Speaker Pelosi On Covid Relief Deal Timing: ‘We Cannot Leave Without It’ | MSNBC 1

Speaker Pelosi On Covid Relief Deal Timing: ‘We Cannot Leave Without It’ | MSNBC


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Capitol Hill reporters that Covid-19 relief must be part of the omnibus package rather than having a continuing resolution. Aired on 12/04/2020.
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Speaker Pelosi On Covid Relief Deal Timing: ‘We Cannot Leave Without It’ | MSNBC


  1. American people need stimulus checks, people in government should live on SSI for 6 months to fully understand what it’s like to survive on very little money

    1. @Sparky McSpark “I haven’t taken a single unemployment check since this thing started. Self employed”

      So? How does this help the people for example in the entertainment industry who can’t perform or tour? I don’t want your answer because no matter how crafty you think you are, it won’t work with me. I know people personally who cannot make their mortgage pavements and have lost their homes while others are selling their homes. They had bank accounts when this started, and many took loans. Their high cost of living isn’t even touched by the cares act and UE payments. So YOU just STFU. OK?

    2. @high voltage You missed the point. Unemployment checks are not the answer. Opening up businesses and lifting lockdown restrictions is the answer.

      ” know people personally who cannot make their mortgage pavements and have lost their homes while others are selling their homes. ”

      Yeah. They can blame the lockdowns for that. God you are dense.

    3. These people (on both sides) are mostly millionaires, they’ve never lived paycheck to paycheck, they’ve never had to choose between diapers and the gas bill, or stuck between keeping the lights on, or paying rent…. and they never will. They feel above it all, because they ARE above it all.

      Economics 101.
      Do we look at other countries as giving out handouts? We are one of the ONLY first world countries who AREN’T keeping a constant flow of money into the economy. By giving citizens $1,000-2,000 a month if they can’t work (Canada/UK), by providing “handouts” those countries are smart enough to know that the money they put into those pockets goes right back into the communities and keeps their economy going, while our citizens have to choose between working and risking their own lives, or not working and risking everything they own and going homeless.

      By providing income to citizens, money filters back out into the community, and pretty much goes right back to the government. It’s not a handout, it’s the best way to keep people from living in their cars, losing their homes, AND helps businesses.

      We are also a country that is DEEPLY socially adverse to providing homeless shelters. We play the “not in my backyard” routine when our neighbors are in trouble. Homeless families get more support than homeless individuals, or couples. People who can’t move back home to mom/dad, either due to risk with the virus, or fearing loss of autonomy. Other countries are smart enough to know that that money it goes into people’s pockets goes right back into the community to prevent a lot of these problems that we saw in 2008, and it helps everyone in the long run. Not only do we look like a laughing stock to other countries with our failed response to the Covid, we look aloof and cold-hearted for what we’re doing to our own citizens, and we might immediately see the effects, or not see the results for another few years, but it WILL show in the long run.

      So yes, I wholeheartedly agree that policians should take a year vow of poverty, or live solely on government handouts (or at least have their income frozen) while in office, it would greatly change their perspective, leave them on an even keel to their constituents, and help us all in the long run. For now, it just separates them from reality, and less able to see what they’re decidedly NOT fighting for.

    1. @juan vicks hahaha let me guess… You think Trump is the president of the USA, the ceo CFO human resources, hiring manager, grounds keeper, general contractor and professor of all 500+ businesses he owns!!!

      What’s it like having TDS?

    2. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact

      He’s lied about

      1. Mexico paying for border wall
      2. The COVID was a Democrat hoax and it would go away by the summer
      3. Obama spying on him
      4. Currently lying about voter fraud

      And there’s many many more too

    1. She tried. McConnell wouldn’t even let the Hero’s Act be considered. She tried over and over to compromise on the amount of aid. McConnell is the reason the stimulus checks are not in the bill.

  2. Democrats passed the Heroes Act in May. Mitch McConnell has kept this from being finalized since then. Republicans do not care about Americans.

    1. Republicans did not care about Americans in 1929 or 1930 or 1931 or 1932 or 2008 or 2009 or 2020 and there are MANY more years too. Nothing has changed

    2. I bet there are enough Republicans, in the Senate, who would have voted for it in June or July. Why else do you think McConnell refused to bring it to the floor or allow it to be considered? If he knew it would go down, he would have let it do so.

    3. Mr. Mike h i s c y no kidding Moscow Mich has really run out of time. Boy they have brought this country to our knees. And these ladies and gentlemen call themselves leaders? Wow we need to flip Congress on its head I am totally with the remark that you made sir. Have a safe and happy holidays

  3. They have time because they’re still getting paid regardless!!!! But what about the people who they work for, the people who are actually paying their salaries?!?!?!!?? Do they have time!??!?!?!?

  4. How about taking back some of the nealy billion dollars tRump looted from the PPP that was supposed to save small businesses?

    1. Trump and his Mafia family and Moscow Mitch is guilty of treason, (owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000;) Georgia Republicans -“Don’t vote for the Republicans in Georgia” Republicans Election has already been decided you lost, your top Republican officials are telling you not to vote in the Georgia runoff maybe listen to them ? #stoptrumpCOUP #trumptreason Trump is still president and 100% responsible for these deaths from Covid , stop the trump virus COUP ,all of trumps money comes from Russia , all the proof is in Trumps taxes still not released

  5. The stimulus package doesn’t include $1200 check or 600 unemployment benefits both Republicans and democrats need to be ashamed of themselves most Americans aren’t rich

  6. It’s funny how taxpayer money for the wealthy is called capitalism but when it’s for the middle class and working poor it’s called socialism

    1. Who calls it socialism? Only idiots who do not understand socialism is where the state controls all industry, transportation and banks.

  7. More money for farmers and rich business owners sounds great. Anyone see the prices in grocery stores lately?

  8. I’ve said this elsewhere: Nancy Pelosi – a consistently wonderful determined woman. America should be proud of her. Biden and Co should see to it she is justly rewarded too. She has held the center together – the Center did Hold after all.

  9. Nancy: “We cannot leave for break until we pass this.”
    Mitch: “There is no rush and the Senate is on break early.”

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