1. The Senate, where bills go to die. Thanks Mitch, the people know you don’t give a crap about them.

    1. @David Actually that’s the 1st amendment, you clown. And it’s YOUR not YOU’RE.


      “be grateful you’re not in China, yet.”

      Why, is he travelling or something? I think you meant to say:

      “be grateful this isn’t China.”

      It’s all relative. Like you’re grateful you’re not in China, but I’m grateful I’m not in China or the USA! 😉

    2. Patriotic in your name? Lol… We’ll keep our rights. You America haters are always going to lose.

    3. @Ungha Bungha your rights aren’t being taken away. Just stop. Face reality, dude. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  2. We need responsible gunowner’s to promote a gunowner’s code and comply with regulations.

    Surely responsible gunowner’s supporting their kind and weeding out the irresponsible would go along way.

    This has happened in Civilised Western Countries like Scotland, England, Norway, Germany, Australia and New Zealand

    1. @Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures ah yes the hundreds of millions of guns in law abiding citizens hands who never commit a crime

    2. @Rex They may never commit a crime. Most won’t .
      Plenty of crimes have been commented by people who have never been in trouble before. Will it happen to most of us?. No.
      It does happen though. More often than it should.

  3. Assault rifles should not be allowed on or streets. If you want an assault weapon you should have to validate your purpose of use. INSURANCE for gun owners should also be introduced, like cars they can harm and damage you and other people.

    1. @Ungha Bungha
      All the 2A does is declare that people can own guns to form militia, clauses 15 and 16 describes militias use.
      You can go on all day about what you think they meant, what matters is in the Constitution.

    2. @Evil_Pixl
      Public opinion isn’t in the Constitution, and your lame comment doesn’t refute what I said.

    3. @Acer Maximinus your opinion on the 2nd amendment is stupid simple as that.
      I’ve gone into detail backing up the common definition of the 2nd amendment. You must be a troll

  4. He likens that they didn’t ban airplanes after 911. What he doesn’t say is there was cockpit door enhancements. The things you can take onto the airplane has changed. Everyone is going through a whole new sense of screening to get onto an airplane. And also remember the famous no fly list that came in at this time also. So we didn’t stop aircraft from flying but we dam well did make them much more secure to be flying on.

    1. @Pat Doyle So you’re telling me a cop is gonna believe they ONLY have a knife because the plaintiff told them so? That’s not how police are trained kiddo. I was going to be a cop but became a Firefighter. I took Police Science and was taught to believe a person doesn’t have any type of weapon only after they were searched. So there goes your theory. But nice try anyway.

    2. @Im_Too_Ghostly I guess you didn’t hear Biden say “The 2nd Amendment never was absolute.” And that 9mm ammo is too dangerous.

  5. If “Stupidity and ill-will” was on sale today, Republicans would be standing in line before the store opens.

    1. @Jason762 And I don’t suppose you see the irony in calling anyone else’s post lame when you can’t even be bothered to contribute more than one word, hmm? Or to demonstrate comprehension of basic grammar in your other post? It’d be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

  6. The solution is in the hands of the American People !! It means voting for those that will do our work and not their own or of the special interest groups !! We must value our votes and use it to elect those only that will do what the American People want !! For some reason we have allowed others to take our power and control and use it to their advantage and abuse the people !! It should be NO MORE !! Vote the republicans out with their attitude of “no” on everything and vote those that will work for us !! Vote !!

    1. imagine if we became as violent and belligerent as the Mein Trumpf stooges. Lets say we said “its time to make some changes.”

  7. When almost the entire country wants real gun control I’m sickened to here this lady say we’ll take anything no we are the majority

  8. I may be old but I’m having a problem with our own commentators talking about these things as if it is random. It is only random when it isn’t you.

  9. They didn’t ban airplanes, you do however have no fly lists, a range of checks before you can get near an airplane and I’m fairly sure they don’t just let anyone put a fancy hat on and get behind the controls…

    1. @Josh R. those people on the no fly list, can go buy a plane, get their pilots license and fly all they want. So there’s that?

    2. @girl from the bronx by way of el barrio weird, just looked at new York violent gun incidents, one of the highest in the nation. Armed robbery is the highest in the nation. Doesn’t appear strict gun laws effect anyone other then law abiding citizens… weird… why would you give criminals the upper hand is beyond me. It’s one thing to as a person decide not to be armed, but to essentially mandate everyone to be unarmed is really only serving one group, the criminals willing to break the law. Why is it you are so afraid of law abiding responsible citizens using their constitutional right to keep and bare arms? Is it because your afraid you’ll have a gun magically appear in your hands and it will force you to go on a killing spree? I’m thinking you learned about guns on call of duty, or some other game, you couldn’t control yourself there and your afraid you won’t control yourself in the real world? Tell me about Switzerlands gun laws Vs their murder rate, for that matter their crime rate, 95% gun ownership in adults and they have literally the lowest murder rate in the world. It’s as easy to get a full auto machine gun there as it is a shotgun or hunting riffle here. Guns aren’t the problem girl, the problem is no accountability for criminals and nutts like yourself willing to give up your rights and make yourself defenseless against crime.

