Smerconish: Only an arsonist lets a fire burn | Trump's second impeachment 1

Smerconish: Only an arsonist lets a fire burn | Trump’s second impeachment


CNN's Michael Smerconish says to judge former President Donald Trump's responsibility for the Capitol riots, the timeline reveals all you need to know.
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  1. They know they don’t need to make a case because the co-conspirators are also the jurors. Their corrupt complicity couldn’t be more clear.

    1. This is so fked up! Trump should be in jail, and it makes me so mad, that they don’t have the balls, to put him in a jail cell!!

  2. He sowed the seeds for any election he could lose as being “rigged” before any vote was cast in 2016…the model of insecurity.

    1. @soylentdean so even if we accept your premise that Hillary said the election was stolen… what specific violence resulted from those claims? I am sure you are intelligent enough to understand that when one claims that certain words “incite violence”… the operative words imply that actual violence was a direct result of those claims. In the case of Trump, the claim is that Trump’s narrative of election fraud RESULTED in the ACTUAL RIOT on the US Capital that took place 1/6/2021…

    2. @Freedom of Association Oooo bad form. That was a link to the page and if you scroll down.. there are more links, usually what you can use to validate your sourced material. I mean I’m no rocket scientist but I did alright in college. But thanks for checking.

    3. @Freedom of Association Not sure if you meant that for me or not but I will clarify… I said election Interference was proven. I didn’t say anything about the collusion. Mueller couldn’t prove it definitively so until it is proven you have no argument from me on that point.

    4. Trump owe Putin millions for helping him win the 2016 election. American people where is your brain. Trump has promise our lives to become a dictator. Trump is Hitler. Senators has allow trump to sell us out. Our poor children
      and grandchildren. Trump will not stop. His next move is to contact Putin. One State after another our water system will be poisoned, the next state may be DC .I am so ashamed our country it’s filled with liars.

    1. @dabsafe Hey. Get over it. Trump the lying sick bword is gone. We have a new president who doesn’t lie…

  3. Mr.Lawyer,you are the one who did zero work!you never answered the question people are watching of course!!

  4. Only a traitor would let his own, die or get injured ,trying to run for their lives!!!! That’s criminal by any standard!

    1. @goobernutts Nah… Fake News. Nice try, though. We know, we know. You’re going to bore us with the old saw about how many jobs on the pipeline, etc. *Yawn*

    2. @America Tolliver Yup. And they are so weak-minded, they don’t even get it that Trump is doing the Big Bend Over with them again and again. Sad.

    1. @Noreb Look at her district! It looks like a third world country! EVEN Wolf Blitzer called her out on it..oh but I guess she’s still blaming Ronald Reagan, or George Bush Sr, or George Bush, or now Trump. I’m sure..eventually she will get it right some time…not likely.

    2. @Chris Albert If trump got what he deserved, even if he were to be tried for the crimes he has committed he would be dead before the juries sat – and I assume many would be ‘bought’ in some way or other

    1. @Yppengasse28 a) The things we know about Trump are horrible. And there are many things we don´t know about. Pelosi came out of the White House one day and was horrified, she said to colleagues something to the effect of “We must impeach him right away.” Just because of the things Trump SAID. b) It´s a bit funny. All the people entering Trump’s orbit … they all thought they could actually REASON with him, e.g. all his Chiefs of Staff. I don´t know what Pence kept ticking. I guess there are two main reasons: Firstly: a takedown of the President would undermine the belief of Americans in democracy. So Pence bit the bullet. Secondly: he could – despite the chaos – follow through on his policies and change things in the country.

    1. 4:50 Trump saw on TV that his mob was beating the police officers and that’s why he referenced the police in his tweet; he unleashed them to go after Nancy, Pence and others inside the Capitol building.

    2. @Kicky Trump didn’t send them to the capital to riot. He said “peaceful protests”. Can’t change that. He asked for 10k troops for security. Can’t change that. The threats to breach came weeks before and not from Trump according to the FBI. Can’t change that. How one acts after is not the charge.

      The charge is, did he order them to breach. If so, when and show me proof.

    1. @Yppengasse28 No. That is evident by the fact that he told them to stop the violence and to go home yet they didn’t. I don’t agree with what they did but I can’t blame them either. They’ve been physically attacked in the streets and branded as racist by the entire far left establishment. Having the election stolen in front of their faces was the final straw. What do you think Trump could have done?

