Special Report | Real Politik with Russia’s opposition politicians

Special Report | Real Politik with Russia's opposition politicians 1


Ahead of Sunday's Parliamentary elections in Russia, Sky's John Sparks speaks to opposition politicians who are risking intimidation and violence to continue their campaign.

Vladimir Putin's party, United Russia, are all but guaranteed to win, despite a failing Russian economy and uncharacteristic blunders from government leaders.

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10 Comments on "Special Report | Real Politik with Russia’s opposition politicians"

  1. video cover represents pro Kremlin flags.

  2. When have Russians ever not lived under authoritarian rule? First the
    Tsars, then the Soviets and now United Russia.

  3. Alexander Grimsmo | September 17, 2016 at 6:50 AM | Reply

    Does anyone believe this anymore? European and western democracy and media
    has declined to them soviet-style era. With USAs policy of inciting
    regime-change in any non-client-states, Russia best be prudent in keeping
    tabs on western funded influence. Russian media seem a lot more free than
    western media nowadays.

    • GorillaGuerilla | September 17, 2016 at 8:12 AM | Reply

      No, they’re not!
      Russia in it self is among the worst countries to be a journalist in!
      And Russian owned media is a propaganda machine for Kremlin.
      Take RT as a great example where several reporters have stopped because
      they wouldn’t stick to the agenda Kremlin dictated!
      I’m not saying that US media doesn’t have its problems, but there’s a lot
      more nuanced picture cause there’s a variety of alternative media.
      There’s a index over which countries who has the most unbiased medias and
      where there is freedom of press for journalists to do their work – and it
      comes as no surprise that the Scandinavian Countries are among the highest
      When it comes to freedom of the press, Russia ranks lower than

    • The US mainstream media are a bunch of lying fools, in the pockets of
      leftists. The awake, aware, and previously silent majority of people know
      they are lying and don’t trust them. Thus the rise of alternative media,
      where one can find critical discussions and best of all truth. Trump’s
      landslide will be so big that it will negate the massive cheating that the
      disgusting Democrats will attempt. At this point in time, the media in
      Russia are more reliable than in the United States.

    • GorillaGuerilla | September 17, 2016 at 8:29 AM | Reply

      Yeah right, media fully controlled by Kremlin is reliable….
      If Trump wins it’s due to the American people being to stupid and think
      that Kremlin tells them the truth!

    • Russian need only worry about the United States if Hillary Clinton does
      manage to steal the election. The Democrats (and the GOP establishment) are
      fascistic power- mongering, hypocritical globalists. With Trump in office,
      no matter who is in charge in Russia, our two countries will have a vastly
      improved and genuinely friendly relationship. Neither Trump nor his
      supporters are interested in meddling with foreign regimes or
      “nation-building,” which are Democrat and neocon activities.

    • Alexander Grimsmo | September 17, 2016 at 12:43 PM | Reply

      In the USA, 6% believe in the media. &%! I am from Norweay, I know the
      scandinavian media wery well, and they are among the most controlled and
      unfree in the world, perhaps only beaten by USA. They are certainly not the
      most free. In the US, whistleblowers tend to end up dead, so western media
      being free is a myth only westerners believe.

  4. Use caution when dealing with Democrats, they love deception. Stand firm
    against liberals, they hate the truth. God bless Russia.

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