St. Louis Doctor Says Hospitals Out Of Capacity Or Are At Capacity | Morning Joe | MSNBC

St. Louis Doctor Says Hospitals Out Of Capacity Or Are At Capacity | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Head of the St. Louis Metropolitan Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Alexander Garza, says the rise in virus cases and hospitalizations in the region are leading to a nursing shortage and burnout among hospital staff. Aired on 11/30/2020.
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St. Louis Doctor Says Hospitals Out Of Capacity Or Are At Capacity | Morning Joe | MSNBC

72 Comments on "St. Louis Doctor Says Hospitals Out Of Capacity Or Are At Capacity | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Enjoy your day playing golf Mr President, don’t you worry about the 270,000 dead or the 90,000 in hospital.

    • @Gerome McGowan The party of lies corruption & ignorance, calling someone a liar, imagine that. I’d rather be a “dem”, than to be dim witted. You are perpetually the latter.😁

    • Gerome McGowan | November 30, 2020 at 2:16 PM | Reply

      @Sadiq • you know that the dems tried to defund ice and the dems cities dont work with ice.. what kind of law wont work with the law.. see how you get busted up in your lies ..

    • Gerome McGowan | November 30, 2020 at 2:18 PM | Reply

      @Sadiq • the dems had 4 years to prove their fake scams and failed to do so.. their is the real deal.. the dems lied

    • Gerome McGowan | November 30, 2020 at 2:21 PM | Reply

      @Sadiq • we dont have to worry about them border sneak ins that the dems put in the dems sanctuary cities because TRUMP built the wall and we all know wall stops all

    • @The Tweatles I just talked to a young lady today that just lost her mum and grandpa to COVID. Her mum was just 52. She is devastated. I hope a similar thing doesn’t need to happen to you to convince you of the seriousness of this pandemic. Please stop trying to convince others it’s a sham. This young lady’s mum caught the virus from a careless person who didn’t treat it seriously.

  2. Trump is guilty of negligent homicide. So is pence.

    • I’m an EMT in a hospital and work directly with Covid patients. I was reading some of these comments and it saddens me. We are all in this together. I understand the frustration. No one wanted this – but how you deal with it is reflective of you, and you alone. If you express your frustrations by attacking others, well, that speaks volumes about who you are as a person. Empathy and kindness is what is needed here. Wear your mask, wash your hands, distance when you can – it’s not difficult. If you really don’t care, please consider getting some therapy as there is more than a pandemic you need to address.

    • Don’t forget his orange cult. Extreme ignorance is NOT a viable defense for enabling homicide. The same goes for GOP, FOX, … SOON!!!

    • @Gary Campbell
      No dear orange cult member. Just the things that he would act against ALL of humanity and the collected wisdom, aka in case he would act as an orange subhuman garbage.
      You know, the despicable kind your cult has been supporting and enabling for almost 5 years. SOON!!!

    • It probably is ‘negligent’. If trump had average intelligence or more then it would be ‘deliberate’.

    • How many people does Cuomo take responsibility for?

  3. “I like the numbers where they are” Donnie One-Term

  4. Republicans: We don’t understand the problem. Stock market doing great.

  5. *America, take the most precautions you can now, because trumppeee and the trump administration isn’t going to help you, not now not ever! They are just going to continue to help themselves!*

    • Trump not only said covid 19 was a Hoax, but also wants his followers to spread it, as much as possible, to have herd immunity now instead of when the vaccine is available.

    • Why not brand the refrigerated trailers for the dead “Trump trailers”? Sad. the actions of this do-nothing president focused only on his alleged slights is literally getting people killed.

    • @The Blade CDC shows death rate for 0-19 at 0.00003% 20-49 at 0.0002% 50-69 at 0.005% and 70+ at 0.054%

    • @Wisconsin Man And then the hospital system gets overwhelmed and those death rates skyrocket. Symptoms that wouldn’t have led to a fatality do.

    • @jeff theriault WHY is Deaths down in so many different areas this year compared to years past? They are including other deaths as COVID deaths. That is not right.

  6. Liberal in Oklahoma | November 30, 2020 at 8:11 AM | Reply

    The virus , just like Trump , seems to LOVE the uneducated and ignorant and has found a home in the USA !!

    • @Liberal in Oklahoma fool not one Republican ever owned a slave. Democrats created the KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation, lynching and voter suppression.
      Democrats created the Welfare state IE ” The New Plantation” that has caused more harm to the black community than slavery itself.
      Democrats praise Margret Sanger and her racist vision of killing all blacks to the tune of 30 million black babies.
      I give the Democrats credit where credit is due. They are great at pandering for a vote IE ” I always have hot sauce in my purse” HRC
      ” If you don’t vote for me your not black”
      Democrat party is the party of slavery, racism, race baiters and hate.

