1. Oooooh that is so sad to see :(:(:(:(:( <3 I hope he has the resources to build another one. Is something missing in the design or was this another destruction test? If it was the former I am sure Elon needs a hug today.

    1. This is a test, Elon said there is only 30% chance that it will success on very task. Elon has 6 more of this built already. Sad to see all the traditional medias only focused on the RUD, other than see all other successful testing tasks were completed.

    2. Success except for header tank pressure at the end which messed up the thrust in last few seconds. There’s more test-rockets, so they’ll adjust them for those tests.

    1. They have made the cheapest cargo rocket to date being 100% fully reusable (something that hasn’t been able to be done before) and there is also a heavy lift and crew variant of this rocket. They do have experience.

  2. Great footage, mediocre reporting. Nobody is asking you to be excited but at least report why it exploded and that it was expected.

  3. Just looks like they need to turn the engines back on a little sooner. This is still a massive step forward as space travel has been learning from mistakes. Keep up the great work SpaceX!

    1. The green exhaust in the final moments is copper burning. Too much oxygen, not enough fuel. The oxygen was being pumped into the engine and burning the guts of the engine. Ran out of fuel or the fuel pump failed.

      The test flight is a massive step forward. It proved the belly-flop maneuver and the last minute tipping onto its tail. It means that with a bit of heat shielding this design could re-enter the atmosphere from orbital velocity. Couple this design with a reusable first stage, the Falcon Super-heavy, and they’ll have a fully reusable rocket with as much capacity as the Saturn V that was used in the Apollo Moon shots.

  4. So awesome that in the name of Space travel the carbon foot print of that and many other failed/successful launches is a non issue.

  5. Yup it’s a learning curve and they did the same with falcon heavy and now look it’s more or less perfect.
    Testing is testing and that looked like just a miscalculation or multiple right at the end.
    But I’m no rocket scientist lol I’m proud when I can make dinner so it’s just my opinion.

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