  10. It seems the only thing that bring changes is when things happen to these politicians directly. If these politicians are willing to let destruction happen to so many children, let the same fall on their children. They should have to feel what these parents feel. Smh.

    1. Saw two good interviews of AR 15 owners who turned in their weapon to local police because they couldn’t stand to have the thing in their home anymore, because they couldn’t look at it. Let’s hope that becomes a trend. Be well, be safe, make sure you are registered to vote!

    2. @Derlin Gerard Clair Are you registered to vote? God wants you to vote. No more thoughts and prayers. Vote. Enough.

  11. The fact that there is someone considered a “School Shooting Expert ” . Should tell you all you need to know about the place this country is in. Politically and otherwise.

  12. Al Franken is such an interesting opinion. Great to see a man defer to a woman about a major policy issue. That in itself made this video surprising.

  13. If you look at the plane analogy, one jerk tried to sneak a device on a plane in his bbc show and now we all have to take off our shoes when we get on a plane. One attempt and there was immediate response. Congress by contrast have sit on their hands while Republicans cash campaign contribution checks from the NRA.

    There was a memo for investment professionals that came out years ago. It was from some firearms manufacturer or lobbyist or wholesaler I forget who, but it said that the “upside” to school shootings and mass shootings was that they experienced a spike of increased sales and we should consider that when making recommendations on investments. Think about that. Children die and they know they will have increased sales and we should consider that when we tell our clients about their investment options. I couldn’t believe how callous the statement was. How careless and thoughtless and uncaring. It shocked me.

    The gun manufacturers don’t care. They actually benefit from the violence and are aware of it. The Republicans don’t care because they’re not sending their kids to public schools where they’re at risk. They also benefit from the campaign contributions. They’re too scared to oppose the gun nuts who make up the base of their party. So if you want to know who is to blame, look at who benefits from the deaths of children. Consider that when you vote.

  14. Yesterday here in YouTube I watched the parents of a child speaking to congress who was gunned down in Texas , the mother spoke while the father sat silently trying to keep his composure the mother dud until the very end of her speech ,you have to wonder how many more senseless deaths it’s going to take before these people take some serious action .

    1. @Ungha Bungha I beg to differ no the Dems have not started every war and by the way I come from a Marine Corps family both parents served in WW 2 older brother husband and many peers in the Vietnam Conflict my brother was drafted he had no choice and he PROUDLY served two tours of duty in Nam both he and my husband died from cancer which had metastasized throughout their bodies complicated by Agent Orange the substance in the warfare in Vietnam I don’t know if you’re from the U.S, but I am and the very freedom I enjoy is because of the people who fought bled and died for me and every American who cherishes the freedom they enjoy unlike the children who were gunned down and HAD NO CHOICE .

  15. This is “my” Representative, who doesn’t have the decency to respond to the email correspondence I have sent to him on this issue. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. He doesn’t deserve his lofty position in government if he doesn’t have the decorum to respond to his constituents.

    1. Mine susan collins sends generic messages back that her staff sends out i doubt she reads any unless her staff deems them relevant to her agenda. Pathetic

    2. I’m a Louisiana resident, and unfortunately have Mike Johnson as my representative who is equally ridiculous and embarrassing to himself and to all of us. It takes a lot of energy to live in this state.

  16. I’m ex Army. This is one step. I’m more worried about what happens in these mass shootings. People may get the gun legally and then snap one day. Racism, upset about a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, etc. Someone currently unstable should not have a gun, but why are we acting like people cannot BECOME unstable? That’s the real danger

    1. @Ann Marie you’re very correct I’m just saying people over use that word. And that’s not a good thing.

  17. Stephen Joseph Scalise, seven-term representative from Louisiana’s first district, is a reasonably intelligent man. So there’s only one plausible reason why he would come up with faulty logic like this to deflect action for gun safety: he’s beholden to the gun makers and pro-gun groups.

    1. Can we hold abortion centers and the people coming there to get an abortion accountable? Since that’s not a right???

  18. Republican Rep. Steve Scalise: As I recall, all civilian flights were cancelled immediately after the 9/11 attack for several days. So, yah, airplanes were band, however brief.

    Takes years of training and supervision before someone is allowed to take an airliner up.

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