Solomon on U.S. dropping tariffs: This is a ‘stunning’ win for Canada

Evan Solomon reacts to the news that the Trump administration has backed down on levying tariffs on Canadian aluminum.

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    1. You get hit and then they walk away without any repercussions. That’s how Justincompetent handles this kind of thing.

  1. This was a very dumb move on President Trump and now he learned his mistakes. He tried to bluff his way through and lost because it’s 2 months before the general election.

  2. That happens when Canada knows when and how to protect its own interests. Don’t let USA COVID-45 treat Canadians like morons and idiots he can manipulate whenever he wants. When too much politeness to neighbours down south is mistaken for weakness and taken advantage of, neighbours up north should show some fangs and let out a big roar.🇨🇦

  3. How is it a win?
    Trump imposed tariffs which must have cost Canada some trade and now Canada is not going to retaliate by imposing their tariffs for the same length of time. It’s like being punched and walking away is a victory? Meanwhile , Mitch McConnell made a deal with Russia so they could build an aluminium plant in his state.

  4. Trump wanted a straight up quota & used tariffs to get there. Want to call the imposition of a quota instead of a tariff a victory? A Pyrrhic victory at best.

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