Speeding, Bad Road, No Safety Gear Blamed for Fatal Temple Hall Crash | TVJ News

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  1. The road needs to be in good condition every day government blame the drivers and riders what about the government 🤔 the roads needs to be in better condition.

  2. We are scra of our life sometimes the way the bus and taxes drive and the street the out and bad need to stop 🚏 because they are going on too bad spacial the red hills to pride and the road as well we need to do something else about it sometime we are scare of our life 🧬 please sir do something for the way they are driving on the road

  3. 37% of motorcyclists lives can be saved by wearing a helmet. 😔 The road conditions need to be fixed as well.

  4. yes the road is bad and something need to b done but the investigation find no brake mark on the road meaning they were going so fast that none of them have time to apply their brake . so they can’t really blame the crash on bad road

  5. All across Jamaica we have bad roads so every single road user must exercise caution whether you walk, ride, or drive. Secondly, everyday motorists are being encouraged to slow down and it’s common sense to go slower when negotiating ‘hot-spots’ on the roads. Whenever there’s an accident people blame it on bad roads, it’s nonsense if some can ride or drive safely through these same sections of road, then everyone can. People must stop behaving like their bodies can beat out and spray-painted back to use. I’m sorry if I sound unsympathetic but the accident rate is too high, costly, painful, and fatal. Every life is precious, everyone must value it.

    My deepest condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

    1. I agree 💯% if these roads were infact bad as they claimed then we wouldn’t have no accidents because people would be riding and driving slow to maneuver these bad roads

  6. Can’t believe in this modern era we stil have road issues such A dam shame & these people who is in charge of the area shld step down asap all they do is collect pay wit no care in the world sometimes I’m ashamed to be a Jamaican & one thing I can tell the citizens..vote out jlp cause since they came in power jamaica has fallen

  7. Condolences to one and all🙏🏾.

    I ride a motorcycle. I’ve had training, which includes assessing roads suitability. Obviously Jamaica roads have been poor for decades now. So don’t ride in Jamaica only when abroad.

    These poor living conditions are further evidence that we must restore ourselves as Israelites and remove this judgement off us. Otherwise the deaths from all sides will continue.

  8. They need to stop finding excuses for unruly Jamaicans, my condolences to the family, but if the road was such an issue everyone who drove on that road would have been dead already, therefore speeding and maybe racing is definitely a fracture and to put an icing on it no protective gears. Also for that young man complaining about cannot see sideways that’s what you have mirrors for, but because he would like to jump between two cars illegally that will be a detour for him, seatbelt and helmet save life’s 95% of the time.

  9. Justice for those young men.I strongly believe the bus was the reason.but chances are the truth will be hidden as these men cant tell thr tale and the bus man isn’t gonna confess and the persons to investigate will only dig deep if its in them to do the noble job and brings justice.

  10. The culture of speeding and reckless behavior for no reason is the cause. Stop blaming road conditions. These men are from the area, so they should know the road conditions already. They just can’t help being reckless.

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