    • @Liberal in Oklahoma Biden and Harris have slave owners blood running through their veins. Proof that the party of slavery, racism and hate has never changed.
      Yes master Biden

    • @snowflake killer
      Because that orange garbage is still not gone and causing death in thousands and his Deplorable cult will be around until America figures out how to solve its greatest threat.
      Do you get it, cultist?

    • @Gerome McGowanBut the recounting of votes still resulted in Trump losing. Just like counting half million of $10 notes manually to screen out fakes and sticky ones. It has to be right otherwise no going home.

    • @Gerome McGowan guess what fool we are going to be doing it!

  7. Moscow Mitch: Who cares. Me and my wife making tons of money.

    • @SGT Gardner Mitch McConnell is preventing it. He wants no stimulus for people and only 200 bucks a week. No money for states, no money for PPE, contact tracing. Even the FED said a large package was needed. If people have no rent money, or money to spend, the economy WILL crash. Pelosi wants 1200 stimulus and 600 per week. Was willing to compromise 400 per week. Mitch will not compromise an inch. But then again, if you are a republican, I imagine you don’t want ANY money, because that would be….SOCIALISM! AUGH! SCARY!!

    • @Darla Gregory Us? You got a mouse in your pocket?

    • @SGT Gardner stop spreading lies. The stimulus is ready. trump won’t sign it.

    • That “turtle-looking MITCH” MCCONNEL should have been voted out years ago!!!

    • @Darla Gregory they already did looser 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Thanks a LOT, Trump–
    And your botched response.

    • Why not brand the refrigerated trailers for the dead “Trump trailers”? Sad. the actions of this do-nothing president focused only on his alleged slights is literally getting people killed.

    • @Jay Roy Sims Well when it was put out months ago to ASSUME that COVID is the cause of death regardless of any other ailments IF they test positive for it. I wonder why Influenza has dropped to record lows the pat 10 months? 2018 146,000 people died from Lower respiratory ailments. I wonder why the total number of deaths in 2018, 2019 were about 2.8 Million in America yet 2020 we are on pace for 2.7 Million? But hw can that be? Shouldn’t it be HIGHER than previous years with the deadliest virus in History? Well, according to the fear monger networks.

    • Trump banned travel from China and people like you called him a Racist/Xenophobe….Nancey Pelosi said come to china town and PARTY…MARCH …… JAY ROY SIMS USED THE WORDS< BOTCHED RESPONSE... help me 4chan

    • @dee doh TRUMP also lied to us (you included, if you’re a REAL American) about the virus AFTER telling Bob Woodward how serious it really was.

    • @dee doh AND!!!!!!!!! 40000 Chinese still got in here AFTER the Chump installed the ban.
      What about THAT?

  9. I see some great dying coming for christmas. Trump will long be remembered as the US president who killed the most Americans in the least time.

  10. And meanwhile, the outgoing president spends time playing golf, or on Fox News, to tell nonsense about the victory of Joe Biden!

  11. Michael Marceau | November 30, 2020 at 8:23 AM | Reply

    “Covid, covid. Covid, covid, covid. That’s all you hear about. Just watch, on Nov 4th, covid will never be talked about again.” – actual DT quote.

  12. People don’t wear a mask? How about refusing them treatment?
    Perhaps then they MAY come to the realisation that their’freedom’ ends the life of another.

    • My beloved, there’s no need to worry. Salvation is within reach. First, affirmatively confirm, by swearing: “I submit, unconditionally, to the benefit of the majestic Greater Good, by suppressing any self-concern, in order that the glory, omniscience and omnipotence of the all-benevolent–and kind–State may reign eternal.” Excellent! Here’s your vaccine shot. You are now saved, by the glory, omniscience and omnipotence of the all-benevolent–and kind–State. HALLELUJAH!

  13. Trump should be charged over this.

    • Hhokoh

    • A quarter million negligent deaths, including doctors working hard, other medical personnel and housekeeping, those stocking and cleaning groceries, teachers trying to teach different levels and subjects virtually 12-14 hours a day. When will the states do what the feds won’t?

  14. Medical and News ppl warned over and over. Trump started the dismissive movement. People will have to die at home, if they still have one.

    • Hello Debra

    • I out all newly created accounts as foreign trolls.

      Never found a nest of new accounts communicating with each other.

      We see you. 😉

      Can’t wait for the new user data reports.

      Keep it up Ivan.

      Oh, I heard a rumor that Putin is ill.
      Parkinsons? Stepping down?

  15. You can’t say there wasn’t plenty of warning about about this

  16. C19 – “Trump’s Toxin” mismanagement put us all at risk

  17. All I see are more dead people after Thanksgiving. What was donnie doing?? Playing golf!! The worst president in the history of the country.

  18. Deadly virus and you can’t see a doctor equals death. Trump crimes against humanity

  19. It’s not just McConnell. Trump wants to get back at Americans. He said he wouldn’t give a stimulus package until after the election. Don’t expect one until January. When Trump is gone for good.

  20. Best of luck to you all. People have to listen before its too late.

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