Smerconish questions why prosecutor would ‘choose this hill to die on’ in Trump probe

CNN's Michael Smerconish explains why he thinks the Manhattan district attorney's approach in the Stormy Daniels hush money investigation could undermine the other probes into former President Donald Trump.

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  1. How can it be this hard to catch this man doing criminal things? He is so blatantly cheating in every possible way. There is no justice! Nice comfy jail even though it will cost millions!

  2. Actually, the lesser Daniel’s case is quite a good one to lead with because it speaks directly to #TWPE’s lack of character, poor judgment, and duplicitousness, all of which neatly inform the coming blizzard of indictments. The sheer number (and variety) of cases, at time when his “character” will be under the spotlight (as a candidate) will scare the average Republican (if not the Magas). A “dance” of a thousand cuts it might be, ~but we have popcorn. 🍿None of the other candidates are carrying as many saddlebags into the “marathon” that is a Presidential Election.

  3. We were outraged when Bragg didn’t do it earlier and now we’re saying, “whoa… slow down”? 🙄

    1. earlier was a good time, strategically. now is not, with much weightier, more consequential criminal charges looming.

    2. I’m with Leslie. We WERE outraged when Bragg did nothing! If orange traitor doesn’t go to jail we better plan for Coup II

    1. To say that the Manhattan DA case weakens other cases is simply stupid. The irony is that Bragg was first criticized for being slow. And now, he is being criticized as going too fast…!!! If anything, the criticism should go to other prosecutors who have wasted so much time to bring Don the Con to justice

  4. 3:00 Smerconish you’ve really misunderstood the case. It’s not a sex case. Sex is fine. Even payoffs are fine. The problem is the money laundering and false accounting to pay for it, plus the campaign finance violation, plus the tax fraud of booking the payoff as pre-tax legal expenses, plus the related conspiracy. The statute of limitations clock wasn’t merely stopped by Trump being in office, but also more generally by extreme delays caused by Covid: the clocked stopped on a lot of crimes during this period. Also, being outside of NY state stops the clock on NY state crimes. These limitations on the statute of limitations apply to all cases. Please study the cases before making further pronouncements of this type.

  5. aren’t we supposed to prosecute all crimes without regards to the politics? if not, then everyone who gets arrested should just claim that they are running for president

    1. ​@Micheal Barnes Is everyone named Michael a Democrat?! Pathetic. First off You must convict the crime to be true and show evidence and from what I know is the evidence was on the tape recordings Tucker showed.
      Makes Democrat look bad doesn’t it? You don’t like it.

  6. Any and everything, be it a civil or criminal case, should be charged when the evidence shows a crime! Throw it all in there and perhaps something will stick to the scales of justice and we can somehow get some relief from this terror of a man and his cult! It may be hell at first but it’s guaranteed to be much worse if he’s never charged and they get the lawless society they seem to want!

  7. “A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others…”

  8. This case is not about sex, but about how the payoff, for silence, was illegally carried out. Michael Cohen was already convicted, lost his right to practice law, and served time, for being Trump’s bag man. It would be obscene if only the errand boy were punished, for Trump’s election finance felony, and the actual culprit was not punished.

  9. Anyone at any other workplace with troubling issues would be documented and possibly terminated. Yet the one who holds the highest position in the country gets a pass when should be leading by example on how to behave in a work environment with descent and moral standards. Btw this mess is totally different than Bill Clinton or R Kelly.

  10. The same was said about John Gotti (The Teflon Don), until that fateful day when the evidence was too overwhelming to get around. That was just one case with multiple charges. Dtrump is facing several cases all of which will include multiple charges. Smerconish is comparing unprecedented crimes of a unparalleled nature to crimes that have been thwarted, and beat in court by others who had wealth, and privilege !

  11. Prosecutors I know personally would all go with the weakest case when other outstanding cases are also being considered in other courts. A conviction in any other case makes it exponentially easier to bring charges and actually get a conviction in other cases.

    We’ll see.

  12. Note to self: If I want to get away with a crime, the trick is to do MANY crimes; so many that it’s impossible for the justice system to deal with them. You gotta go all in, not just do a couple little crimes.

    1. And it helps if you can fall back on one of the two major political parties for ongoing protection or, at least, count on that party for dereliction of its duty.

  13. He did not write this diatribe, his lawyers did. Why?? because it contains coherent, complete sentences. Although this one-night stand or affair had happened back in 2005, it is against the law to use 2016 “campaign finances” (1) to bribe or (2) to conceal how the money is SPENT and must be disclosed to the FEC. He (1) did not disclose the bribe to the FEC of the $130,000 SPENT and (2) he concealed the bribe to her for a non-disclosure agreement. (3) Laws protect donors from candidates using donor’s money for bribes. Dark money ruins politics. Corruption is the result.

    If he wrote it, it would sound like “It’s all a hoax, it’s all a lie. They’re out to get me. I’m the greatest president in US history. It’s not fair that they’re picking on me. I’m innocent. I did nothing wrong (except break the law). Michel Cohen is guilty, not me. He went to jail because of me, I’m not guilty. And my stupid cult Southerners and low IQ Midwesterners will believe any lie I throw at them because they’re dumb as a rock”.

  14. Of course it’s going to impact the presidential race, but that is no reason to hold back on the indictments, our country is always in some kind of political race, and justice matters! 🇺🇲

  15. It’s the least of his crimes, with the fewest consequences, and a difficult case to make. Still I hope they make it. It does not hinder other investigations.

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