1. He also just took a long flight, and may have developed a DVT, which broke free and became a PE.

      Also, there is evidence that the booster can cause clotting in the weeks following the Vax.

      It’s up to the individual to decide if they should/should not do…

    2. @SoccerVideos Virtually research is being devoted to this. They don’t want to face the possibility of a very inconvenient truth.

  1. Died Suddenly = doctors baffled
    Sudden Cancer = doctors baffled
    Sudden Strokes = doctors baffled
    Heart Attacks = doctors baffled
    Myocarditis = doctors baffled
    Blood Clots = doctors baffled
    Guillain-Barrรฉ Syndrome = doctors baffled
    Neurological Problems = doctors baffled
    Compromised Immune System = doctors baffled
    Young Fit and Healthy Died = doctors baffled
    Fertility Problems = doctors baffled
    Dead Babies = doctors baffled
    Bells Palsy = doctors baffled
    Me = NOT baffled

    1. Nor I. No gene therapy penetration, plenty of D3/vitamin C as calcium ascorbate/ zinc, no plague at all in the family.

    1. @Wolf Walker smh, and Now Duke Hospital is denying a 14 yr.old life saving Kidney transplant bc sheโ€™s not vaccinated. Do you remember in the beginning of Covid CDC said teens are safe from Covid? Then they made it mandatory for teens and then they said male teens developed enlarged hearts but not to worry! Travesty!

    1. The lame stream media will keep it under raps. After all, the majority of health professionals and physicians all should have known safe and effective could not be determined without longitudinal studies. Pfizer never proved effectiveness.

  2. He DID get the gene therapy penetration as he proudly announced on Twitter. He must have an autopsie to determine cause of death such as blood clots or myocarditis. There’s too many athletes and healthy young and prime of life people dying for no apparent reason. They now call it Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and it’s rising dramatically like never before. We need research on the post effects of the penetration.

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