Snowden: Trump’s Never Really Known A Love That He Hasn’t Had To Pay For | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Snowden: Trump's Never Really Known A Love That He Hasn't Had To Pay For | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden sounds off on the 'chaos' of the Trump era, criticizing the current president for his frequent 'aggressive and offensive comments.' He joins MSNBC's Brian Williams as part of an exclusive interview.. Aired on 09/16/19.
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Snowden: Trump's Never Really Known A Love That He Hasn't Had To Pay For | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

67 Comments on "Snowden: Trump’s Never Really Known A Love That He Hasn’t Had To Pay For | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. I’m genuinely surprised Snowden never had a “tragic accident” or something.

  2. I totally agree. He’s so immature that he needs people to like him.
    He’s very insecure.

    • Isn’t that every politician though??

    • @noname That unemployment rate has been dropping for YEARS, well before 2016 and the trend merely continued.

    • @Danyal Kazmi The difference would be, Trump lowered unemployment by bringing Jobs back to the US.
      Obama did it by Raising our Debt to level so High, we couldn’t EVER pay it back!

    • @Sharrard Trump outsourced 93,000 jobs his first , which is more than Obama outsourced. Trump’s protectionism has actually hurt more than helped many Americans too, since tariffs are a tax on US consumers (Trump repeatedly lies to his base and says China is paying)

  3. I say this all the time money buys comfort only but it doesn’t buy love😟

  4. Boyd Seabiscuit | September 17, 2019 at 7:58 AM | Reply

    sad thing is that it is true for many more people nowadays and they don’t realize it.

  5. Concerned Voter | September 17, 2019 at 8:30 AM | Reply

    Neither have i .. my partners have all had a decent cut of my wealth

    • seems to be the case more and more these days. tom cruise said it best in jack reacher when he said that he finds the ones you don’t pay for to be the most expensive.

  6. Common Sense A Super Power | September 17, 2019 at 9:08 AM | Reply

    It’s not love if you have to pay for it lol

  7. “Something as changed, and that is that it is becoming increasingly popular for your feelings to matter more than the facts, and i think that’s toxic to democracy
    because if there’s one thing we have to have is people to have this discussion to be able to learn to live with people that we disagree with.
    We can’t have a conversation about what we should do, we can’t have a conversation about where we’re going, if we can’t agree on where we are if we can’t agree on what is happening
    – Snowden, much respect for you man true and wise words.

    • Exactly, both parties have been playing on their constituents feelings.

    • Herbert Marcuse taught his leftist students to use “deep feelings” rather than logic. He was from the Frankfurt School.
      Postmodernism says that subjectivity and morality are relative. Finding Truth is not possible. See “Postmodernism” by Stephan Hicks

    • @senateboy0909 You, Sir! Are Genius!
      It doesn’t matter which political side you’re on. We will ALL suffer, when the economy goes belly up!

    • Godfella
      is not the COMMEE democrat party who democrats, progressives, socialist, communist all follow the same political doctrine “positive liberties” blanketing and bouncing the ball on feelings. When the democrats real agenda is the doctrine of “positive liberties”. Anything by any means and leaning on feelings to disguise ruling over Americans with their political doctrine of “positive liberties”

    • @Artemis Moon you have been hacked by the democrats,
      When the democrats real agenda is the doctrine of “positive liberties”. Anything by any means and leaning on feelings to disguise ruling over Americans with their political doctrine of “positive liberties”

  8. Why can’t people see that career politicians accomplish little, and are more concerned about themselves than there people

    • @Ethan Allen I think it was smart. I agree with what was said. It was measured so it didn’t come off as too harsh or mean but it didn’t hold Trump in a positive light. I think the best leaders don’t do what is most popular but what is best for the country and it’s people. I think what Trump wants is to be liked and adored in whatever room he is in. That’s why his favorite thing to do is hold a rally and give a speech there. He gets direct admiration from the crowd whose attention is all focused on him. That’s also why he will never admit a mistake or that he was wrong or said something wrong, even if that means contradicting himself in an obvious way.

    • Chuck Mangione …. actually that is a fantastic assessment of Trump I think

    • @Ethan Allen but what I am really curious about is that there are Trump supporters in the comments of this video seemingly praising what Snowden said and sometimes praising Trump at the same time. When what Snowden said of Trump was said in a negative light, it was more disapproving than approving, it was about a flaw of Trump’s not a strength. Why is that? (I’m not assuming you are or aren’t a trump supporter I’m just putting the question out there)

    • @Ethan Allen thank you

    • This is why I have never voted. I’ve seen so mamy say they’re going to do “A”, but when they get elected they do “B” instead. They’ll say anything yo get what they want.

  9. Sublimation_ixi | September 17, 2019 at 5:20 PM | Reply

    Amazingly, MSNBC completely ignores what Snowden says except for a sound bite about Trump and post that as the headline…

  10. Every things working according to the plan. The oldest plan that exist. Devide and conquer.

    • Must be a stupid plan if it takes this long and it still hasn’t fully divided the nation. Those elites should think of something better if it takes for one conscientious nerd who signed up to do a job, then he realized what he’s doing is wrong so took it upon himself to humiliate the entire nation by spilling out its secrets. Chinese has better spies than we do.

    • @Jasonomnia what you not reading these posts?

  11. As a republican I feel that was a very reasonable and well put response. It wasn’t emotional and it made complete sense. Wish you could be pardoned

    • Except for the part where he completely ignores his own lecture, and bases his argument on nothing more than something subjective as not liking Trump because, he’s supposedly never known love due to his wealth. What objective reasoning could you possibly have, to make the argument that any human being, let alone Trump, has never experienced love without having to pay for it? And before people go jumping down my throat, I should make it abundantly clear that I did not vote for Trump or Hillary.

    • @Spencer Coles or because of his known payments to pornstars and exposed past? o,O Guy is a self admitted pervert and has been for his entire life lol

  12. Wouldn’t the traitors be the ones illegally spying on us and not the guy that exposed it?


  13. That title is so apropos. Tell it like it is Snowden!!!

  14. -NSA whistleblower- *AMERICAN HERO* Edward Snowden!!! 🇺🇸❤️

    • There should be no shame in being a whistleblower if there’s corruption apparent

    • @dr badboy A whistle-blower would have taken this to Congress, not to Hong Kong and then Russia, on the way to South America. Or he would have faced the music. But he is a opportunistic coward.

  15. Snowden is a national hero. He would also be smart to never come back to America, unless he wants to “commit suicide”

    • It was put in place after 911 during war time Obama could have removed it after we left

    • @CSTwister I think they stopped it or slowed it after snowden

    • Michael Pomales | September 18, 2019 at 6:05 AM | Reply

      Ethan Allen don’t you know what he did? He released info on how the government was violating our privacy rights, and for it the government forced him in to exile. I would say he’s more brave then cowardly. Not wanting to go to jail is smart, not cowardly,
      He wasn’t going to spend 20 plus years in prison if he didn’t have to

    • @Mr. Brosef Its cute that people still think that the nsa spying on us is the only information snowden has. Would you risk your life just for that?
      While some people call him a traitor for revealing this stuff, he is probably thinking; “you all don’t even know half of it”

  16. I hope history remembers Snowden for the man he is. Not what the US government WANTS us to think he is.

  17. After all he said, that’s the headline you run with? Wow!

  18. I really hope Snowden doesn’t get “suicided”. He’s a world hero.

  19. Incisive, eye opening commentary from a guy who was chased out of the country he loves, only to watch helplessly as it tore itself at the seams

  20. Facts over feelings is the big take away. You weren’t listening MSNBS. Bad man orange.

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