1. “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.”
    ~Joseph Goebbels

    1. @Golgotha_Mythos69 Thanks for your mail.
      I am happy when truth prevails. I can assure you I’m not a Trumpie.. Or 45.. follower.
      It’s good to look at many different news sources then you can come to better overall conclusion. In
      my opinion if I lived in America I would prefer to live in a Red State run by right wing tendency and authority. Like Florida, Texas. Having seen the curuption and left wing elitism in a place like New York it was a pity Larry Elder did not win…
      In my opinion Trump (team) ran America fairly well (4 yrs) considering almost constantly being acussed of something, only to be found NOT guilty..
      Unfortunately America does not look so good today, Could it be the outcome of a bad administration!! ..
      Or are they going to keep on blaming the previous administration.
      The excuses are getting a bit old. I’m not a gun welding non vaccinated religious nut.. But even if I was.. They have more class than your extreme left wing CCP bought leaders. The
      Biden family links to China alone make me sick.. but then I guess you did not get that news as even that is Denied.. deny and keep on denying. Good luck with your views.. Hope it does not kick you in the head too soon.

    2. @Jordie Except that this is bs.
      The Left isn’t confused about reality itself because Obama, Biden, or Hillary purposefully LIED and misled them about almost everything, including whether they lost their elections.
      That is Trump and only Trump!
      He has taken this to full on Fascism (long ago) by gaslighting with his “Fake News!” tactic and more. People with your take on all this often either don’t pay attention, don’t care(vote), or worst of all, are convinced by the RW propaganda that THEIR extremism is justified somehow by the “equal and opposite” force across the aisle.
      It’s a Fascist technique. Best example is the “Reichstag Fire”. Trumpism is modern Nazism.
      BLM/Antifa aren’t domestic terrorists either if that’s your contention. That’s not hard to illustrate clearly.
      Cult45 absolutely is.

    3. @Apep Q: If Trump told you injecting bleach into one eyeball was “a cure”, would you do it?

      WHY WOULD HE LIE, amiright?

    1. @Beverly Perry you know that is including Biden’s numbers right. Let me ask you a question what percentage of people are hospitals when they get covid and what percentage die of covid. I bet you would be surprised to know it’s 3 to 5 on hospitalization and less than 1 on deaths.
      What exactly was trump supposed to do. Cause just as many people are dying today as they were after we learned how to deal with covid in 2020.

    2. @Mega Watts That is because people are afraid of the vaccine. Do they have polio, small pox? No. Thank you science. And maybe we would be farther along, if your cult leader didn’t think, “ It will disappear. Like amiracle . It will disappear.” Now you can believe whatever makes you sleep better at night. But as I said befor. Not having a battle of the wits. With an unarmed person. It has been real.

    3. @Beverly Perry different types of vaccine those are not genetic and they completely prevent. Plus they were tested for decades.
      Animal studies and human trials. I’m not anti vax and I believe if it makes you feel better or if you have underlying issues that would make it more difficult for you yes you should get vaccinated. Just to let you know if they moderator censored your post they deem it lying of false. Look at Israel they are having the highest spikes and hospitalization that they have seen and they are the most vaccinated country in the world. Facts matter.

    4. @Beverly Perry let’s just say the you tube forum doesn’t care much about conservative feelings. But they can get fired up over a bold face lie but you know about that. Well I guess you do are you stupid or ignorant or just corrupt. Most Libs are one of the three. Stupid people believe because they can’t understand the problems so they just go with what they think their betters beliefs are. Ignorance is tricky similar to stupid but you have the ability to see but your too brainwashed to look and listen to the facts to surmise your own opinion. Then you have corrupted most politicians and journalists fall here they prey on the stupid and ignorant to push their own self serving agenda. There you go I have unraveled the DNC for you. Your are welcome. Which are you?

  2. The people that supported the patriot act are now complaining about their “freedoms” being taken away? Lmao

    1. Any Trump supporters can’t spell Patriot, yet alone, understand the definition. I wished the reporter could have asked this colorful couple, what is a patriot.

    2. I’m black. I don’t support the Patriot Act. I’m a liberal Democrat. I did’t hear any call for violence from the people or from Trump on that day. Those people were caught up. And why would you think that the rioters from last year should not be treated the same? They came from out of town, and they burned our businesses down. White liberals came to our hood and burned down our businesses down. So who you really hatin on?

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