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  1. 📢 A Sunday Law Which will be The Mark Of The Beast when enforce by law, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

    1. @sweedish groove i think they place a lot of emphasis on the Original Sabbath because the spurious roman sunday sabbath is the mark of the beast.


    3. @Glory His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1 King of Kings Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of Judah King of Zion Defender of The Faith Power of The Father Son Holy Spirit. JEHOVAH GOD

  2. I am a forensic accountant. If the leaders of SSL were not paying attention, they are not fit for purpose. Because of how the financial markets stay in Jamaica, and the constant devaluation of currency, I never allow any clients to express any interest in investing in Jamaica. SSL’s management is fully liable. I understand they are wealthy but the press needs to name these directors so the public and world know not to trust them. Either corruption or incompetency.

    1. Them know all of them they’re well connected to both parties but more so the ruling partie,,oligarch goggle that word because is so Jamaica run

  3. I would like the FBI to do their due diligence and dig dig dig… Deep Dive Research on SSL following how these stolen monies have been placed in accounts and distribution of said stolen monies … It’s time to place more faces with a company that run a muck for thirteen years in Jamaica and abroad we need accountability…..

  4. Why was an inside employee allowed to submit statements to Clients? That should have been done by an outside independent entity. Again proper Audits aren’t done by any Jamaican financial institutions. Normal banks have been stealing money from overseas Jamaicans for decades.

  5. Why is Dennis Chung talking about this issue so naively? Why is he talking so timidly about the issue? Dennis, as an accountant, I am ashamed of you. By the way, Diane Jackson-Miller, you tan gud muma.

  6. Even as a licensed and professional Financial Adviser, it was difficult to get Jamaican or foreign investments in Jamaica based businesses because of the lack of trust and oversight.

  7. Clients cannot be blamed for trusting their paper statements. Both electronic and paper statements should be trustworthy! What kind of idiotic broadcast is this? Do not try to blame the victims… that will not fly. Rubbish!!!

  8. Bolt money gone, no wonder why so much guns are being imported into Jamaica. The young black boys are Doomed. 👍🏿

  9. Knowledge breaks the spell of ignorance, if you have selfish ignorant citizen you’re going to have selfish ignorant leaders.

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