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  1. I agree that help should be sought to bring these nasty, dirty, culprits to justice! Too many wicked, greedy, demons in Jamaica. This is a serious, serious problem! UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  2. Investigate every loan from IMF & World Bank and all financial institutions in jamaica. Investigate all politician’s financial earnings and also all those in public sector jobs that come into contact with Jamaican people’s tax money, and send thieves to prison if they can’t provide how they achieve more than the earning from a salary. thieves from the top of every walk of life in jamaica, what a shame that none of them don’t feels bad.

    1. Who is going to investigate? Who vets the investigators to make sure that they aren’t complicit? Where will the funds come from? How will the investigators find “all politicians’ financial earnings”? Will all politicians and all those in public sector jobs willingly surrender their financial earnings? Are there laws in place to be able to get such information? If not, how long will it take to get such laws?

  3. If the past ceo didn’t know about Bolt as a client then this would question his competency level and his ability to run any other company especially dealing with finance.

    1. You are right on point. That means the investors with Jamaican millions invested were not even blip on the company’s radar, when management did not know that a Global Icon had invested Jamaican two billion dollars.

  4. Jamaicans are very selective when it comes to corruption, crime, criminals, and victim outrage. We love to pretend that we are outrage about corruption but for the most part we are not. Jamaica as a society normalized various aspect of corruption and crime, it is seen as an opportunity and all depends on who is the perpetrator, who is benefiting and who is the victim. I once wrote that I had to cut down all the fruit trees in my yard because I was tired of coming home finding people in my yard and up my trees. Based on the response I got from some, one would think I went into the yard of the people who were in my yard and cut down their food trees depriving them of a meal. I became the criminal for cutting down my own tree and they, the invaders of my yard became the victims. We give cute names to crimes we love Scamma and Choppa, and worship community dons, warlords, and Scammers because they are seen as providers for the ghettos. They respect the fact that they came from nothing, little ghetto youths, go up against the system and found a way to make money, flashing the wealth from their criminal enterprise around the community. And some are upset when they are targeted by the security forces, claiming persecution of the little black ghetto youths. There are many victims because of these recent financial corruption scandals. Many human lives disrupted, and some people lost all their life savings. These people however, remains faceless and nameless because as far as Jamaicans are concern there is only one victim, Usain Bolt, and everyone else is fair game? There should be NO Government bailout! liquidate the entities to pay people.

    1. @D Smith The SSL woman made a list of people she stole from… names and all… the media ignore them.

    2. Many of your points are valid, while at the same time you are coming off as salty, or should I say hurt? Ijs. The point about little ‘black ghetto youth’, the black isn’t needed. Growing up in Jamaica the differentiation between black,or not was never an issue so I think adding that just seek to divide even more. Also how many other persons lost as much as Bolt did? As much as you and others may want to think that people are people, but we are not all the same. Bolt is Bolt. Full 🛑Everywhere people are talking about what happened, if he didn’t lose any money from this, it wouldn’t be getting the coverage it is getting. It’s not just a Jamaican thing. It’s a world thing. Also has any of the other victims come forward?

      It is true that some would want to glorify these mis deeds & the perpetrators, but to say ‘Jamaicans are selective’ seems to be a reflection of yourself. You are being selective. A more truthful statement would be, ‘some Jamaicans or many Jamaicans….’ However by saying Jamaicans, it implies All, when I know for a fact that many Jamaicans are feed up of the corruption that plague the society. Having lived overseas for last 20+ years, but return yearly I talk to many who want better. Especially if they have traveled and experience life outside of ‘palming’ or ‘greasing’ someone in order to get something done quickly.
      My point is if everyone take a defeatist outlook and paint Jamaicans as all bad as per your statement, how can you expect anything different to happen?
      Sorry you had such a hard time with your fruit trees, maybe a more optimistic attitude and better communication could have resolved the issue. But that’s me saying something about a situation that I didn’t know anything about & the many possible ways you try to resolve it. It is true, a lot of time many Jamaicans don’t seem to understand boundaries. Respecting others and themselves is something many Jamaicans can improve on.

    3. All that you said is true.
      i occasionally read comments from Jamaicans criticizing the poor for stealing from those who are poor like themselves, and suggesting that they steal from the rich instead. Those who steal become enraged when others steal from them.
      The fundamental problem I see among many Jamaicans is a lack of morals, evidence in the music and films that glorify money/greed, drugs, violence and other forms of immoral behavior.

  5. Here is a CEO getting a top salary who is saying that he did not know there was a client with Jamaican two billion dollars invested with this company. This speaks volume as to the inept nature of management.

  6. That place should be lockdown, froze all their assets and under investigation, Passport should be taken away from them because they are a flight risk.
    Usain Bolt should get international help, we will all be surprise to know who’s is involved .🤔🤔

  7. it does not matter what laws they put in place in Jamaica things will never be better until they start putting people in prison I’m talking about politicians and those white collar uptown criminals too. use examples from American.

  8. Mr Bolt should seek international help to investigate this company and where is his money because this is so wrong at all levels

  9. All the financial institutions in Jamaica need investigations. It’s a long time persons money cannot be accounted for. This one top the list.

  10. Am in total agreement with mr Hyman they must be questioned…and bring into accountability… very clear point blank period…

  11. You made very salient points. We are selective in certain activities and the placement of blame, victimization anc the profileration of crime and its proceeds.

  12. Of course they’re going to try and bring the political parties into this. Jamaica biggest issue is the political parties, we need to put them aside and demand better! Smh sad.

  13. Just imagine that we are only learning of this just because Bolt was involved. Just imagine if he was not missing any money…

  14. Thank you Mr munroe we all see the potential dark clouds. Quick actions needed to trust the financial institutions, example that compensation fund should have chipped in. enough time has pass to talk about despicable theft. There is already money flight ,loss of trust is not good. The time to reassure confidence is now .

  15. I’m so ashamed of the entity called government, and another called policy’s,if an error is made on any documents in Jamaica you cannot continue business even if it’s a letter.

    How on earth so many transactions take place without propper indentifications,such as signitures ect?

    The government as a body is a shadow,it’s just a name not action, nothing is being govern, they have no respect for what government is.

  16. Shame shame shame; I love my homeland but this brings open shame to all of us. If they do this to bolt who has represented us on the world stage, then who would they not rip off. Come on people this is too disgraceful!!!

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