    2. @Yppengasse28 I never said it was all down to BLM. I do think some ANTIFA and BLM were there though trying to stoke the flames. One BLM terrorist was already proven to be there. The police allowed the Patriots to enter the Capitol and considering how many of them entered it was unbelievable orderly. They were walking around it like they were on a trip out for the day.
      So two police officers commited suicide? Well then they weren’t killed by Patriots then were they? Thanks for pointing out that the left are exaggerating the numbers like they have been with the “Covid deaths”. Some police officers were attacked and accidentally died. That’s all you told me. No I don’t have a problem with the people that entered the Capitol being arrested. Not at all. They broke the law. BLM have burned down federal buildings and not once have the police open fired on them. It’s that black privelage protecting them I suppose. The police wouldn’t dare shoot at BLM terrorists though because the left have weponised the media and have the power to ruin peoples lives at the click of a finger.
      If this had have been ANTIFA or BLM, none of the left wing establishment or voters would have had a problem with that. They’ve proven that with the 4+ years of encouraging and praising of political violence.

    3. @Yppengasse28 And the bollock tasing heart attack was debunked was it? By who? One of your far left “fact checkers” or media? Like I’d believe anything that comes from the mouth of propagandist frauds.

    4. @Robert Leeman Says the guy that voted for the Con that sided with Putin over Us intelligence agency and “fell in love” with kim jong un. And oh.. “Its still coming”….AGAIN eh?

    1. @YTJ K The game has only just begun. The next time Trump will get “due process”. So everything w/be done according to the law, not some clown rules the Senators agree upon.

  5. So when Vanderveen claims they were presented with no evidence, isn’t that in reality a call for the Senate to bring in witnesses? Careful what you ask for. Your “defense” of Typhoid Donnie is pathetic.

    1. The House is supposed to call witnesses. The Senate just decides on the evidence they’re presented. Pelosi rushed it through so she could impeach Trump before he left office. She knew she’d look even more ridiculous impeaching him if he was already gone. It’s all been a political circus since day one, just like her first impeachment attempt.

    2. They voted for witnesses. When pelosi was going to be called to the stand under oath she instantly called the house members to call it off. She incited 6 months of the most street violence and property damage (literal arson, not your fake ones), She knew as soon as they voted for witnesses that it was a problem for their fake news narrative.

      Get this through your head. Nancy pelosi was the one who decided against witnesses. Because she’d be under oath. This should be a wake up call, but you’re in a CNN coma.

    1. Salty Perry! The House Democrats had every opportunity to call all of the witnesses they wanted, but were in such a hurry to impeach Trump…. lol. It was clear from the beginning it was going to be totally partisan, yet hatred for Trump drove
      them on. It was a total waste of time and taxpayer’s money with the end results never in doubt.

    1. @Danny Camacho So, you don’t know how to answer the question? Or are you just practicing you deflection game?

    2. @Danny Camacho You don’t have the education that Obama has. You only wish that you could be Obama. You never answered my question.

  6. McConnell a few days stated this is a vote of “conscience” for Republicans.
    McConnell now stated he intends to vote to acquit.

    If you had any doubt before. McConnell just told you he has no conscience.

    1. @Glenn Kent you do realize trump was VERY pro-choice right up until the idea of him running for president first came up back in 2012 right? That there’s video of it coming out of his mouth. Towards the end of the video the interviewer even asked about late term abortion & he was still pro-choice. “I don’t like the idea of abortion but they should have a choice.” While that particular video is some what older (1999/2000ish) he was already in his 50’s. Not some uneducated kid. Pro-life became his thing because he knew it’s what his target audience wanted.

    2. Raging Monk, sorry, but after listening to his speech I agree with him. Have you carefully listened to the whole things?

      Full speech: McConnell denounces Trump’s conduct after voting to acquit at impeachment trial:

    3. ​@Raging Monk You’d have no argument from Donald Trump. Even worse, George W sent young Americans to a places known for bomb making, expecting them to drive around in unarmored Chevy SUVs..

    4. @Aristotle Stagirus Wrote my comment 7 hrs ago and have since listened to his BS speech. He feels Trump is guilty but because Trump is no longer president he feels the Senate has no jurisdiction. But he was the fool that closed the Senate and refused to accept the the House impeachment document. It is his fault this is taking place after Trump left.

  7. He was happy and feeling accomplished by the mobs’ siege of the capital. Just can’t stand his moronic face.

    1. Maybe he felt like Pelosi when she was asked about the violence Antifa and BLM was doing in cities and she said “People do what they do”

  8. So important you say the date of Jan 6 was the date of the “rally”. No other reason to do it on that date other than to break into the Capital

  9. “Due process was denied” said Trump’s attorney. RESPONSE: If Trump is innocent and wants due process, then he should come to the Senate, take the oath, and tell the American people what happened in his own words.

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