Source: Ukrainian president felt pressure from Trump before taking office 1

Source: Ukrainian president felt pressure from Trump before taking office


Two weeks before taking office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team discussed the pressure they were already feeling from the Trump administration and President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to publicly launch investigations that would benefit the US leader, according to a source familiar with discussions at the meeting. #CNN #News


  1. CNN is taking advantage of all the people who suddenly woke up to politics since Trump was elected. American presidents have historically used pressure to get things done on the international stage. We use our military and economic power as leverage just about everyday. It’s been this way for centuries. In fact it’s been done this way since the dawn of civilization across the globe.

  2. A “source.” Really? Also” felt” pressure is not the same as being pressured. Then these two just go about making up fake news for their panel to discuss. CNN is straight trash.

  3. An unnamed source has said that they heard from a family member who has a friend that knows a guy who dates a girl who bought a dog from a guy who told them Andersen Cooper doesn’t wipe properly…

    1. just like fox news,breitbart, russia’s sputnik and RT news , isn’t it ? just on opposite ends of the political spectrum..

  4. Nothing about aide was brought up and issues with aide wasn’t even known until a month after that call and that aide has been released without any investigation.

    Get your facts straight.

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