure this out”????? Where the F*** have you been the last year

    1. @Andrew Dean As yo know, Audley Anderson COULD have said “mask resisters” or “deniers of the safety value of masks” But you DID understand what she was saying, so what’s the point?

    2. @ron ingram of course you don’t deny masks. You don’t even deny that a desiccated child sniffing corpse won the election

  7. When did Republicans get A F about saving lives. They allowed POS45 to call it a Hoax for a Year even though they knew better.

    1. @wee huddy hey little white Irish man, how do you like the NO trade deal between the UK and America until 2024 ,while Biden concentrates on trading with China first, I suppose a little white commie will think it’s great,

  8. That’s because the GOP would love to see the Biden WH fail, The GOP makes a lot of assumptions! DON’T TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM THE GOP!

    1. @Miss Barilla De Fenton Ignorance of the Covid relief bill is no excuse to call people “Blind fools”! It goes to a LOT of things from getting enough people that can put shots in the arms of people, money to people to pay for food, pay rent, pay missed mortgage payments to keep them from getting evicted, to get kids safely back to school, AND SO MUCH MORE!

    2. @Accutronitis The 2nd the classic “blame the trumptards” argument used by libtards. Never gets old. Please, go on

    3. @Miss Barilla De Fenton What you imply here is very smart and has a lot of logic, why not to give to everyone a million dollar help so each individual can face the problem directly. But that is not what the GOP want, and the Dems didn’t have the spine to be more bold and give even more. So the answer to you is that this money will go to different programs, entities and states to name just a few, supposedly to help pay for the expenses. By the way, this money is going to be printed, and in no way will be a burden to our future generations. The Treasure Department has the Office of the Currency that is in charge of printing money. So they could print enough money, give a million dollars to every person, take many from poverty, and the inflation rate will not suffer because we are at a 0 % bank exchange rate for inter-bank loans. But for some reasons I don’t know, this is not happening, and we have people screwed up all the time by companies, banks and others……

  9. Frankly I’m not sure one can trust an individual, Dr. or not, who actually voted in the senate against covid relief despite the popular support for it among the vast majority of Americans. Just goes to show how much he REALLY cares about his own constituents and America in general.

    1. Nuclear Christian – Right on. 75% of Americans support the COVID relief bill. That means half of the Republican voters support it, and the Republican congress people just told them to get f*****.

    1. Greetings Raven here, Q sent me, I wouldn’t make the mistake of considering taking any medical advice from the C.i.a.,N.eritive. N.etwork.!!!.

    1. ****MEDIA FAIL**** — One shot for Smercartoonish…and everyone would be better off. Smercartoonish is giving a platform to a Republican Senator that submitted TWENTY amendments to Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill–far more than any other Republican–attacking everything and everyone from LBGTIQ’s, to women and their reproductive health choices, to immigrants. A Republican Senator who voted AGAINST the COVID-19 relief bill, despite desperately urgent need and overwhelming support from the public. A Republican Senator who is NOT an expert in epidemiology and is arguing AGAINST the broad consensus of the scientific community who ARE experts. A Republican Senator who is obviously a quack, exploiting a deadly public health issue solely for publicity. Smercartoonish almost never fails to disappoint. When is CNN going to get rid of this contrarian clown? Media BE better, WE be better!

  10. So when a doctor becomes a politician, he or she no longer believes in evidence based practice?

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