1. Do you really believe most Americans believe SNL is fair and balanced in political humor. FYI…there is a huge red tsunami on its way

  2. SO..

    SNL couldn’t find any humor in Fetterman’s debate performance ? I guess its become an extension of the fake news…sad.
    Vote Red !

    1. The same people who voted for a guy with dementia are making fun of walker because he isnt extremely well spoken

  3. Okay – is there some reason they’re not “taking on” democratic candidates? As a 10 year old I only know ONE THING – there are two sides to every argument – so please explain.

  4. If a comedy sketch show is going to be funny it needs to roast both sides. I used to love watching SNL, but as a middle of the road libertarian it’s just not that funny anymore due to how one sided they have become.

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