Sports Media Lacks 'Sensitivity and Informed Questioning' 1

Sports Media Lacks ‘Sensitivity and Informed Questioning’


Sports journalist Kavitha Davidson joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss recent treatment of professional Black athletes. Earlier this week, NFL abandoned 'race-norming' and female tennis star Naomi Osaka withdrew from French Open.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Sports Media Lacks 'Sensitivity and Informed Questioning'


  1. The title of this video is the biggest “Duh” in world history. Why do you think professional sports exist as a thing to begin with? Pro sports in the US is the biggest Psyop ever.

  2. Yes the fanatical democrats, center right left, “Greek god and country” the systemic fanaticism of the GREEN DEMON monopoly money class.

  3. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of y’all should get compensated. You made millions and you assumed the risk.

  4. If she is not feeling well mentally and does not like the media, she has every right to stop. But when she comes back, she needs to prepare herself to facing her fears because her job depends on publicity. It’s that publicity that makes the sport huge. It’s just part of the job description.

    Just like movies have to be promoted. Actors know they have to do the media rounds when their movie is about to be released. It’s just part of the job requirements in the contract.

    It really is a catch 22.

  5. My lord this platform just gets better everyday. Now informing me off how sports journalist treat black athletes? It lacks WHAAAAAT? Good lord dont the black athletes have a human resource office? Is there not a victims hotline in the city and county of which they are residing? How much could a lawyer get me if I have been a victim of “race-norming” Dude, This entire episode is racist. How can this platform not be taken down? Dial the crisis center now!

  6. I have the impression that the owners of football teams might view the players who work on their teams in a manner similar to that of someone who owns a racehorse.

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