SSL Denies Claims | New Fines, New Traffic Act Takes Effect

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  1. Pause! Dem a kill off FI DEM own police, WHY yuh ago send our police? Mi nuh agree wid dat one AT ALL! Wi barely have enough police fi help di farmer inna St. Thomas who dem nuh stop tief him animal dem and di porr man affi a bawl fi help. How Haiti reach inna di plan?

  2. Police not even a deh pon the highway for speeding by them stand there and catch one or two drivers them gone.. and thats why so many accidents, they dont give a rats nest

  3. Just to show you that it’s okay for anyone can come to Jamaica and do whatever with the Jamaicans people and it’s good with the pm as long as it’s benefits him

    1. Until young people start voting to get these corrupt politicians out, nothing will change. This is why no foreign companies other than those who launder money, have any interest in investing in Jamaica. And things like SSL make people hesitant to even put funds with institutions here. There is no enforcement and a huge lack of faith that the courts will enforce any judgements.

  4. Do the police force have enough police to monitor acts of murder, violence, domestic violence, missing persons, fraud and other crimes??

    Do the police have uniform, tessar guns, vehicles, and / or paper?

    Have the police been paid overtime and other benefits?

    Is this part of the crime plan?

    Do we not need to learn to dance a yard before we dance abroad?

    Who will help the farmer?

    1. I av a ticket I never pay and I’ll not pay it the don’t put any effective tools in place to deal with criminal all of this is to get more ticket out to make money from the people that they don’t have smh

  5. How Jamaica 🇯🇲 is going to help Haiti 🇭🇹 with police 🚨 when Jamaica 🇯🇲 are in the same boat like Haiti 🇭🇹 Jamaica 🇯🇲 is almost like Haiti 🇭🇹 right now, Andrew Holnes and his cronies need to clean up 👆 Jamaica 🇯🇲, before they get into other countries business, Jamaica 🇯🇲 is lawless and out of control with gangster criminals, and you Andrew holnes sending help to Haiti 🇭🇹, such a rubbish idea, you need to take care of your problems too much corruption and crimes are in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for you all to be interferein other countries affairs, Jamaica 🇯🇲 government are in denial of what is going in Jamaica 🇯🇲

    1. 11:00 If the CARICOM doesn’t address this situation in Haiti, then these thugs and criminals are gonna enter Jamaica without a visa to cause havoc on our economy…. I am glad that the opposition has agreed to support the Government’s foreign policy.

    2. Caricom should be assisting Haiti not Jamaica alone .
      Haiti is a mess, corruption, crime and a collapse of its economy.
      Big problem there to solve! Respect

    1. @Marsha Gordon because of the audit and the investigation that’s going on. Everything is frozen until they find out what happened.

  6. Maybe Jamaica should focus on the extreme violence taking place in our own country before sending law enforcement aid to Haiti.

  7. So the Jamaicans government is chasing noise not criminals. Invest in noise monitor devices and not crime stopping devices. Eg ; surveillance cameras , street lights, and fastre.police respond communication devices.” Buffoonery. “

  8. Office you talking about this and that can’t you see that there’s a bigger judgement coming woe unto the rebellious nations repent ye nations.🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

  9. ssl criminals both father and son croskery should be put in prison immediately . shame on you Jamaican justice department Dr chang and major Anthony should be a shame of themselves for not coming out on speak to the Jamaican why are you guys hiding? you should’ve shut down ssl and whatever Mr Harding doing to make sure this doesn’t happen again to the Jamaican people.

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