Special Report | Europe’s Migration Tragedy

In the past 3 years more than 10,000 men women and children have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in an effort to flee their homes. Each migrant had a story, a hope, a dream. Over just six days Sky's Mark Stone witnessed the rescue attempts, the helplessness of the migrants and the hopelessness of the efforts to end the crisis.

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    1. The christian god drowned almost the entire population of the world because
      he was upset. Any wonder these animals destroy whatever they can with their
      remote controlled love bombs.

  1. GREAT work from the people who save lives – Lot of them “as see” just want
    money for a free life then try change western way of life. RIP the people

  2. It’s not a European tragedy, it’s a Muslim tragedy, but what’s really
    tragic is that they can’t trust their own religious states to help them,
    they’d rather escape to the apparent arms of satan to save them, That’s

  3. PICKING them up, only cause more too come and as a result many more die,
    dont rescue and then the message gets back that its too dangerous to try

  4. Maybe they should stay and fight the tyranny and make their homeland a
    better place
    instead of forcing themselves into other countries and the good will of
    their people and
    expect to be taken care of when they get there . It’s just not logical for
    anyone in their right
    mind could expect to flood into countries and have them absorbed with out
    consequences .
    10 K drowned and this gome wants to prevent it ? In light of the millions
    that made it and
    what to do with them now they have forced themselves on us . Each of them
    brought into
    U.S. is going to cost us tax payers more than the seniors in poverty on SSI
    and have to live
    on mere peanuts to survive and pay for residence,food,medical and services
    . Thats less than
    one half of one percent and to be expected in such an exodus

  5. Islamic countries need to start acting with more empathy towards their
    brothers and sisters… Flagged this video for a misleading title. This is
    NOT Europe’s migration tragedy.

  6. Don’t promise them a free easy life & they won’t come. The west needs to
    set up safe zones for refugees from warring countries & they need to refuse
    entry for other migrants coming illegally. It’s not rocket science. There
    is a simple answer. The current policy is killing people. Good intentions
    don’t outweigh bad outcomes.

  7. Of course our governments could arm the willing and send them back, but
    that would be against ‘the plan’, wouldn’t it?

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